Autumn 2018—Get Ready to Fall Into These Ideas We Love

Autumn is a time of great change. As the trees begin to get ready for winter, they celebrate this shift in glorious color before letting their leaves fall to the forest floor, where they become nourishment and protection for the coming months. Watching this transformation inspires us to reflect on our own lives as we assess what we need to let go of and consider strategies for preparing for the season ahead. Fall offers a wealth of opportunities for change, many which exist within the walls of your home. Let’s explore ideas for decorating your home for fall.

Make an Interior Design Change for Fall 2018

Fall reminds us that everything is in a constant state of change and development, and of the importance of enjoying every precious moment before it disappears forever. Your home is where you return after a long day to get some respite from the world. As such, it should be a place where you can fully enjoy spending those cooler nights. Looking around your home may reveal that a change is needed, and it’s pretty easy to achieve this goal.

Re-Purposing Instead of Renovating

Fallen leaves, once used by the tree as a means to receive light and moisture for growth, have a new purpose in autumn—insulating tree roots and providing food and shelter for the animals below.
Re-purposing a room can make more sense than enduring the mess and chaos of renovation. Dividing a room can mean you can do a lot more with your space and on your terms. For example, if your bedroom is very large, installing sliding glass doors can provide you with an unassuming barrier that allows for a second space and plenty of privacy. Not only that, but you can adjust the size of your space in an instant with a single slide; no tearing down or putting up walls and of course, no mess!

Add Some Intrigue

What prompts each tree to release its leaves or each animal to put their foraging into overdrive? There is much beauty to be found in this mystery. The same is true of your home. A little sleuthing is all it takes to reveal the spaces that can benefit from a seasonal change.

Redefining “Typical”

Fall is a great time to celebrate nature’s changes in your home. The season offers plenty of natural ways to do so. Gourds abound in these months, and their natural textures, colors, and patterns can offer you a wealth of ideas. Stack gourds of different sizes outside, or place them in windows to welcome fall. Fallen leaves can be as lovely when added to a fall wreath as they are when part of an autumn bouquet.
You can also make changes to the look of some of the rooms in your home. Typically the smallest room, a bathroom with a traditional door can eat up precious space, both in the bathroom itself and in the hallway. Yet, when a laminated glass interior sliding barn door takes its place, you can completely transform this entryway and reclaim space as you add a lot of style. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice privacy or interrupt the flow of light through your home, thanks to the wide variety of choices for opacity that exist.

Finding Balance

Every season requires adjustment, and autumn is no different. As the weather gets cooler and seasons change, so, too, do we alter many aspects of our lives. Clothing gets more protective, and comfort food replaces the lighter fare of the summer months. This change in balance also occurs in the home, as patio furniture gets stored away and pools are cleaned and covered. However, there are also many ways to celebrate this change.

A Fall Theme to Tie It Together

In terms of visual balance, there are many ways to achieve this in every room. The colors in a plaid throw can be reflected throughout a living room. Candle holders can add a lovely complement to a mantle, while new throw pillows in plush fabrics bring softness and comfort. Lovely reds and oranges outside can be reflected within in the form of bright bathroom towels and mats. In the kitchen, pumpkin and apple scents can infuse the room with that fall feeling, as well as hide cooking odors.

Visual Balance

Decluttering is a popular fall activity. What better time to let go of what you no longer need? When all that clutter is removed, what you’re left with is a lot more visual balance; something that can also lower your stress level. With life seeming to get busier, you may not have time to do a complete declutter right now. However, this is easily solved with the installation of a sliding glass door. Available in whatever style you choose, your customizable sliding doors can be closed quickly before company arrives to instantly hide clutter.
Another great benefit of these innovative glass doors is the instant visual balance they provide. Instead of a traditional door, a glass door is always flush with the wall, whether open or closed. The ability to quickly slide it closed doesn’t interrupt the visual flow of the room; instead, it works with these lines, allowing you to maintain visual balance as you conceal what you don’t want others to see.

How to Reap the Benefits of Glass Doors in Your Home

Whether you want to repurpose a room by dividing it, add a bit of intrigue with something different, or find a way to conceal areas of clutter in your home, interior glass doors can help you achieve these goals. Whatever your style, sliding glass interior doors can bring beauty to every room, and in a way that’s much more affordable than a complete renovation. With just a simple installation, your interior doors can be ready to use on the same day.
However, complete customization demands a full understanding of your ideas. This is where it’s important to work with knowledgeable individuals who know how to translate your dreams into reality. As well, no company should go ahead with any aspect of the creation process until and unless you have confirmed that it’s what you definitely want.

Partnership vs. Purchase

The right glass door company for you will be the one that welcomes you as a partner in the creation and development process. Knowing that your input is not only welcome but absolutely vital to the process will make you a part of it; when you’ve decided on customized glass doors for your home, that’s exactly the way it should be. After all, these doors have to be beautiful, durable, and functional for the many years that you will be enjoying them.
At The Sliding Door Company, we understand that you want value as well as style. Of course, glass doors will add plenty of visual appeal to your home, but, unless they are of the highest quality, they will only have marginal value. The doors we make for our clients are certainly beautiful, but, because they are made with only the highest quality of materials, they also offer the highest value.

Here’s How to Bring Your Dreams to Life

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of customized interior glass or mirror sliding doors in your home, The Sliding Door Company can help. Our innovative products have been gracing the homes of satisfied customers since 2005, and our patented locking system offers a level of safety that’s unparalleled in the industry. Reap the benefits of working with a highly skilled team of specialists; contact us today for a free consultation.


Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room with Glass Wall Dividers

If you’ve ever walked into a living room and loved its beautiful view, fireplace, or another feature right away, you noticed its focal point. The focal point of a room is whatever draws the eye and gives a room its energy while diverting focus from any less-appealing aspects. Do you feel that energy when you walk into your own living room? If not, then it likely will benefit from having a focal point. Let’s explore how contemporary interior sliding doors can positively impact your space.

How to Create a Focal Point

Windows, paintings, and accent walls can all serve as focal points. Once you identify it, your focal point will need some accents to make it stand out. For instance, windows can be accented with wooden shutters or sheers. A special painting can get all the attention when it’s hung by itself on a large wall, and an accent wall can be painted in a striking shade. The great news is that you don’t have to be limited to a single focal point; your living room can have two of them. Here’s where interior sliding doors can really shine.

What Sliding Glass Doors Can Do

There’s no doubt that sliding interior doors are an elegant and beautiful addition to your living room—or any room in your home, for that matter. However, they also bring much more to your home.

Let in Natural Light

Sliding glass doors are a great alternative to traditional doors and walls. Even if an interior glass door is opaque, it will still allow natural light through. Why is natural light so important? It has a host of health benefits, such as improving mood and eyesight, and helping you sleep, to name but a few.

Turn One Room into Two

Regardless of the size of your living room, glass interior doors can make it multi-functional. Imagine being able to have office space, a personal yoga studio, or a guest room, all with a simple slide to the side. This is the high level of functionality that glass shoji style doors can bring.

Clean Lines

Big, bulky walls can make you feel boxed in, and traditional doors swing in and out, interrupting the sight lines of a space as they quietly consume square footage on either side. Not so with glass, which maintains clean lines whether doors are slid open or closed. They also offer the same benefits of dividing a room, but with thinner walls that let light through, which opens up the space.

Get Completely Customized Glass Doors for Your Living Room

For 13 years, The Sliding Door Company has been offering top-quality sliding glass doors for every style. Our sliding contemporary pocket doors can be used in closets, kitchens, laundry rooms, and living rooms, thanks to our wide range of styles and our patented track and locking systems. Claim your free consultation today to discover how to get completely customized sliding glass doors for every room in your home.


Envision Your Home Retreat, Complete with Sliding Glass Doors

The home you’re designing will be much more than a place to sleep and eat. It will be your sanctuary after a long day; a place that you want to enjoy being in for the long term. One way to get a unique and modern look for your home is to consider the many benefits of interior sliding glass doors.

A Feeling of Spaciousness

Regardless of the size of home you’re planning, including interior sliding pocket doors in your design can add a lot more space. How? Clear glass will provide a barrier between rooms without interrupting line of sight, which can really open up your home. Because these doors slide to the side and don’t swing through the door frame, you will also have more square footage available in a room. As well, sliding glass interior doors also offer plenty of visual appeal, which can add to that positive feeling you get whenever you are in your new home.
Another benefit includes the clean lines these doors create. Instead of bulky doors, you can create a clutter-free appearance instantly, with a single slide to the side.

Light and More Light

Speaking of positivity, the multitude of health benefits from natural light are well-documented. Indeed, natural light is a mood booster and can help keep the entire body in balance. Imagine your home with sliding glass doors vs. their traditional counterparts; much more light could be allowed to enter your home with glass doors. Another benefit of allowing natural light into your home is not having to use electricity for illumination, which could save you on energy costs. How’s that for relieving stress?

Your Sanctuary, Your Style

Your sanctuary can look however you want it to; the interior sliding doors you desire can be completely customized to reflect your unique style. If you want a different type or look of door for every room in your dream home, you can have it. Whether it’s a sliding barn-door style for a comforting country kitchen look, sleek frosted glass for an elegant room divider, or a space-saving and incredibly practical bi-fold style, the only limit is your imagination.

Safety and Quality

Interior sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home because, when properly installed, they can operate smoothly and easily, allowing for safe usage by all. As well, the high quality of these doors means that your sanctuary can look beautiful and stylish for life.

What’s Your Dream?

Your home should be the comforting space you want it to be. Shouldn’t your interior sliding glass doors be made to reflect the vision you have for your home, whatever that vision may be?
That’s exactly what can happen when you combine your vision with the know-how from The Sliding Door Company. We’ve been helping homeowners like you to realize their dreams for over 13 years. Discover how we can help you transform your wishes into reality by claiming your free consultation or finding a showroom near you.


6 Incredible Interior Doors that Will Delight the Interior Designer in You

We open and close them every day, but how often do we look at them—really look at them? Probably more than most people think. The truth is that doors play a big role in any interior design. A door can blend into the architecture or it can stand out from its surroundings, catching the eye and making a powerful statement.
From textile partitions to Dutch doors, from simple wood panels to ornately carved metal, the door has evolved to reflect changing tastes and needs. Now, more homeowners are choosing interior glass doors to replace their old, conventional doors. Indeed, thanks to better materials and forward-thinking design, glass is now a viable, environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional materials like wood and metal.
That’s good for designers and even better for homeowners. Not only is glass beautiful, modern, and versatile; it’s also practical, creating a substantial barrier while letting light into the room. And, now, it’s easier than ever to customize interior sliding glass doors to fit into any interior and match any style. Here are six examples of beautiful glass doors guaranteed to spur anyone’s creativity and get them excited for their next home improvement project.

Frameless Room Divider

Traditional swing doors have served humanity well for centuries, but modern design calls for modern solutions, and sliding glass doors rise to the challenge with grace and sensibility. In other words, those who want to combine contemporary style with modern functionality are increasingly turning to sliding interior doors.
Frameless glass room dividers open to reveal the entire space (or at least most of the space), rather than a small sliver of the room. That’s ideal for those who want to combine the spaciousness of an open floor plan with the privacy and functionality of a traditional layout.
When open, the doors let people and light flow freely (they also make it easier to move large objects, such as furniture between rooms). When closed, they section off space as well as any door/wall combination.
In terms of aesthetics, the simple beauty of the frameless design lends itself to minimalist interiors, although its understated elegance also blends well into more eclectic, contemporary, or industrial chic settings.


Stylish Closet Doors

Closet doors don’t have to be drab, boring, or ugly. Instead of fading into the wall or detracting from the beauty of the room, customized glass sliding doors reflect the personal tastes of the occupants and complement the surrounding décor.
Designers and homeowners can choose from any number of glass and frame options, and more and more are opting for more non-traditional styles, such as triple-track stacking closet doors outfitted with milky glass. The opaque glass hides the contents of the closet from view, keeping clutter at bay while adding a sense of airy lightness to the room.
In terms of function, smooth gliding doors offer easy access to the contents inside. At The Sliding Door Company, we build doors with tempered glass, durable frames, and secure tracks to ensure safety. That’s critical for any door, but particularly when it comes to closet doors, which typically get opened and closed multiple times per day.

Frosted Glass Pantry Doors

Sliding doors offer many benefits when compared with swing doors, but they’re not practical in every interior. Many kitchen pantries, for example, only have enough horizontal room to accommodate swing doors or perhaps pocket doors. Fortunately, these days, modern swing doors can be customized in as many styles as sliding doors.
A swing door made of laminated glass, for example, works well whether the kitchen is home to old-world farmhouse décor or stainless steel appliances set amid a sleek modern design. While white frames blend well with a more traditional aesthetic, aluminum frames with a silver or charcoal finish fit better in a more modern interior.
Those who have a little more space to work with can install a double swing door, which offers even greater access to the pantry than a single swing door. Finally, semi-opaque glass separates the pantry (and its contents) from the rest of the kitchen while allowing light to pass through, creating a beautiful sense of openness and depth while still cutting down on unsightly clutter.

Modern French Doors

Double swing French doors are great for those who are more concerned about style than space. The glass, divided into three equal sections, combines classic design with modern materials. The result is a gorgeous, yet versatile divider that works well with nearly any style.
Double swing doors take up more floor room than sliding doors, but, if they’re well-designed, they create a nice sense of depth and interest, enhancing the style of the room instead of detracting from it.
As for glass, homeowners can choose everything from clear glass to black glass. Choosing the right type for any interior depends on the designer’s vision of the room and how adventurous she feels. Historically, people have opted for clear, laminated or linen textured glass, but frosted glass adds an unexpected twist to what otherwise might be a conventional design. Semi-transparent frosted glass is also perfect for those who want to create a private space without sacrificing the flow of light.

Sliding Glass Bathroom Door

Luxury hotels throughout the world use frosted glass sliding doors to enclose spacious bathrooms, but they’re not the only ones. More and more homeowners are installing sliding doors in their bathrooms in an effort to save space and up their style game.
For most, economy is the primary concern. That’s because bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the house if not the smallest. Even the most expansive ones suffer from limited space. Sliding doors free up square footage inside the bathroom while opening up most of the wall so that air, light, and people can easily pass through.
Indeed, even when closed, glass lets a substantial amount of light into the room. When open, it essentially removes an entire wall. That makes a huge difference in dark bathrooms that may otherwise feature only one or two small windows.

Classic Quattro Door

Glass doors may have a reputation for being sophisticated in an ultra-modern way, but they’re also incredibly versatile. A swing door built with the Quattro design results in 4 sections of glass for style which harkens back to traditional interiors, while still being fresh enough to suit the most contemporary tastes.
Clear glass fitted inside white frames creates a classic sense of beauty that pairs well with almost any wall color and floor setting. While swing doors take up more space than pocket doors, which disappear into the wall itself, they typically involve less hassle when it comes to installation, at least for pre-existing homes equipped with conventional doorways.

Find Glass Doors for Any Interior

Every home is different, and everyone has a different vision for their interior. The kind of mass-produced doors found at major home improvement stores are fine for tract model houses, but many homeowners want to take their interiors to the next level by customizing their doors.
That’s why, at The Sliding Door Company, we build every door according to our client’s specifications. Custom-built doors give them greater creative freedom not only over their doorways but also over the rest of the interior. By choosing the specific design, glass type, frame finish, size, and handles, they can build a door that meets their unique vision and accommodates their particular space constraints.
We also go out of our way to help you select the right design. With dozens of showrooms throughout North America, Canada and the Philippines, we make it easy for you to see your options and speak with a professional consultant before jumping into your next project. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, contractor, or homeowner, we can help you design custom doors that meet all of your needs.
Ready to transform your interior? Call us for a FREE consultation. And, remember, we live by a simple motto:
“Quality Always, Safety You Can Trust!”