Turn that Interior Design Dream into a Reality with Glass Sliding Doors!

You have a vision for your home. You dream of remodeling, but you fear the hassle (and the costs). Here’s how sliding interior doors can help you realize your vision without sacrificing your financial stability or your peace of mind.

How to Remodel Your Home Without Major Construction

It’s the moment everyone dreads: the in-laws are coming. They have nowhere to stay—except the roll-out couch in your living room. If only you had a private guest room. If only you had months to spare and a small fortune to burn, you might be able to expand the house by hiring a crew to tear down old walls and erect new ones—but what if you don’t?

Those who work from home at least part of the time face a similar dilemma. We need a separate space in which to work quietly, but we don’t have the time, resources, or square footage to add an entirely new room. Or how about the overworked parents of the world? Who wouldn’t love to create a comfortable nursery or playroom in a last-ditch attempt to preserve sanity? How do you give yourself some peace and quiet without up-ending your entire life for the next six months?

The Sliding Door Company worked hard to solve just those problems. Our glass room dividers give you the power to re-envision your home without having to undergo major construction. Sturdy and imposing, yet easy to install, they allow you to erect a barrier between spaces without tearing down existing walls or constructing entirely new rooms—all of which takes a great deal of time, money, and work.
In short, you can divide and reimagine space—minus the major expenses, downtime, and regulatory hassles. With customizable designs from The Sliding Door Company, you get a triumph of both form and function. Our beautiful glass doors and dividers aren’t just practical architectural elements; they’re also décor focal points in their own right. Each impeccably designed divider enhances the aesthetics of any room, forming a stunning yet seamless backdrop against which life’s most precious moments can happen.

Glass Doors and Dividers
How to Make Your Apartment More Livable

Homeowners aren’t the only ones to take advantage of our innovative space-saving and space-dividing solutions. Apartment and loft-dwellers around the country also rely on them to make their living spaces more comfortable, more functional, and more beautiful.
For one, stackable room dividers allow them to add bedrooms without violating local ordinances. Let’s say you want a little more privacy in your studio apartment, so you can invite people over and not worry about sleeping or dressing. Or let’s say you’re one of the many millennials who pack many roommates in one small apartment in order to meet rising rent costs. Partitions are perhaps the only way to make the space livable for everyone. You still need permission to erect the dividers, but you’re more likely to get that than you are to get authorization to construct a new room from the ground up.

There is a catch, though. Many urban dwellers complain that lighting poses a problem, as does heating and cooling. That’s because most apartments come with only one or two main windows (e.g., one in the living room and one in the bedroom) and a few strategically placed vents. Throw up a wall, and you could cut off your main source of light. You could also interrupt the flow of air from a vent. That’s why some building codes demand that the partitions stop short of the ceiling, so light and air have a channel through which to pass.
Solid walls diminish natural lighting if they don’t eliminate it altogether. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: room dividers made of glass. By allowing natural light to pass from room to room, glass dividers from The Sliding Door Company eliminate the lighting problem. With frosted, smoked, or milky glass, you get the twin benefits of privacy and illumination.

Sliders in Living Room

Lift Your Mood with Airy Design

Interior glass doors allow a space to breathe. They impart a sense of openness and modernity, whether you live in a downtown apartment, a rural farmhouse, or a two-story suburban home surrounded by a white picket fence. People today want more convenience and less clutter. They also want spaces that flow more and constrict less. Combine that with greater space constraints, and it’s clear living spaces have needed to evolve.

In recent years, they’ve done so, with the help of interior sliding doors. Beautiful, contemporary designs elevate the look and feel of any space, while high-quality glass helps natural light pass from one space the other, creating a sense of airiness even when the doors are closed. Slide the door open, and you don’t just create a bite-size hole through which you can pass; you remove the wall entirely. That gives the impression of an open, free-flowing floor plan, and you still get on-demand privacy.

Unlike solid swing doors, which block space and obstruct light, glass sliding doors and stacking room dividers allow for a more flowing, expansive design. They cut down on drafts and noise while allowing light and air to flow from one space to another. All that extra space, radiance, and openness can impact your mood, as well, uplifting the spirit and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room.

Of course, room dividers don’t just expand space; they also partition space, giving shape and structure to an otherwise open floor plan. Create a more private office or nursery off the side of a main room, so you can stay calmer and focus better without losing sight of the kids. Separate the dining room from the kitchen and living room so you can enjoy more intimate conversations without cutting down on light or expansiveness. Whatever the reasons, whatever the project, sliding doors provide the solution.

Sliding Barn Doors
Optimize Space with Sliding Barn Doors

As the world’s population mushrooms, space becomes scarcer. Limited space demands clever solutions. While hidden storage and folding furniture can free up a little room here and there, sliding doors can eliminate a great deal of wasted space. Whereas traditional swing doors gobble up somewhere on the order of nine feet, sliding barn doors only need minimal floor space. When every inch counts, that can mean the difference between a cramped lifestyle and a comfortable living space. Sliding barn doors hug the wall and pocket doors get completely hidden away. It is all up to you!

Pocket doors economize on space even more. Designed to disappear into the wall when opened and slide flush with the wall when closed, they eat up almost no floor space. If you live in a small apartment, or if you’ve joined the growing tiny house movement, pocket doors can be a lifesaver. Even in larger, more expansive houses, pocket doors cut down on wasted space while increasing leg and storage room.

Know Your Options
Glance through The Sliding Door Company’s catalog, and you’ll see plenty of solutions designed to help you save and elevate space. So, what are your options? Try these for a start:

  • Room Dividers: Divide space with modern grace and timeless elegance with our glass room dividers. Break up an open floor plan without blocking light, create discrete (and discreet) nooks without interrupting the flow, and add on rooms without major construction.
  • Closet Doors: Safe. Durable. Our closet doors are as safe as they are elegant, as masterfully constructed as they are beautifully designed. Designed to last through the years, our doors won’t break, malfunction, or lose their luster.
  • Barn Doors: The ultimate space-saving, mood-enhancing, design-conscious solution, barn doors offer utility and aesthetics in equal measure.
  • Sliding Doors: When you need a door, but you can’t spare the space, a sliding door makes for the perfect solution.
  • Swing Doors: We’re The Sliding Door Company, but sliding doors aren’t all we do. We also build and install traditional swing doors, for when you need a smaller option.

Swing Doors

Want to dream up close and personal? Find your nearest showroom to get a glimpse of our elegant sliding doors. Call us to schedule a FREE consultation. We can talk long-distance or in person at one of our 27 showrooms located across the country. No matter what your vision, we’ll help you find the most stunning, most ingenious space solution for your home.