Beyond The Glass: See Through It All 

Do you enjoy skimming through design magazines looking for inspiration? Maybe you’re an avid HGTV fan or follow your favorite influencers who share stunning images of completed projects and talk about current design trends. No matter where or how you gather information about design, we’re sure you’ve seen interior sliding glass doors peppered throughout magazines, social media accounts, and on TV.  

Interior sliding glass doors have become a cornerstone of modern architecture, offering innovative solutions for both design and function in a variety of applications. At The Sliding Door Company we don’t usually follow trends, we set them. We introduced interior sliding glass doors to the market in 2005 and we continue to elevate our offerings with upgrades and new products.  

As leaders in the industry, we equip trade professionals with the right products and high-end customization options to craft exceptional spaces. This is why we’re thrilled to unveil a new collection of visuals that highlights the wide range of glass opacity options available to our clients and partners.   

The Power of Choice 

What exactly is glass opacity and why does it matter? Opacity refers to the degree to which light passes through a material. We give our clients a spectrum of possibilities from crystal clear and varying levels of diffusion, along with unmatched black glass for complete privacy.  

This seemingly simple concept has a significant impact on the design of any space. Clear glass doors will maximize the natural light that flows into a space and foster a sense of openness, a translucent option will provide a softer, diffused glow and opaque glass brings a level of privacy, which makes it a great option for a dedicated workspace in a larger room.  

From crystal clear to beautifully blurred, explore the world of glass opacity with The Sliding Door Company (Glass opacity from left to right: Clear, Frosted, Smoked Clear, Mirror, Black)

We know that modern architecture and design are all about customization, and designers and homeowners are increasingly seeking out solutions that balance the need for light and open-concept spaces with the need for privacy. With the range of glass opacity options available at The Sliding Door Company, you can create dynamic and functional spaces that cater to every aspect of a client’s desired lifestyle.  

Explore the Benefits of Glass Opacity 

There are many levels of glass opacity to consider when planning what type of glass you want to use for your project. Each style offers numerous benefits: 

  • Do you enjoy sitting in a room that is flooded with bright light? Clear glass might be the optimal choice as it will bathe your space in natural light, offering the chance to connect with the outdoors and create a feeling of spaciousness. Imagine clear glass walls featured in modern corporate offices, where notes can be written directly on the glass and colleagues are offered the privacy of closing a door while staying connected to the team.  
Transparency in action – clear glass doors separate offices while keeping the light flowing and fostering collaboration. 
  • Frosted glass provides the coveted benefits of diffused light transmission while maintaining a sense of privacy. It’s perfect for open floor plans or small spaces, allowing light to flow freely while subtly separating functional areas like a home office from the living room. 
Home office haven – frosted glass keeps work and life separate in this studio apartment. 
  • Color is often used in design to bring attention to something else. With black glass, you can create a moody, sleek ambiance that acts as a backdrop for vibrant furniture or a precious piece of art you want to highlight. Not to mention that this option also provides complete privacy, making it a solid choice for a guest bedroom.  
Sleek and sophisticated – black tinted glass adds a touch of modern elegance. 

These options empower trade professionals to create truly dynamic interiors across a range of spaces. Whether you’re working on an office, multi-family, hospitality, medical facility, or a residential project you’ll find that each of these floor plans can be transformed with interior glass doors.  

For bathrooms and bedrooms where privacy is paramount, black glass or mirrored doors provide the perfect solution, eliminating bright light for a secluded space.  

A co-working office space might opt for combo glass, which balances the need for privacy and focused work with a sense of connection and collaboration. Retail stores can utilize clear or tinted glass storefronts to showcase their products while maintaining a sense of visual intrigue. Medical facilities can make their space more open and welcoming with glass enclosures that limit the spread of germs and maintain patient privacy. 

Design with Confidence 

At The Sliding Door Company, we’re passionate about partnering with business owners, homeowners, and trade professionals to create unforgettable spaces. Whether you are looking for partition walls to utilize in a corporate project, room dividers for a modern multi-family design, or glass barn doors for a unique residential build, we look forward to being part of your next project.  

We invite you to explore our new glass opacity photos, featured as a customization option for each product offering and inspiring a stunning array of design possibilities. We also provide resources for trade pros, including downloadable sliding door specs and CAD files, to streamline the design process and ensure flawless execution. 

Do you have any questions or need a consultation? Our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how The Sliding Door Company can elevate your designs to the next level!