Interior Sliding Glass Doors: Why Changing Your Home’s Style Can Make You Happier

While it’s true there’s no place like home, for some people that may not always be a good thing. In fact, research has indicated a home’s interior may actually result in its occupants feeling depressed and in some cases physically ill. Even though a home is a place where you are supposed to relax and unwind, it appears to be doing the opposite for many people, and drab, dull interiors are to blame. While it may seem difficult to transform a dreary living space into a place of joy and sanctuary, it’s really not that difficult at all. Whether it’s using modern glass barn doors to save space in small places, or create a bright sunny family room with sliding glass wall doors, current research findings seem to indicate that improving the interior of your home can help you physically and mentally.

The Minimalist Approach and Open Concept with Separation

Even though it’s tempting to fill your home with lots of items, doing the opposite and taking a minimalist approach may be your best bet to staying happy and healthy. Furthermore, having an open floor plan will allow for more light and provide a sense of greater space, yet often separation is needed to divide the home office area from a common family area, and this is where sliding glass doors play a paramount role in improving one’s home life.
As more studies are conducted about this topic, a new field of study known as neuro-architecture has emerged. Combined with architecture, a neuro-scientist works to create modern homes whose interiors are not only functional, but also ones that lift spirits and bring happiness and joy to their owners. According to these experts in architectural neuroscience, homes that are too cluttered can produce anxiety problems, while those homes that are too small can lead to feelings of claustrophobia. To keep this from happening, many designers recommend having as little furniture and other items as possible in your home, which not only keeps it free from clutter, but also makes the surroundings look and feel bigger. They also recommend interior sliding glass doors to compliment the “clean look” and remove the tired old look of bulky and constraining wood doors.

Retro Lighting and Modern Sliding Glass Doors

Surprisingly, lighting can play a large role in determining your mood around the house. Rooms that are too bright can make you feel anxious and nervous, and ones that are dark can lead to feelings of depression and gloominess.

To change this, it’s recommended that retro lighting using Edison light bulbs can transform an interior from gloom to glam instantly. Giving a touch of simplicity to your industrial decor, Edison light bulbs offer style at affordable prices, while also coming in numerous shapes and sizes. And to make it even better, the bulbs are LED, making them very energy efficient.

Because retro and modern pair so well together, using modern sliding glass doors from a suspended track with rustic hardware will unify the entire look and feel of the room making you and family happier and healthier!

Color Your World and Compliment it with Frosted Glass Sliding Doors

An excellent and inexpensive way to boost your mood, incorporating your favorite colors into as many aspects of your home as possible can have numerous positive results. For example, making sure your bedroom is painted in vibrant colors versus flat colors can improve your mood and help you relax. In addition, choosing modern dressers, bedding, and decorative pillows and blankets in your favorite color can soften the feel of the room and give it a soothing sense that’s sure to please. In many homes, light blues and greens work well, as do new paints that actually mimic the effect of sunlight on your walls. This can be especially helpful, since sunlight can brighten your mood and increase the production of endorphins and serotonin, the body’s feel-good chemicals. Frosted glass interior doors pair well with any color scheme, so for areas where you want a true blend of openness with some semblance of privacy, explore your tint options for sliding glass wall doors and barn doors.

Bringing Nature Inside with Modern Glass Doors

To bring positive energy into your home, invite nature inside by having a custom sliding glass door between your patio area and living space. To continue the outdoor feel use lots of houseplants in your room that complement outdoor plants, and use accessories and furniture that play off your patio furniture. This will create greater space and with it such benefits as lowered anxiety, higher mood levels, and reduced fatigue. According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, it’s also great for your mood if you can spend much of your time at home in rooms featuring views of trees, parks, birds, or other aspects of nature–a fact that makes interior glass doors a must for your happy home!


How Glass Has Changed and Why Interior Glass Doors are so strong!

You probably have not given much thought to the glass object in most people’s pockets these days (yes the cell phone) or the millions of other products made from glass.

When Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace was built in London in 1850 for the first World’s Fair, it was the most massive and striking building constructed from nearly 293,660 panes of glass. The amount of glass used was equivalent to 1/3 of what Britain manufactured in a whole year!

Thanks to tax cuts which made glass cheaper, the new “sheet of glass” was developed which also made manufacturing a lot quicker and more efficient. Today’s interior glass door solutions are strong, recyclable and keep their shape!

Glass Door Solutions

As more people began to have access to glass, somehow natural light became far more available too!

The previous buildings made of brick were very dark inside with no way to see outdoors. People started to incorporate glass into their buildings in the form of glass windows which allowed ample natural light to flow through, uplifting morale and giving way to the indoor plant!

Believe it or not, seeds were hauled from China, India and North America to Britain inside a functional glass cover!

From Glass Office Enclosures in car dealerships to hospitals needing to re-purpose a work area in seconds, interior glass room dividers, swing doors & barn doors offer a functional solution!

From Commercial Work Spaces to Banks, Libraries and Court Houses, interior glass doors solutions offer functionality, flexibility and sustainability very time.

It is not just about seeing natural light or that glass offers transparency, it also became clear that glass is very special due to its atomic structure in its solid form. It resists repeated structure of crystalline materials and instead, as liquid glass turns solid, the atoms are frozen into a random arrangement. This is one of the reasons glass is so strong!

When glass is free from impurities and scratches, it can be stronger than many metals. Tempered glass is safe and will never break into large shards. Laminated glass is made with a film in the middle of two pieces of glass which is also very safe. From frosted to milky glass, clear and textured, you can select the glass type that suits your project the best!

Glass office space dividers

Glass is basically a workhorse giving us a way to create an extra room without construction!

See the beautiful sliding glass doors and aluminum frames that make up this sleeping area in an open loft environment.

Open air decorative room dividers also save energy! You can share lighting, heating and air conditioning while providing visual privacy to your bedroom area. We have had many of our room dividers installed since our first year in business in 2005 with no issues at all. They still look brand new!

Glass is strong!

Click on the link to read more about a student experience where the wine glasses did NOT break!

After breaking glass mugs in the first experiment, the concept of the “weakness”of glass is in the students’ minds. To flip this perspective, we perform an experiment to show that glasses can withstand high compressive loads.

Modern room dividers

Today’s interior glass door solutions are strong, easy to install, allow for natural light to flow through and are made with safety & style to optimize functionality in any room.

Modern room dividers save space too. Wall slide door hugs the wall and covers the laundry area with style. Households also favor these due to the fact that modern glass room dividers allow natural light to flow throughout the living space and create happy energy.
Double swing door with laminated glass closes off the formal dining room whenever you want to!
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The Family Room and Glass Room Dividers: The Perfect Couple!

The family room is one of the most important rooms in any home.

This is where the family gathers and spends a lot of time together. When you consider the digital world we live in everyone is so busy with their own life and families barely have time to see each other through the day, the family room is the perfect place to relax and spend quality time together. Modern glass room dividers allow you to close off a private area or divide up the space according to your lifestyle! Then, you can easily open it back up again at any time!

Big or small, the family room brings people together. To watch TV, talk, play a game or listen to music, it’s all there! Smooth sliding glass doors make it a personal sanctuary.

Smooth glide glass doors divide the space in the living room area

Family Rooms boost morale with natural light

Smooth glide glass doors divide the space and open up with a touch! Flexible, functional, beautiful interior glass doors save space and allow for plenty of natural light. These stacking glass doors on triple track hide away within the dining room to open up the whole floor plan. Family can gather, share their experiences and just be together in an uplifting place.

Open Floor Plan Options

Make an extra room in the house with no demolition, mess or major construction! This is revolutionary with our interior glass room dividers that go from floor to ceiling for privacy. Now you have an extra room in your home for socializing and spending time together! Bring your family together in a meeting place that is calming, filled with natural light and, later, can quietly close off to become a private room at night.

kids playroom white glass wall slide glass doors room divider

Keep things clean and clutter-free

Sliding glass room dividers are so decorative and easily close off a family room. Modern room dividers separate a family room from a home-office. Close off the family room when you are in the kitchen or open it up to see the kids. 

Hide the messes when guests are over, and create private rooms for overnight guests. Suspended doors with no bottom tracks make it easy to keep the floor clean too. It’s all so easy! 

Feel thrilled to see your family talking and sharing the events in their lives! Our interior glass room dividers are made with pride in our very own factory with safety and quality fabricated into every single door.

Frosted glass sliding door corner bedroom divider

Loft room dividers with sliding glass doors: Separating the bedroom from the family room!

Family rooms are a great place to sit and eat together and talk about your day. But when privacy is needed and you’d like a dedicated space, a room divider will come in handy to slide closed and call it a night. A 4-panel room divider can be installed in less than 75 minutes on concrete floors. 

Glass family room divider slides & stacks to the right or left, making it easy to enter into the kitchen

A Laminated glass room divider is perfect between a kitchen and family room. It is easy to clean and you can leave a love note with dry erase marker if you feel like it! The low profile track is only 3/8” high and can be recessed into the flooring! The doors slide and stack from either side, making easy entry from any direction. Laminated glass also makes it super easy to clean, which is important in the kitchen. Plus, our glass dividers allow natural light to flow in, and the entire solution is fully recyclable which is great for the environment.

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