Sliding Doors for Nurseries

Creating a nursery in a closet or even carving out a small space from your main bedroom with sliding glass doors can be a practical and stylish solution. We see builds like this in studios, lofts, and unique spaces, especially from our NYC office. If you’ve got a baby on the way, you might need a creative solution. Before you give up your guest room or office, learn more about our solutions! Here’s how you can maximize your limited space while ensuring safety and functionality:

Choose the Right Sliding Glass Doors

Opt for sliding glass doors with frosted or opaque glass panels to maintain privacy while allowing light to filter through. This provides a sense of openness without sacrificing privacy.

Clear Out the Closet

If you’re using a closet, remove all items from the closet to start with a clean slate. This includes clothing, shelves, and any other storage items.

Design the Layout

Plan the layout carefully. Consider the placement of essential nursery elements such as the crib, changing table, storage, and seating. Use the vertical space effectively by incorporating wall-mounted shelves, hooks, or organizers.

Crib Placement

Place the crib against one of the closet walls. Ensure there is enough space around the crib for easy access and to prevent the baby from reaching anything it shouldn’t.

Changing Station

If space allows, install a changing table or use a changing pad placed on top of a dresser. Make sure it’s within arm’s reach of the crib for convenient diaper changes.

baby boy

Storage Solutions

Use closet organizers, baskets, and shelves to maximize storage space. You can install shelves above the crib for storing baby essentials, books, or decorative items. Utilize hanging organizers inside the closet for diapers, clothes, and other baby supplies.


Ensure the nursery has adequate lighting. Consider installing soft, warm LED lights on the ceiling or wall to create a cozy ambiance. If the closet has a light fixture, make sure it provides sufficient illumination for the entire space. Dimmers are a great way to help support naps and night feeds.

Decorate Thoughtfully

Decorate the nursery with light, neutral colors to create a bright and airy atmosphere. Add curtains or blinds over the sliding glass doors to control light and enhance privacy when needed.

Personalize the Space

Add personal touches to the nursery, such as wall decals, artwork, or a soft rug. These elements can enhance the visual appeal of the space and make it feel more inviting.

By thoughtfully planning the layout, incorporating storage solutions, ensuring safety, and adding a touch of creativity, you can transform a corner of a room or a closet with sliding glass doors into a functional and cozy nursery space for your little one. Reach out now if you’d like to learn more!