The Sliding Door Company Solves Space Planning Challenges

Many homeowners consider partial or complete renovation when considering how to make changes to the way space is used in a home. Now, there is a smarter solution for planning the use of space in your home without the cost and mess of renovation: interior sliding glass doors. Learn how this simple addition from The Sliding Door Company can add space in a simpler and quicker way.

How Do Interior Glass Doors Benefit Your Space?

Installing sliding doors increase your space of course, and they also accomplish more than that. Because these doors are not on hinges, moving items into and out of a room is easier. Simply slide the door aside, and you have all the space you need. Unlike traditional doors which swing outward from the frame, a sliding interior door remains close to the wall and requires only a simple push to move it aside.

A sliding door can cover the entire frame, or be pushed aside to allow airflow, all without disrupting the visual lines or function of the space. Additionally, they provide a lot of light into a space, making it feel warm and welcoming. Lastly, the interior door can be used to divide a room into two for maximum privacy and functionality.

Choosing Sliding Doors

In addition to being incredibly popular with homeowners who want to better manage their space, sliding interior glass doors also come in a wide variety of styles and customization options. There is an interior sliding door to match virtually any room in your house, regardless of your personal style. What kinds of popular styles can you expect from The Sliding Door Company?

Using a Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are ideal for smaller spaces, folding toward the door frame like the doors in a phone booth. You can conserve space in a room, as well as access nearly the entire width of a door frame, making you a superhero of space management.

Frosted glass bi fold closet doors

Choosing a Barn Door

The barn door style is a fashionable and functional addition that can work for any room. Its clean and simple appearance with a decorative rail, and its simple operation via an upper track make this style the choice for many homeowners. Not only does the sliding barn door look great, but its silent operation makes it ideal in homes where quiet time is a priority. You can also choose a suspended barn door without bottom tracks.

Considering a Room Divider

Who says you can’t redesign on the fly? With this style of sliding interior door, you can add loads of functionality to a room with one push. Using sliding glass doors as room dividers allows you to change the size of your space by simply sliding them open to join one room to another, or sliding them closed for privacy.

kitchen room divider

Custom Glass Doors That Transform Your Home

It’s true that there are many ways to improve your home’s layout, which can make it difficult to choose the best or most affordable option. If you haven’t yet considered glass doors from The Sliding Door Company for your home, you may be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of finding a showro

Safety and Innovation and a Quality That Transforms Your Space

Since 2005, The Sliding Door Company has been creating state-of-the-art sliding glass doors for dreams and rooms of every size and budget. Our emphasis on safety is unparalleled and evident in the creation of our patented “Wheel-to-Track”TM locking system, with a sliding clamp device that ensures panels never leave their tracks.
Each and every glass door we produce has been carefully constructed by a team of skilled specialists working in our own factory is dedicated to producing only the highest quality products that exceed customer expectations. By fabricating everything in our own shop, we control quality every step of the way and bring factory direct pricing to you.
If you’re ready to discover the many benefits of interior sliding doors for your home, we are excited to discuss the possibilities; contact us today to schedule your completely FREE and no-obligation consultation by calling 1-888-988-5033 or filling out the free consultation form.


How to Choose the Perfect Residential Sliding Door

If you’re a homeowner assessing your space and you realize that you need to do some renovations for 2023, you have come to the right place! Not only because we are in the middle of our Biggest Sale of the Year, but because the Sliding Door Company provides state-of-the-art, patented doors that will enhance your space and its functionality. As your family evolves, your home needs to follow, and we are here to help you pick the right door for your needs. 

What are ‘residential’ sliding doors? 

All homes, apartments, and lofts are equipped with interior doors. Typically a builder will purchase a standard, cheap base model option to quickly and affordably install throughout the whole house. When planning your home improvements, you might consider different styles of room dividers or closet doors to raise value and appeal. We offer some of the most unique styles and current trending options for specialty upscale and designer residential doors. From swing doors to Japanese-style room dividers, we are able to shift your living areas into your exact and unique vision. Your living space should allow you to have as much privacy as you would choose, while also opening up your space.

a bathroom bedroom partition

Which size works best for you?

If you’re in the process of narrowing down your vision, you might be curious as to which size doors would fit your space – or if we can accommodate that size. The Sliding Door Company customizes all of our doors and products to fit your home and your specifications. You can even try to envision the residential sliding doors in your space with our new Design Your Own tool. If you are curious about what you will need for your home, our talented representatives will walk you through your entire installation process. 

What configurations are there to choose from?

You’re not just choosing where your door is going to be placed in your home – you’re also a key part of the design process. When you are customizing your doors, you will have the opportunity to choose the glass opacity so that you can enjoy as much natural light as you please. This is especially helpful for those of you who are looking for privacy, without sacrificing your need for Vitamin D. You will also have the ability to choose your dream frame finish, like black or white, as well as the handle and locks. This is perfect if you’re hoping to match your latest door to your home’s aesthetic. 

bright room glass wall

Residential Doors from the Sliding Door Company

The year is almost over, and we are looking forward to 2023 and the trends that will follow. Connect with us today to discuss our end-of-year sale, and how we can make your dream a reality on a budget. If you’re still on the fence about why you should choose us, check out our 10 Reasons to Choose Us. Don’t hesitate, to connect with us today to get started for your next renovation today by contacting us today.