When Your Home is Home Base for the Holidays

Hosting a large number of people during the holidays can be a joyous but challenging task. We’re not just door experts, we’re empaths too. So here are some tips we’ve come up with to help you manage this holiday season and make the experience enjoyable for everyone!

Plan Your Holidays Ahead of Time

Start planning well in advance. This includes preparing the guest list, menu, decorations, and any activities or games you might have in mind. Invite guests and have a head count. Decorate and plan accordingly. It’s never too soon to enjoy the festive season.

Invite Contributions and Support

Encourage guests to contribute! This could be by bringing a dish, dessert, or drinks. This not only lightens your workload but also adds variety to the menu. Let people research local activities or plan games and schedule events. Don’t be afraid to delegate and ask for help.

Create Seating and Space Plans

And we don’t mean just for meals! Consider both the dining and living areas to accommodate different activities. Chances are you’re hosting multiple generations and someone might want to be able to get up to watch kids, or be closer to the football on TV, or in a quieter corner. Maximize your space – it might be time to rearrange or store furniture or decor that is fragile or unnecessary.

Keep it Simple

While elaborate schedules and meals are wonderful, simplicity can be just as delightful. Consider relaxing hot cocoa and story time, serving dishes that can be prepared in advance, and even built-in ‘do nothing’/nap time if you’ve got young children or grandparents attending. Plan some activities or entertainment to keep everyone engaged. This could be board games, a holiday movie marathon, or even a karaoke session.

Provide Comfortable Spaces

Ensure there are comfortable seating and relaxation areas. Some guests might prefer a quieter spot away from the main festivities. Clients of The Sliding Door Company often mention how our products transformed their home especially when they needed to be able to delineate spaces during holidays and large family gatherings.

Glass panel sliding door separates kitchen and living room

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Decorate your home with festive and cozy elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Candles, fairy lights, and holiday decorations can enhance the ambiance. Temporary bedding and murphy beds, accommodating guests has come a long way. With partitions from The Sliding Glass Door Company in your home, you can set yourself and your guests up for success and comfort!

Single glass barn door separate kitchen area

Set Up a Beverage Station/Mini Bar

Create a designated area for drinks, including non-alcoholic options. This can help guests serve themselves and prevent congestion in the kitchen.

bedroom with sliding glass doors

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t forget to take care of yourself amid the hosting responsibilities. Get enough rest, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if needed. Remember, the holidays are about spending time together and creating joyful memories. Keep a positive attitude, be flexible, and enjoy the festive season with your loved ones!

If you get through this time and realize your house, floorplan or guest space isn’t meeting your needs, you might want to consider products from The Sliding Glass Door Company. We help homeowners craft rooms with sliding glass doors, walls, and partitions. Let’s see how we can better equip you and your home!


Seamless Elegance: The Modern Appeal of Wall Slide Doors Over Pocket Doors

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, the choices we make for interior doors play a crucial role in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Traditional pocket doors have long been a staple, but the emergence of wall slide doors offers a contemporary alternative that combines elegance with practicality. Let’s consider why Wall Slide doors from The Sliding Door Company are a superior option compared to standard pocket doors.

Space Optimization

Pocket Doors: Pocket doors slide into a concealed pocket within the wall. While this design saves floor space, the recessed pocket limits the width of the door and can impede the passage of larger items as the width is often fixed/tight.

Wall Slide Doors: Wall Slide doors move horizontally along the outside of the wall’s surface, eliminating the need for a recessed pocket. This design allows for wider door panels, providing unobstructed access and a more versatile use of space. Wall Slide doors also allow for a very fast install, no construction needed and provide full clearance of the opening.

Aesthetic Appeal

Pocket Doors: While pocket doors offer a clean and minimalist appearance when closed, the visible track and pocket cavity can be a visual distraction when the door is open. In a dated home, the mechanisms to open, close, and move can be tricky or worn down.

Wall Slide Doors: Wall Slide doors, with their sleek, flush design, present a seamless and unobtrusive look. The style and design tend to lean more modern and sophisticated.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Pocket Doors: Installation of pocket doors can be complex, requiring precise framing and meticulous construction to ensure smooth operation. Repairs or adjustments may involve accessing the concealed pocket, which can be a labor-intensive process.

Wall Slide Doors: Wall Slide doors are easier to install, with straightforward track systems that don’t necessitate intricate wall modifications. Maintenance and adjustments are also simplified as the mechanisms are typically accessible without major structural intervention. Wall Slide doors hug the existing wall, take up very little space, optimize the opening and do not require any construction whatsoever. 

Custom slide doors with frosted glass for living room office
Custom slide doors with frosted glass for living room office

Versatility in Design

Pocket Doors: The design of pocket doors limits the use of certain materials and styles due to the constraints of the concealed pocket.

Wall Slide Doors: Wall Slide doors provide greater design flexibility. They can accommodate various finishes and styles without compromising functionality, allowing for a broader range of creative choices to suit the overall design scheme.

Effortless Accessibility

Pocket Doors: The recessed nature of pocket doors can make them challenging for individuals with mobility issues, as the sliding mechanism may require more effort to operate.

Wall Slide Doors: Our Wall Slide doors meet ADA requirements with super easy, nearly silent glide.  The beauty of our glass doors is never hidden and yet these solutions take up very little space.  Wall Slide doors, with their smooth horizontal motion, offer easier accessibility. This feature is particularly beneficial in spaces where ease of use is a priority, such as homes with elderly residents or individuals with mobility challenges.

glass wall slide doors 2x 702x1024

Embracing Modern Elegance with Wall Slide Doors

While pocket doors have their merits, the evolution of design has brought forth Wall Slide doors as a refined and contemporary alternative. From enhanced space utilization to seamless aesthetics being virtually maintenance-free, Wall Slide doors represent a modern approach that aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of today’s interior spaces. Embrace the future of door design – choose Wall Slide doors from The Sliding Door Company for a touch of seamless elegance in your living or working environment. Connect now to learn more.