How to Get The Most Out of Your Loft

There are plenty of real estate agents that toss the word loft, or loft apartment, around rather haphazardly it seems. Using it to describe dwellings that don’t come anywhere near to what the true loft hunter is searching for in a “coy” attempt at attracting more buyers.

When most buyers think about purchasing a loft apartment, they’re looking for a large, open home, that was likely once a commercial or industrial building that’s been transformed into an urban living space.

Traditionally, lofts have high ceilings and authentic industrial characteristics such as exposed ducts, plumbing, and brick, and of course, an open floor plan that doesn’t have any floor to ceiling room dividers. Many lofts even have additional benefits like industrial windows and exceptional locations.

The true advantage of having a loft apartment is that it is a blank canvas that you can use to completely express your style. But with all that open space, designing and decorating can be a little tricky.

Redefining Spaces

It may be a nice, big open space, but you should ensure that your loft has defined areas that compliment your lifestyle and needs. Use sliding room dividers, frosted or laminated glass wall partitions, and floor to ceiling room dividers to create private spaces. By using a room divider with a door for the bedroom and using the vertical space to create a loft within a loft, you can create a unique private sleeping area for guests or as a master bedroom.

Sliding doors for the bathroom can save space and with the laminated glass wall partitions and other options mentioned above, you can transform any loft into a home for the ages while ensuring privacy and seclusion where needed and desired.

Our Best Tips

Floor to ceiling room dividers give you the opportunity to completely customize your loft, but there are a few things you want to keep in mind when decorating and designing your home.

  1. Scale! Scale! Scale! — With all this open space, undersized furnishings are a mistake to stay away from. Use the space you have to its fullest potential and incorporate substantial pieces, especially flexible furnishings such as sofa beds and other convertible pieces that help leverage as much of the space as possible.
  1. Embrace the Character — Stay true to the history and style of the space. Customized sliding room dividers protect your privacy even with those huge windows you love so much. Try decorating with industrial accents and furnishings as well, you may be surprised by how it all augments the loft’s character.
  2. Go With the Flow — You should definitely consider decorating your loft in a cohesive color and decor scheme. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the same throughout, show your style, but the decor overall should flow with colors and styles being complementary.
  3. Be Smart with Storage — Of course, one downside to living in a loft is the lack of adequate storage space. When adding built-in storage, use the space’s natural niches and height differences to your advantage. Use oddities in the architecture such as columns by fitting them with storage options. Using the floor to ceiling room dividers, or open-air room dividers like the one in the photo above with sliding doors for an extra sleeping space, bathrooms, and other secluded areas means you can transform your home in hours.
  4. Utilize Rugs — Rugs can help establish individual rooms within your loft, but they also add texture and can make the spaces feel more comfortable. However, remember the number 1 tip and keep scale in mind by using rugs that are large enough to arrange your furniture on top of, whether it’s in the living room, dining room, or bedroom.
  5. Lighting — Capitalize on that inherent height and use eye-catching light fixtures. Hang chandeliers or pendants high in public spaces like the living room and kitchen and utilize floor and table lamps to create ambient light. In places where you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, hang pendant lights so that they are at a lower height and have soft light bulbs.

Discover Your Style

The open floor plan of your loft enables you to build the home of your dreams and with the experts at The Sliding Door Company, it can be transformed into an extension of your true personality. Black frame suspended barn doors will complement your loft-style and if space isn’t really a concern, our loft swing doors with laminated glass can provide a beautiful alternative to the sliding door for bathrooms, laundry enclosures or hallways.

With the high rise loft divider, close a room for privacy while maintaining an option for an open floor plan. With the option to customize with many aluminum frame finishes, more than 16 glass options, and divider strips, you can ensure that your style will shine through.

Sliding room dividers provide you with an open-air, glass room divider that not only creates a private room for your loft, but it also saves space by stacking and allows the sharing of lighting, heating and air conditioning. With sliding glass loft dividers, floor to ceiling room dividers, and glass wall partitions, and so many more options available, you can completely customize your loft’s new look and add functionality that may have seemed impossible.

It’s your house, define your style and make it your home.

It’s Your Call

Pick up the phone and call 888-988-5033 to set up a free consultation or simply visit our website to schedule one. You can also visit one of our showroom locations throughout North America. So no matter if you have a loft in Houston or Calgary, our experts will help you customize the perfect look for you. The Sliding Door Company manufactures interior glass door solutions for the home and office and we provide them to you factory direct.

We’ve become the industry trendsetter in fabricating beautiful sliding room dividers, frosted glass wall partitions, barn doors, swing doors and much more. Our high standards of quality and the contribution by our innovative and creative team have contributed greatly to our growth and continued success and we pass that expertise on to you.