All About Barn Doors

Barn doors were, of course, originally found on barns.

But they’ve evolved and have been adopted for interior and exterior doors on residential homes and commercial offices around the globe in the past 10 years.
Keep reading to find out more!

Chapter 1 – From the beginning

If you liked the rustic look of wood inside your home… A lot of “do it yourselfers” have purchased wood, and built custom wood sliding barn doors by themselves to fit their taste and décor! Barn doors save space and serve to make areas private with one easy glide.

Chapter 2 – Evolution of Barn Doors

3 Important Questions to ask before you finalize your design!

Q1: What are you trying to cover up or divide? Having a clear goal about what the door will be used for is important.
Q2: If you want a “NO BOTTOM TRACK” system, do you have sufficient structural support from above to hold the sliding door panels?
Q3: What are you going for in terms of style?

  • Modern
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rustic
  • Functional with a Lock
  • A decorative focal point
  • Exposed Hardware

Interior Barn Doors are now a beautiful alternative to the traditional hinged room closure. They are space savers because they do not require a specific radius for opening and closing. They do take up some wall space as they hug the wall beside the opening.

Chapter 3 – Barn Doors Aren’t Just for Homes!

Your office requires a mixture of open spaces for team members to create, innovate and collaborate. At the same time, some private areas are needed with a door that closes for seriously focused work and no unwanted foot traffic. Barn doors that hug the wall and slide open & closed take up virtually no floor space!
See how clean, neat and organized this looks! The best of both worlds…open space and closed work areas all in one low cost solution. Revolutionary! The best part is that these can be installed in well under an hour. Bonus: They are ADA compliant!

Chapter 4 – What? Added functionality related to barn doors too?

These beautiful glass barn doors are the perfect fit for larger openings. One panel slides to the right and one left so that the entire opening is free and clear to move larger furniture or open up the floor plan.
To top it off, the deluxe milky glass can double as a dry erase board as well!
This solution can lock with a key, the tracks can be recessed or you can add a designer handle on both sides.

Chapter 5: The choice is YOURS but we have an obligation to keep it safe, cost effective, stylish and functional!

Whatever kind of system you select, you’ll enjoy the space saving, cost efficient and easy installation associated with interior sliding barn doors, also known as Wall Slide Solutions. Get your FREE consultation today by calling any one of our many showrooms in North America or the Philippines…