The Influence Of Color

Closet doors with silver frames, frosted glass & mirror
Closet doors with silver frames, frosted glass & mirror

Selecting the right color for your interiors can be challenging and very personal. According to Diamond Vogel paints, people want to create spaces that are an extension of ourselves and express current trends in design and home furnishings.

Here are some hot tips for using color for your 2017 interior projects: Top Color Picks; an insider’s look to the hot trends in color.

Looking for trend-setting color?

This group of colors boast visual punch and drama, perfect for those who want to be on the cutting-edge of color & design.

Retreat Relaxation is the key to this palette that offers soft, comfortable color; helping to create the perfect restful haven for your home.

Glass Closet Doors

White & Neutrals is the palette of versatile whites & dramatic neutrals representing the best of this popular color scheme. Coordinated to deliver simple sophistication, these colors are Diamond Vogel’s top selling whites, greys, taupes & dark neutrals.

Even milky glass closet doors blend into this neutral color scheme while they add elegance & functionality to any room. Interior sliding doors save space and foster a clutter-free lifestyle!

Closet Glass Doors

Tips about sampling colors – on test boards

A test board allows you to sample paint colors in different situations, like corners.

Sampling Colors on Test Board

Paint color can transform and revitalize your home.

Sampling the color first in the intended space ensures the color will create the desired effect. Rather than painting directly on the wall, use test boards to avoid regrettable painting mistakes. Some paint manufactures offer a small can of paint to be used as a sample; it allows you to test out colors without the commitment of buying a whole gallon of paint.

Advantages of using a test board:

Avoid time constraints. A test board allows you to paint colors without the obvious markings on your wall. Avoid obvious signs of the incomplete project by keeping ideas scaled down to test boards.

Test Board

Ability to move. A test board has the advantage of being mobile. Test the paint in multiple lighting situations by moving the test board around the room. View the test board behind draperies, behind the couch, in corners, next to windows and around all surface areas. This will give you an idea if colors contrast or complement and give you confidence in your decision.

Shopping partner. Once you have dutifully selected the perfect paint color, you can bring the color to the store with you to partner with other items. The test board gives you a realistic impression of the color in your room – super helpful!

Result: Your accent wall is gorgeous! So is the room divider that gives privacy by stacking the interior glass doors (sliders) all to one side!

Top colors for your laundry room – contrast & whites

Barn Door room divider between living area & laundry room with silver aluminum frames & frosted glass. Space saving interior glass doors and modern glass doors compliment any room in the house.

Playroom to Kitchen room divider with milky glass & divider strips for style. Privacy on demand and the flexibility to stack all panels behind one to open up the entire floor plan. Neutral color glass blends in with the fun color scheme!

Earth tones are still trending BIG

Room divider with stacking sliders saves space and energy costs year over year.

Social media impacts color choices too

Room divider with stacking sliders saves space and energy costs year over year.

What else is trending?

Suspended glass doors with no bottom track make it super easy to flow from one area to another while the frosted glass lets in a lot of natural light!

A few more trends…

Day Dreaming – This palette is a continuation of the Color of the Year pastel theme, with colors that evoke thoughts that are light and weightless….in contrast to the heaviness of day-to-day stresses. A key here is that other colors, such as Yellow Iris and Nile green, are used to expand on the blue and pink.

At Ease – A step from Day Dreaming , At Ease is grayed down for more of a sophisticated feel. A variety of ever popular neutrals, both cool and warm, are blended with muted tones in a way that seems effortless.

Native Instincts – Style-wise, current and future forecasts point to a homogenous mix of design and color where a piece of Native American pottery is compatible with a Turkish kilim carpet and/or a pre-Columbian artifact. This palette offers bold colors like a smoky orchid.

According to Sherwin- Williams

The state of color has never been more restless! New spirituality, cultural flux, feisty self-expression & soulful nostalgia are combining to paint an emerging portrait of our shared future!

Be bold! Closet doors with frosted glass & black frames save space & become the décor focal point of any bedroom!

Let color inspire you – interior glass door solutions can help!

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