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Interior Glass Doors for the Home and Office in Austin

Discover interior sliding glass doors, room dividers, bi-folds, and suspended glass doors among a huge array of elegant modern interior glass and door products that we are pleased to offer the

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Residential Interior Sliding Glass Doors in Austin

Whether you moved to the Texas State Capitol during the recent real estate wave, or you are an Austin native, you likely enjoy the outdoors.

When you’re indoors, however, you deserve peace and relaxation. Gone are the days of open floor plans. With home offices and remote work, separation in your floor plan is a must for privacy and quiet. The Sliding Door Company interior glass products include barn doors, flexible room dividers and fixed partitions.

Being in Central Texas means we can serve the entire state for deliveries and installations. So now you can elevate your space, open up doorways, and rethink your rooms. And we will work closely with you to find a style uniquely tailored to fit the look and feel you’re going for.

Popular Glass Door Options for Austin Residents:

+Closet Doors

+Room Dividers

+Suspended Doors

+Barn Doors

+Bi-fold Doors

+Swing Doors

+Wall Slide Doors

+Fixed Panels

Commercial Interior Sliding Glass Doors in Austin

Your business may be new to town, or just in need of that like-new feeling via a remodel. Either way, let’s elevate the aesthetic of your space to meet the growing Austin market.

All made of the highest quality glass, our sliding room dividers, fixed partitions and more can make your meeting spaces, office areas or retail stores stand out for all the right reasons. Now you can divide your floor plan without major construction, and usually no permits.

Improve in-office productivity, commercial sound reduction and privacy with custom glass products. This way, your physical location can match the level of the hard work you’ve put into your business.

Products That Transcend Boundaries
and Inspire

Complement and enhance your Austin home or office’s architecture and design

products that transcend

Customized Configuration +

Divider Design +

Frame Finish +

Glass Opacity +

Locks and Door Handles +

Customized Configuration +

Divider Design +

Frame Finish +

Glass Opacity +

Locks and Door Handles +

No permit? — No problem

At The Sliding Door Company, our innovative approach to Sliding Wall Partitions and Doors typically does not require a permit, allowing us to begin work fast and get you results without the wait.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Door Installation in Austin

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Glass Door?

Due to the uniqueness of each project, the cost on any given project can vary greatly. Give us a call at (737) 273-7192 or send us a message to get a quote on your idea.

Is a Permit Required to Install a Glass Door in Austin?

We hate the ‘it depends’ answer as much as you do, but permit requirements differ widely based on the type of glass door or partition, where it is installed, if it is a residential application versus a commercial glass door, and more.

That said, our approach to sliding wall partitions and doors does not usually require a permit, a major benefit to working with The Sliding Door Company as opposed to the competition.