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The Sliding Door Company provides state-of-the-art glass closet doors, room dividers, suspended doors, barn doors, bifold doors, fixed panels, swing doors and wall slide doors, all customized to your vision and requirements and backed by a 10-year warranty.



Highest Quality Sliding Glass Doors and Partitions in Encinitas, CA


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Our proprietary regular, ramped or recessed tracks provide the ultimate functionality.

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Our product line made of glass and aluminum is environmentally friendly and perfect for green construction projects.

Popular Glass Door Options for Encinitas Residents:

+Closet Doors

+Room Dividers

+Suspended Doors

+Barn Doors

+Bi-fold Doors

+Swing Doors

+Wall Slide Doors

+Fixed Panels

Things to do in Encinitas

A beach city in the North County area of San Diego County, California, Encinitas is 25 miles north of San Diego. A beautiful coastal city that is home to arts and cultural events throughout the year, residents can enjoy Carlsbad and Solana Beach in the area.

There are signs of settlements in Encinitas dating back to 1769 during the Portola expedition. Encinitas, meaning ‘little oaks’ in Spanish, was a Spanish settlement before it was granted to Andrés Ybarra in 1842 to build Rancho Las Encinitas. This city is a rugged coastal terrace with a growing population here and in the surrounding areas.

There is a mix of things available for those who live in Encinitas or are traveling to this seaside haven. They have a rich cultural and artistic heritage here, with annual art fairs like the Encinitas Bazaar Marketplace, a colorful, outdoor shopping experience. You can also check out the April Street Fair, an annual two-day street fair held in Downtown Encinitas. If you are a fan of classic cars, Encinitas hosts an annual Classic Car Cruise Nights, which is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month from May through September.

This city has a beautiful coastline as well as trails in the area for families to enjoy. When you go northern part of the coast, you can enjoy large cliffs that are absolutely breathtaking.

Take a drive down the coast to see all of our up-to-date products in the Sliding Door Company San Diego Showroom. For residential or commercial use, our functional and customizable designs will fit perfectly into your latest project or renovation. Our barn doors, swing doors, room dividers, closet doors, slide doors add an open space feel while our locks and handles reinforce the safety of our products.