Sliding Glass Doors 101

2022 is following in the footsteps of 2021 and 2020 with an increased focus on mental health and how that reflects in your home and workspace. Open space that flows with natural light is becoming a common theme in homes that are focusing on mindfulness, and for offices that are hoping that some Vitamin D will make the workday go by faster! 

Just getting started on renovating your home or starting a new project can be overwhelming, so we put together this Glass Sliding Door 101 crash course, full of info on features, benefits and styles to ease the stress of getting started. 

Choosing the Right Sliding Glass Door for your Space

Deciding how you want your space to look and feel for yourself, your employees, and your customers is an important decision to make. The Sliding Door Company works with a multitude of companies and business sectors, and we prioritize finding and creating designs that will help you and your business. If you work in the hospitality sector, you might want a sliding door that is welcoming and open. You can connect with one of our talented representatives with any questions regarding which door would work best for what you need.  

Conference Room Divider, Black Frame

What type of Glass Door is right for me?  

Depending on your project, you might prefer a wall slide door, room divider, suspended door, glass swing door, bifold door or even a fixed panel. We have many options, all of which you can peruse here. Often, working with our team to craft the perfect solution, you might even find the product you thought you wanted to be replaced with a better-suited solution. 

We offer:

Types of Sliding Glass Design Options

We understand that the design of the glass is incredibly important – especially if you are not looking for a plain, traditional door. Ultimately our options give you unlimited design options that will update and refresh your home. Our designs are customizable to create a true statement piece in your home. 

Sliding Glass Design Options

Glass Doesn’t Have to be Clear

There may be any number of reasons you want a unique hue to the door you’re creating. Whatever your project and privacy needs may be, you can choose from a wide array of glass opacity options. If you want more natural light, as well as STC and sound reduction, these options will help your project.

Sliding Door Types

Types of Frame Finish for Sliding Doors

Worried about a frame finish that won’t match the rest of your house? The Sliding Door Company prides itself on offering multiple color options that will stylishly blend perfectly into your home and office.  

Types of Frame

Why Choose Glass Doors for your Home

We always suggest you ask yourself what the purpose of your project is, what you are trying to achieve, and go from there! You can do so many things with glass doors. Maybe you want to maximize natural light and create stunning designs with glass that work just right for you. If customization is important, it’s nice to have a wide variety of options. Lately, we have found many customers are looking for flexibility in their spaces that glass partitions and other products serve better than doors. Maintaining privacy while enjoying an open space is an important part of how your area will feel and flow, so peruse all of our options.

opaque doors

Are Glass Doors Safe? 

You won’t need to worry about safety and security when you partner with us for your next renovation. With multiple different locks and handles to choose from, you can enjoy a stunning door that will provide safety and security to suit all your needs. Glass doors are sturdy, reliable, and safe. Our wheel to track features wheels that will never leave the track. We also offer a 10-year warranty and know that our doors and family-friendly for kids, pets, and even ADA needs and requirements. 

Do Glass Doors Save or Take up Space?

Glass doors are a great solution for space planning challenges. Whether you are looking to save the space and overcome the room you lose from a traditional swinging door or partition off a small space for laundry or an office, the flexible applications of glass doors can be used to help navigate small spaces. 

Do Glass Doors make Sense in a Green Home?

Glass doors are made of glass and aluminum, let light in, can be repurposed, and are even recyclable. In many cases, glass doors are becoming the default choice for green developers and designers. 

How Much are Glass Doors?

Of course the answer is – it depends. We offer so many customizable features like the size, number of panels, glass type, material, brand, and features. What you can count on is our commitment to working with your budget to find the right solution for your needs and your wallet.

How do you Install Glass Doors?

There are countless reasons this might not be a DIY project. Doors can be difficult to replace on your own or without investing in a GC or handyman. When you work with The Sliding Door Company — our process is simple and streamlined. Where possible, our team will finish the installation for you! 

Do you Need a Permit to Install Glass Doors?

Most options we offer are not considered major construction – which means no permits are required. 

Take the leap on your dream renovation or project, and collaborate with us to bring your home together. With multiple showrooms across the US, you can see all of our designs in person with an expert representative on hand for any questions or concerns.

If you would like to connect with a representative right now, you can always contact us to begin the process today.


How to Choose the Perfect Commercial Sliding Doors

Choosing the right interior style for your business is a huge step in perfecting your vision. Commercial doors are for more than office space. Cutting-edge applications and designs can be found in hospitals, hotels, malls, and schools – all places we’ve worked. Made specifically to catch the eye of potential customers while also making them comfortable, The Sliding Door Company specializes in unique, multi-faceted doors and custom installations for your commercial space

What are “commercial” sliding doors?

When you encounter the unique day-to-day logistics of employees, patrons, furniture and equipment, your design plans may be different from another type of business. First, you have to know what your needs are for your business. If you’re employee-focused you may be looking to boost productivity, ease employees into team working spaces, or provide a space with a lot of natural light. To save space, sliding doors create more space and don’t interfere with the area you may need for workflow ease. Renovating your building isn’t just to make your space better looking, it is about providing a supportive space that will let your company and your employees thrive. There are limitless applications – from restaurants to offices, gyms and spas to malls and museums. Schools, government offices, retail, car dealerships, and childcare centers to name a few can all benefit from rethinking their workspace layout and design. 

dining area with sliding door

When do you use commercial sliding doors? 

Knowing when to utilize commercial designs versus residential styles is also an important aspect of preparing for your renovation. There are key differences in how these panels are installed and the way they are designed. If you are working in an office, the hospitality industry, brick and mortar sites, or hospitals we highly recommend viewing commercial doors that work because they are specifically designed to provide the right elements for your needs. You should be sure to optimize your interior door solution with the glass opacity of your choice, frame finishes to complement your decor and accessories that will provide the functionality you need. Things like locks, levers, tracks and ADA compliance will all be important factors for you to consider. 

Key Considerations for Commercial Doors

There are a few things to consider on top of which door you choose. How you will choose to keep your space private with different glass opacities or which handle will benefit you the best all need to be considered when planning your interior. Stepping back, assessing your work needs and employee necessities, and deciding what aesthetic would be best for you are all key aspects of your project that you need to consider before beginning your renovations. 

You may wonder about safety, flexibility, whether or not the door is floor to ceiling, how changes will affect your space, turnaround time and even what happens if you move. All these important considerations can be fully addressed with the support of our professional team. 

dressing room with unique doors

Connect with us to begin your renovation journey. We work hard to provide comforting spaces so that your consumers will linger in comfort. Visit any of our showrooms to see our doors and handles in-person to find the right fit for you. To learn more about our commercial designs, you can connect with a representative on our site. 


A New Way to Shop: Glass Wall Systems for Pop-up Stores & Retail Kiosks

We are fortunate at The Sliding Door Company to invest heavily on innovation. This means that in the midst of even a worldwide pandemic, we are flexible and can work quickly to come up with solutions to major space problems. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been to traditional retail stores and indoor malls – uncertainty when it comes to tenants paying rent, and capping indoor shopper count, just to name a few.

When Michael Kors was looking for a pop-up store enclosure that was lockable, movable, modern and customizable, we knew The Sliding Door Company products were the best solution for them. We designed a glass wall system, consisting of fixed glass panels and locking sliding doors, that was then installed within a luxury indoor-outdoor mall in Mexico City. 

exterior of pop up retail kiosk for Michael Kors

We were able to successfully customize our system to their unique specs and branding, providing Michael Kors customers with an unforgettable, immersive shopping experience. Learn more about some of the special features we offer for custom projects:

Lock and Leave

Perhaps the key feature on this recent pop-up shop project is our one-of-a-kind system that enables you to – you guessed it – lock up shop and leave without taking your entire inventory with you. No other company offers this locking feature, so we are proud to provide retail businesses with the extra peace of mind and security. 

retail kiosk with doors open to shopping interior

Multiple Solutions

This Michael Kors’ pop-up combines our sliding glass doors, dividers and fixed panels, with our sturdy aluminum frame, finished with lockable handles. No matter what your needs are, how big or small your kiosk will be, our individual products are flexible enough to seamlessly work together and provide a stunning customized result. 

interior of retail kiosk shop

Put Consumers First

It’s all about the sales! Shopping experience matters, and a bright, easy-to-access and the right flow in the floorplan is a delight to your customers and thus a fantastic reflection on your brand. Ultimately, we provide your consumers with an alternative way to shop and experience your products or services.

The Sliding Door Company is proud of the way we can bring any client’s vision to life. This is why our sales team is at-the-ready to offer a multitude of installation options that provide solutions to any of your renovation or construction needs. 

No matter what you are selling or what style you prefer, we want the chance to help your dream store become a reality. We can’t wait to hear from you to start your retail pop-up project. Learn more here or contact us here.


Why Sliding Doors are Popular for Future Homes and Luxury Living

When looking towards the future, The Sliding Door Company is keeping an eye on luxury homes and how they will be styled. Glass doors are on the rise in homes and other residential properties because we are all looking to open our space to utilize every inch! We have seen a rise in our sliding doors because these doors meet today’s market needs and the demands we will see in future living trends.  

Durability, Smooth Operation, and Clean Design

Homeowners today are looking for a more unique door that will fit in their home and stand out from the traditional offerings. Durable, smoothly operating glass doors, which will continue to transcend any trend in the future, are high on the list of must-haves in top-tier designer homes. Architects and buyers crave non-standard options and bespoke solutions to outfit their creative home layouts. 

New Build Homes are Greener Homes

Every year the future looks bright for sustainability in the home. We are already seeing a trend in those who are looking for eco-friendly products, and The Sliding Door Company is proud to be a leader in sustainability for sliding doors. Our sliding doors provide a sleek design with recyclable materials that are easy to clean, including glass and aluminum. Our glass and aluminum products are built for sustainability. They can be demounted and transported with you whenever you move, creating less waste, reducing your footprint, and saving you money in the long run. 

Luxury Homes Love Mixing Vintage and New

Interior designers and redecorators are mixing in bright colors, warm neutrals, and breaking the rules of traditional style. Lately we’re seeing a move towards mixing modern updates with existing home furnishings and interior elements. Our team loves finding ways to assist your vision for the remodel of your traditional or classic home. 

Loft space exposed wood and sliding doors

Each of our doors is customizable for your specific needs. While we are proud of our various award-winning sliding doors, we offer many different options for your home, including swing doors and fixed panels. Depending on where you live, you might be able to take a drive out to our showrooms so you can view all of our doors in person. View our barn doors, room dividers, customization options and more at our showrooms or on our website. Talk to a representative for more information.