Go For Gold: The Midas Touch for Your Sliding Door Handles 

In the world of interiors, gold accents can add a touch of luxury, effortlessly elevating a space. For trade professionals and homeowners who are looking to add that Midas Touch to their projects, The Sliding Door Company is thrilled to announce the launch of gold sliding door handles – the perfect finishing touch to update your existing doors or include in your new interior sliding door installations.  

Gold is the newest addition to the family of handle finishes, joining elegant, brushed silver and modern matte black. 

New Gold Handle Collection: A Touch of Modern Luxury 

We’re thrilled to unveil a stunning new finish, gold, to our Designer Handles. This gold finish features a touch of brass in it to help exude warmth and elegance, and is available in the Round Designer, Square Designer and Extended Square Designer Handles. You can explore these options on our products page under customization options. These new handles harmonize exceptionally well with both matte black room dividers and glossy white frames. 

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality, this collection features three distinct handle designs in an exquisite gold finish. From the sleek sophistication of a round pull to the clean lines of a square handle, or the added convenience of an extended pull, you can find the perfect piece to elevate your interior sliding glass room dividers, partitions and doors.  

Rest assured, these exquisite handles are not just beautiful – they’re built to last and offer superior durability and smooth operation that will last for years to come. The new gold finish seamlessly integrates with our existing range of sliding door hardware, allowing you to create a cohesive and visually stunning look throughout your entire project. 

Not all hardware is created equal. Introducing the gold standard – now available in the Square Designer, Round Designer and Extended Square Designer Handles.

The Enduring Allure of Gold Accents 

Throughout human history, gold has been synonymous with luxury and sophistication. From the gilded palaces of ancient pharaohs to the gleaming Art Deco skyscrapers of the roaring twenties, this precious metal consistently represents opulence and grandeur. 

As it relates to design, even the slightest touch of gold can elevate a space, adding glamour and timeless elegance. Gold’s versatility is a key part of its enduring appeal. A gold handle can elevate a minimalist interior space with a contemporary edge, while bringing warmth and personality to a more traditional space.  

Design aesthetic aside, gold also surprisingly has psychological powers. Studies show that the color is associated with feelings of warmth, optimism and value – all qualities that we naturally want to incorporate into our spaces. 

Make a statement with gold sliding door hardware. 

Passing Trend or Here to Stay? 

We’re no stranger to passing trends in design – we’ve seen many prominent trends come and go. A few interior design trends that come to mind include the bold colors of the 1960s or the love for rattan and wicker in the 1970s – and today we still see a mix of these, and revived representations, in spaces across the nation.  

While fully open floor plans may be on their way out, the current resurgence of gold is more than just a fleeting fad. Today’s gold accents are not gaudy, they are applied with taste to create a sense of understated luxury. When used functionally as sliding glass door handles, gold finishes can complement the overall design without overwhelming the space. Metallic finishes are a major trend in contemporary design, and gold’s versatility allows it to seamlessly integrate with a variety of palettes and styles.   

The Art of Accessorizing with Hardware 

Just like a perfectly chosen piece of jewelry can elevate an outfit, thoughtful accessorizing is vital in creating a cohesive look in design. Hardware plays a crucial role in this process. Think of door handles as the finishing touch on your wall slide doors or swing doors – the element that ties the entire design together. The right hardware can elevate a sliding door from a functional element to a stunning focal point. By carefully selecting hardware that complements the overall design style and material choices, you can not only enhance the functionality of the door but also inject a touch of personality and luxury into the space. 

The perfect combination of modern design and timeless sophistication.

Ready to Transform Your Next Project? 

Are you currently developing any projects that would benefit from a touch of gold? The Sliding Door Company offers a wide range of high-quality solutions that are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. We invite you to explore our range of solutions, all meticulously crafted to enhance functionality and aesthetics.  

Contact us to discuss your upcoming projects and discover how you can collaborate with The Sliding Door Company to create truly remarkable spaces.