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Revolutionary Patents

+ Wheel assembly

+ Smart track

+ Materials used in upper rollers causing the nearly silent glide

+ Wheel mechanism in vertical extrusion

+ Humanized convenient door lock


The Sliding Door Company is the only company in the world to place the wheel mechanism in the vertical frame, while others place the wheels in the horizontal bottom frame of the door. The wheel location, including our patented safety Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism (US Patent #: 7,647,729) not only allows for adjustability, it also provides significant strength, structure and safety ensuring the panel will never leave its track.

1 1 wheel to track

Smart track allows for stacking panels to either side or the center for easy access to any room or closet. A client could order a single track, double, triple, quad and beyond. If a large opening requires multiple sliding panels, we can provide a track for each, to allow all panels to stack behind one.

2 2 stacking panels

Our incredibly quiet Smart Shut System™ protects peace of mind (and little fingers) from slamming doors. This slam-proof damper eases doors to a stop, for a softer sound and safer home. The upper rollers stabilize the doors in the upper track completing the effortless, nearly silent glide rolling system.

3 3 smart shut

Having the wheel mechanism in the vertical extrusion allows for adjustability after installation to counter inequities in the flooring or walls. Plus, panels can be adjusted 1/4” up and 1/4” down after installation to make up for even floors.

4 4 vertical extrusion

A humanized convenient door lock allows for a one-time operation by pressing down a handle, thereby providing ease and convenience. This makes it particularly suitable for the needs of the disabled and the elderly for urgent door opening. In fact, we are the first and only to introduce this revolutionary solution to satisfying the fire department regulations for a latch mechanism that can open all doors together with a single-motion lever which is ADA compliant.

5 5 Humanized Door Lock