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The Sliding Door Company provides state-of-the-art glass closet doors, room dividers, suspended doors, barn doors, bifold doors, fixed panels, swing doors and wall slide doors, all customized to your vision and requirements and backed by a 10-year warranty.



Highest Quality Sliding Glass Doors and Partitions in Glendale, CA


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Our product line made of glass and aluminum is environmentally friendly and perfect for green construction projects.

Popular Glass Door Options for Glendale Residents:

+Closet Doors

+Room Dividers

+Suspended Doors

+Barn Doors

+Bi-fold Doors

+Swing Doors

+Wall Slide Doors

+Fixed Panels

Things to do in Glendale

Located in the Verdugo Mountains in Los Angeles County, Glendale is a city full of cultural tourist spots and beautiful scenery. Glendale is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County and is home to many notable people like John Wayne and Nathan Kress of iCarly.

This area of California was inhabited by the Tongva people for a long time before the European settlers arrived in 1798. In that same year, the early settlers received a land grant that allowed them to use the surrounding area as a grazing area for their livestock. When the city was incorporated in 1905, it started to be developed by Leslie Coombs Brand who settled in the area around 1904.

Because of the rich history in the area, there are a lot of places that families and tourists alike can visit for a wonderful time. There are 11 properties listed in Glendale on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as over 100 listings on the Glendale Register of Historical Resources. There is a beautiful tree in this city called the ‘Oak of Peace’ that was established in 1847.

Glendale has a rich shopping district and is the headquarters for many national brands like IHOP (International House of Pancakes). Walt Disney Animation has a studio in Glendale as well after they outgrew their Burbank.

Right around the corner and ready for your next renovation or project, take a drive over to our Sliding Door Company Showroom in Pasadena. You can see our full product line that emphasizes functionality, like our customizable room dividers, bi-fold doors, closet doors, and more. Our handles pair perfectly because we prioritize safety in all of our designs.