The Sliding Door Company Can Solve Your Space Planning Challenges

When considering how to make changes to the way space is used in a home, many homeowners consider partial or complete renovation. While this is certainly an option, there is a solution for planning the use of space in your home without the cost and mess of renovation: interior sliding glass doors. Let’s explore how this simple addition from The Sliding Door Company can add space that you never thought you had.

How Can Interior Glass Doors Benefit Your Space?

It’s true that installing interior sliding doors can increase your space, but they can accomplish more than that. Because these doors are not on hinges, moving items into and out of a room is far easier. Simply slide the door aside, and you have all the space you need. Unlike traditional doors which swing outward from the frame, a sliding interior door remains close to the wall and requires only a simple push to move it aside.
The door can be slid to cover the entire frame, or pushed aside enough to allow air flow, all the while without breaking the visual lines or function of the room. They are also ideal for allowing lots of light into a space, adding to its warm and inviting feel. Finally, the interior door can be used as a cost-effective way to turn one room into two for the ultimate in functionality and privacy.

A World of Choice

Sliding interior glass doors are not only an incredibly popular choice among homeowners who want to better manage their space, but they are also available in a wide array of styles and customization options. No matter your personal style, there is an interior sliding door to match virtually every room in your home. What kinds of popular styles can you expect from The Sliding Door Company?

The Bi-Fold Door

Ideal for smaller spaces, bi-fold doors work in the same way as the doors you’d see on a phone booth, folding toward the edge of the door frame. Not only does this allow you to conserve the space of a room, but it also allows you to access nearly the entire width of the door frame as well, making you a superhero of space management.

The Barn Door

The barn door style is a fashionable and functional addition that can work for any room. Its clean and simple appearance with a decorative rail, and its simple operation via an upper track make this style the choice for many homeowners. Not only does the sliding barn door look great, but its silent operation makes it ideal in homes where quiet time is a priority. Another barn door option is the suspended barn door that is offered with no bottom track.

The Room Divider

Who says you can’t redesign on the fly? With this style of sliding interior door, you can add loads of functionality to a room with one push. Using sliding glass doors as room dividers allows you to change the size of your space by simply sliding them open to join one room to another, or sliding them closed for privacy.
There’s no doubt that you have many choices for style in sliding glass doors, but are they really as versatile as they seem? Let’s take a look at the rooms in your home that can benefit from an interior sliding door that our team creates for you, and you can decide; but just a disclaimer: Some may surprise you.

The Kitchen

Kitchen storage isn’t always as plentiful as we’d like, and clutter can be common in this well-used space. Sliding glass doors can conceal this space in an attractive way. When guests arrive, simply slide pantry doors closed, and place stools in front for additional seating to make entertaining even easier. A second set of sliding doors can split your kitchen space into an instant dining room that separates your working and dining areas quickly and efficiently.

The Bathroom

A sliding pocket door to separate a bathroom from a bedroom or hallway is ideal. Why? Because many bathrooms, whether the main or guest bathroom, can be the smallest room in a home, and a traditional door may simply not offer the most space or function. A sliding pocket door requires only wall space to push the door aside when entering and exiting. Select from a variety of glass types to help maintain privacy without interrupting the flow of light through your home.

The Bedroom

In the bedroom, a sliding glass door can be used for more than just the entryway. It can also be a great idea for spaces like a closet, where limited space can quickly become cluttered. Here, a mirror sliding door can both conceal unsightly closet space and add instant function and visual consistency and style to the room. A baby or child’s room can also be ideal locations for sliding glass doors, especially considering their almost completely silent operation.

Custom Glass Doors That Transform Your Home

It’s true that there are many ways to improve your home’s layout, which can make it difficult to choose the best or most affordable option. If you haven’t yet considered glass doors from The Sliding Door Company for your home, you may be pleasantly surprised at the benefits of finding a showroom near you.

A Company That Listens to and Communicates with You

In order to customize any product for any client, a company must be willing to not only actively listen but gain a full and complete understanding of the client’s needs. That’s exactly what our team of specialists does. We don’t make a move unless we are 100% sure that it’s what you want. After all, your sliding glass doors will become a part of your daily life for what will likely be several years. That being said, shouldn’t they be exactly what you want?
Your role doesn’t end when you decide to work with us, because we know that customization cannot happen without your input. That’s why we will continue to communicate with you each step of the way, right up until the successful installation of interior glass sliding doors. Every team member at The Sliding Door Company takes significant pride in your project outcome so that you can too!

We Value Your Opinion

Your opinion matters to us, and we want to ensure that you always have the opportunity to express your thoughts about the experience you had with us. Your feedback is vital to us, as it allows us to provide the highest quality of service and continually improve our processes. It’s because of our clients that The Sliding Door Company continues to grow its list of satisfied clients, and we appreciate every comment and suggestion we receive.

Safety and Innovation and a Quality That Transforms Your Space

Since 2005, The Sliding Door Company has been creating state-of-the-art sliding glass doors for dreams and rooms of every size and budget. Our emphasis on safety is unparalleled and evident in the creation of our patented “Wheel-to-Track”TM locking system, with a sliding clamp device that ensures panels never leave their tracks.
Each and every glass door we produce has been carefully constructed by a team of skilled specialists working in our own factory is dedicated to producing only the highest quality products that exceed customer expectations. By fabricating everything in our own shop, we control quality every step of the way and bring factory direct pricing to you.
If you’re ready to discover the many benefits of interior sliding doors for your home, we are excited to discuss the possibilities; contact us today to schedule your completely FREE and no-obligation consultation by calling 1-888-988-5033 or filling out the free consultation form.


The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design: Your 2018 Guide

Bronze hardware, tiled floors, open shelving, sliding glass doors—over the past few years, homeowners have continued to embrace classic but personalized kitchen spaces. Here are a few beautiful kitchen design ideas to inspire your more creative side.

Glass Pantry Doors

A kitchen pantry cabinet with glass doors never goes out of style. Perhaps that’s because glass is versatile enough to complement almost any look and modern enough to add excitement to any design. As always, you can use contrasting textures and styles to generate even more interest. For example, you’ll find that a modern glass door works just as well in a rustic setting (think natural woods or stonework walls) as it does in a sparser, more modern kitchen.

Sliding Glass Doors

If space is tight, separate the pantry area with sliding doors instead of swing doors. The most important part about using interior glass door sliding doors is saving valuable floor space. As with swing doors, you can select the type of glass (clear, frosted, opaque) that best fits your kitchen. With transparent doors, you can see the contents of your pantry at a glance, while frosted or opaque glass hides everything from view. You can also customize your frames in everything from white to walnut.

Open Shelving

Storage is a perennial problem, particularly in kitchens with limited space. Where do you put all those pots, pans, utensils, and recipe books? One solution is to pair glass-enclosed storage with open shelving. If you’re redesigning from scratch, you can install extra shelves in your islands. If your renovation goals are more modest, you can always add freestanding units to an existing island.

Exposed Wood

From floors to exposed ceiling beams, designers never tire of natural wood. You don’t have to have a farmhouse kitchen to enjoy the beauty. With so many different types of wood and finishes, you can create almost any aesthetic you want. Combine wood with glass barn doors to strike the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design.

Blue Paint

If you want to cook in style (and raise the value of your home), ditch the neutrals and embrace the blues. Whether you opt for electric cobalt or baby blue, a splash of color can help you transcend the mundane and achieve the spectacular. Interior glass doors set in white aluminum frames offset the excitement and brings balance to the design. The result is a look that’s vibrant yet cool, bold yet classic.

Wine Closets

If you have some extra space and an impressive wine collection, consider transforming a regular pantry or closet into a dedicated wine closet. If you have enough shelves, the wine closet can also double as a pantry or storage area for fine china. Cover the space with sliding interior doors made of frosted glass to protect the wine and beautify the kitchen or hallway.

Getting Started

Whatever look you’re going for—old-world charm, sleek modernism, or bohemian eclecticism— glass sliding doors can help you design the perfect kitchen with a space that marries form and function, beauty and utility.
Need more inspiration? Visit our gallery to see how glass doors can transform your interior. Want to speak with a professional design consultant? Contact us to schedule a free consultation or visit one of our many showrooms located throughout North America to see our doors up close and personal.


Elevate Your Home with Contemporary Sliding Glass Doors

It’s amazing how even a single upgrade can freshen up a room. It’s all about catching the eye.
Crown molding adds elegance. Plush carpeting adds warmth. New interior doors add style.
The Sliding Door Company is an industry leader in contemporary interior glass door solutions.  We’ve helped countless homeowners take their interior and exterior spaces to new heights with our expansive selection of high-quality, functional, stylish doors.
Why choose interior sliding glass doors, barn doors, glass swing doors or frameless glass doors for your home? We present three compelling reasons below.

1. Flow

Sliding glass doors create a seamless transition between rooms, providing instant privacy when you need it and uninterrupted flow when you don’t. They also create room dividers that curtail foot traffic and give visual privacy.
Choose interior glass doors to section off the living area from bedrooms and to conceal a laundry area. There’s a glass door option for virtually every space.

  • Glass room dividers instantly open or close off a space, sliding effortlessly across their track.
  • Bi-fold doors are a smart space-saving solution in smaller rooms or tight spaces; these phone booth-style doors fold out toward the edge of the door frame, allowing access through nearly the entire width of the opening.
  • Glass barn doors are a modern twist on a timeless classic; these doors run along an upper track and quietly slide along a decorative rail.

2. Light

Architects and designers love using expansive windows and glass doors to bring the outside in and let light shine through. Whether you live near the ocean, in a wooded area, or in the heart of the city, interior and exterior glass doors let light in, creating a warm, inviting space.
The Sliding Door Company helps you create exactly the look you want with glass in a variety of hues and opacities. Frosted or combination glass creates privacy without sacrificing light, while clear glass maximizes light in cloudy and low-light regions.


Interior glass doors really shine when it comes to style. Always contemporary, yet flexible enough to suit almost any décor, sliding glass doors instantly elevate a space.
A frameless single glass pane door is a minimalist’s dream, while a 4-panel sliding glass door with metal frame suits a variety of styles, from Craftsman to mid-century modern. A good designer will help you select the look that best suits your space.

Get Started on Your Next Project

Glass doors are unrivaled for their simple sophistication and refinement. The Sliding Door Company creates custom interior glass doors to your project’s specifications.
Safety and quality are our core values. It’s why our doors are carefully constructed with pride by skilled specialists. And it’s why our track systems are designed with a patented safety Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism, designed with a unique sliding clamp device that ensures panels will not leave their tracks—for unparalleled safety in the industry.
We look forward to helping you with your next project. Visit one of our many showrooms located throughout the United States or schedule a consultation today.