Featured Project – Savage Mill

Projects like this are what get The Sliding Door Company truly excited.

If you ever find yourself in Savage, MD – you must visit Savage Mill! It was originally a historic cotton Mill that started in 1822. From their site: At one time, dozens of water-powered textile mills lined Maryland’s rivers. Surrounded by villages populated by mill workers, they were the center of industrial life. Now almost all the mills are gone…but Historic Savage Mill remains.

Today, Historic Savage Mill not only weaves the beautiful magic of a historic landmark, but also offers a truly unique shopping experience. We are so proud to be a part of this new and incredible version of the fabled location!

Here is the link to their website which gives more info.


The Sliding Door Company in San Francisco

The San Francisco showroom is a unique spot, configured to offer inspiration and design ideas. Located at 680 Street on 8th between Townsend St. and Brannan St. near the 101 and 80 interchange, our showroom features a variety of fully-functional residential and commercial door solutions for viewing and testing.

When you’re indoors, you deserve peace and relaxation. Gone are the days of open floor plans. With home offices and remote work, separation in your floor plan is a must for privacy and quiet. The Sliding Door Company interior glass products include barn doors, flexible room dividers, and fixed partitions. Being in California means we can serve the entire state for deliveries and installations. So now you can elevate your space, open up doorways, and rethink your rooms. And we will work closely with you to find a style uniquely tailored to fit the look and feel you’re going for in the space you have.

Our sales rep Sakura has been with TSDC for over 3 years.

Sakura tells us what San Francisco is seeing: I have completed more projects in schools and hospitals in the past year, which has been very rewarding – to see our systems in places where people are growing, learning, and healing.

What Sakura loves about working at The Sliding Door Company: The Sliding Door Company has allowed me to grow my strengths and weaknesses in ways I would have never imagined.  I love that there is always something new to learn.  This company helps me face my fears so I can continue to elevate myself.

I came from a fashion and sales team management background, but at TSDC I am helping to design spaces and manage projects, which I never knew I loved to do!

We hope those of you across Northern California take the time to visit Sakura in our San Francisco showroom to see firsthand the options that we offer to reconfigure and improve your home and office space.

You can get more details and connect with the local team here. Find our other locations across the country here.


The Evolution of Glass Doors

Glass closet doors have evolved from being an afterthought to becoming a key element that enriches the entire room and inspires interior design in both homes and offices. We were at the front of a trend and continue to bring style-leading designs to new projects!

Types of Closet Doors

4 Door Closet, Charcoal, Smoked Clear, Double Track

When you purchase a home often the interior doors are builder grade, not unique or special. Our interior glass doors elevate rooms and serve many benefits.

Milky glass closet doors with wenge aluminum frames offer a space-saving solution that completes the room and eliminates clutter. Barn doors, designed to hug the wall, provide a harmonious and peaceful ambiance, especially in personal spaces like bedrooms or guest rooms. The addition of shoji-type divider strips adds a stylish touch to the overall aesthetic.

Sliding closet doors with contrasting paneling add a touch of style to any space. With all three panels stacking behind one another, easy access to everything inside is guaranteed. The combination of frosted glass and wood core sections makes the room itself a design focal point. These sliding doors are an excellent solution for closets where swing doors are not feasible.

residential master closet doors wenge frames

Glass and aluminum are timeless materials that maintain their shape, whether used in room divider or closet door projects. These smooth, easy-glide glass doors operate almost silently and provide privacy on demand. By incorporating divider strips, you can personalize the configuration to match your desired style. When stacked to one side, these room divider doors optimize the opening, while sliding closed within seconds, they create a private moment for focused activities.

Always in Fashion

Sliding closet doors, in general, have a classic appeal that withstands the test of time. Frameless glass barn doors with 10mm thick frosted glass are perfect as space-saving closet doors. They offer a stylish exterior while concealing the contents of the closet. Easy to open and stackable to either side, they provide convenient access to everything inside.

Two kids are playing in the room next to white glass closet door

When you choose a sliding door-style closet door, the entire opening becomes easily accessible, allowing you to retrieve your belongings without limitations, unlike traditional closet doors that only partially open at a time.

Get a quote now and rethink your space with our great options.