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How the Use of Glass Benefits the Environment

If you’re looking for a building material that is also ecologically friendly, give glass a try. Using glass in construction products and around the home benefits the environment in several ways.
Glass is fully recyclable, and it can be recycled quickly. Most glass containers get recycled into new containers, and the simple act of recycling glass can lower air pollution levels significantly.
In addition, glass is non-toxic. It’s also inert, so it’s an ideal way to store food and medicines. Keeping your food in glass containers will not affect its taste, and medicines kept in glass containers will not have their safety, effectiveness, or composition compromised.
Finally, glass windows can not only help you save money by letting in more light, but also play a big role in some of the most cutting-edge “passive solar” homes and buildings.
Using glass in the construction or remodeling of your home makes sense economically and ecologically. Read the infographic below for more information about how the use of glass benefits the environment.

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