Custom Children's Room Dividers for Shared Bedrooms

Create Magical Spaces for Your Little Ones with Custom Children's Room Dividers!

Is it time to transform your shared children's bedroom into a world of individuality and imagination? Our custom children's room dividers are the perfect solution to bring joy, privacy, and a touch of enchantment to your little adventurers' space. Give your children the sense of privacy they crave while sharing a room. Our bedroom dividers provide a private nook for reading, playing, or quiet time, fostering a sense of independence and harmony. Make the most of your shared bedroom's layout with dividers that allow each child to have a dedicated area. Our clever designs ensure that the room feels spacious and organized, even with shared living spaces.

Crafted with safety and durability in mind, our room dividers are built to last through the adventures of childhood. Easy-to-clean materials ensure they remain vibrant and cherished for years to come. Share your ideas with us, and we'll bring your vision to life. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a custom children's room divider that perfectly fits your space and meets your children's needs.

Make bedtime stories, playtime adventures, and sibling bonding even more special with custom children's room dividers. Let the magic begin today!

Children's Room Divider Customization Options:

Not only can you find unique options from The Sliding Door Company for your kids bedroom, but by utilizing one of our unique options, our children's room dividers can also serve as a transitional element, especially if a room is used for multiple purposes. For example, a room divider can separate a play area from a sleeping area, making it easier for kids to transition from active play to bedtime routines. Look at all the customization options we offer:

Designed to accommodate an endless number of panel configurations is just one additional unique benefit when selecting a system from The Sliding Door Company. The flexibility we have created allows many ways to move, slide and open to suit your unique vision.

If a picture is worth 1000 words then the style of frame is the exclamation point. Select one of our many beautiful options or create one of your own.

A finish helps determine the ultimate style of your choice, whether your look is traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary our many options will allow you to complete your look flawlessly.

Choose from a wide range of glass opacities enhancing your vision with breathtaking style while maximizing natural light and creating the desired level of privacy. Tempered, laminated and specialty glass types are all manufactured with quality and safety from our own factory.

Examples of Children's Room Dividers

Dividers can offer parents peace of mind by giving them more control over the room's organization and design, while also encouraging their children's independence. From fostering creativity to promoting harmony between siblings, kids' room dividers are a practical and imaginative solution for creating functional and appealing spaces that cater to children's unique needs and interests. With a variety of designs and customization options available, parents can find the perfect room divider to elevate their children's living environment.

  • FTS System (Flexible Track System) Room Dividers: These bedroom divider panels operate within a finished niche, providing flexibility in dividing spaces.
  • Wall Slide FTS: Designed to hug the outer wall, these kid room shared sliding doors optimize space utilization while maintaining functionality.
  • Suspended Sliders: Available in either a finished niche or wall slide version, these hanging play area dividers offer versatility in adapting to your specific needs.
  • Bi-Fold Dividers: Instead of sliders, these kids room dividers fold up, presenting an alternative approach to creating separate areas.
  • Frameless Glass Barn Door: This type of interior kids room dividers combine the elegance of glass with the style of a barn door, delivering a visually appealing solution.

By employing these room divider ideas for shared bedrooms, you can optimize your floor plan while enhancing privacy and preserving the flow of natural light, all while reducing energy costs.

Kid's Playroom Dividers

Kids' playroom dividers are fantastic additions to create organized and versatile play spaces that promote imaginative play, learning, and creativity. These dividers are designed with kids in mind, offering a range of benefits that help optimize playroom environments.

Dividers contribute to better spatial organization by preventing toys and play items from spilling over into each other's spaces. This organization promotes a tidy and clutter-free playroom, making it easier for kids to find what they need and for parents to keep the area clean.

Dividers can create designated play areas that are more easily supervised by parents. This is especially helpful when you want to keep an eye on younger children while they engage in specific activities. As your child grows and their interests evolve, playroom dividers can adapt to new activities and play scenarios, ensuring the playroom remains engaging and relevant over time.

Kids' playroom dividers offer a practical and creative way to enhance the playroom environment, providing structure, organization, and inspiration for kids' play experiences. With their ability to create distinct zones, foster imaginative play, and accommodate a variety of activities, playroom dividers are a valuable tool in designing a fun and functional play space for children.

Kid's Shared Bedroom Divider Walls

Creating a harmonious and personalized space for children in a shared bedroom is a wonderful endeavor. Divider walls offer a transformative solution that caters to both individual needs and shared experiences. Divider walls provide a sense of privacy and ownership within a shared space. Each child can have their own mini-room, fostering a feeling of independence and personalization.

Divider walls act as transition spaces between shared and individual areas. They facilitate the shift from collaborative play to solitary pursuits, helping kids maintain a sense of balance. The presence of divider walls can instill a sense of ownership and responsibility. Kids can take pride in maintaining their own space and respecting each other's boundaries.

Children's Room Divider Design & Installation Process

How to get started

If you’re ready to update your kids' room with our unique door and divider options, contact The Sliding Door Company through a quick call or by filling out this quote form. If you are close to one of our showrooms, visit to see the doors in person. View our locations here.

The ordering process

Once you have decided on the bedroom divider or doors you want, a dedicated team will take care of your quote and process from the showroom to installation (where available). Our field technicians will measure each finished opening to ensure a precise fit. Our children's room divider product line allows for adjustments to make up for slightly unlevel flooring or walls.


The Sliding Door Company is a "last in" trade project, meaning we come in and work on finished walls and openings. We can install your glass doors for you, ensuring every detail is in place. Alternatively, we offer guidance and clear-cut instructions if you prefer to do it yourself.

The experience

The Sliding Door Company has completed thousands of installations in homes throughout North America. We take pride in every kids room divider project and care about every client. Your scheduler will confirm your appointment with a photo of the installer who will arrive. They will cover the floor, stage the doors, and provide professional installation. They will leave the space cleaner than it was when they arrived.

The Sliding Door Company aims to provide a top-notch experience that will delight every client. We want you to embrace the moment when your living space takes on a new dimension with our kids room doors, dividers, and partitions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Discover a diverse array of room divider panel arrangements for shared kids’ rooms from The Sliding Door Company, enabling you to design to suit your distinct floor plan and future vision. Our sliding glass room divider doors boast remarkable flexibility, empowering you to effortlessly shift, slide, and unfold them in a multitude of ways. This grants you the autonomy to tailor your space precisely to your specific requirements. Your kids shared bedroom and playroom can be divided any number of ways. Reach out now for a free quote.

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