The Sliding Door Company Difference: Innovation, Quality, Trust 

How often have you envisioned transforming a space in your home or commercial project, but felt limited by traditional options and vendors? Perhaps you’re a homeowner seeking a way to maximize light and space, or an architect or designer searching for innovative solutions to elevate your client’s vision. When it comes to interior sliding glass doors, there’s a world of difference between simply choosing a door and partnering with a company that prioritizes innovation, quality and customer service.  

At The Sliding Door Company, we go beyond just selling a product – we offer a comprehensive experience focused on exceeding expectations. We’re not here to dictate what you should do, rather we translate the vision of architects, builders, business owners and designers into a tangible reality.  

Dedication to Innovation 

We have more than 19 years of experience in our industry. We were also the first to introduce interior sliding glass doors to the market. As industry pioneers, we’re endlessly passionate about pushing boundaries and crafting unique solutions that have the power to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any space.  

We hold numerous patents and have a proven track record of industry-leading designs. One example of how we stand out against competitors is with a revolutionary approach to wheel placement. Unlike others who rely on a horizontal bottom frame, our wheels are integrated within a vertical frame. This innovation, combined with our patented Wheel-To-Track™ safety locking mechanism, unlocks a trifecta of benefits:  

  • smooth adjustability for perfect alignment, guaranteeing the wheels will never get derailed 
  • superior strength and structural integrity for long-lasting performance 
  • enhanced safety for your space 

This dedication to innovation extends to the very core of our product. We understand the nuances of space and the importance of crafting bespoke solutions. That’s also why we offer a comprehensive array of customization options. From door styles and frames to glass types, hardware and even smart locks, our extensive selection empowers you to create a space that reflects not just function, but your unique design and budgetary considerations. No project is too intricate, and no detail too minor. 

This beautiful home features sleek sliding glass doors that separate a home office space while maintaining a sense of openness.

Quality Above All 

Did you know that The Sliding Door Company is the only company in the industry to offer a true limited 10-year warranty on parts? We’ve been in business since 2005, so we can stand behind our warranty, which is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and performance of our products. One thing to consider is that many of our competitors have not been in business long enough to know if their products will hold up after a decade.  

One of the many benefits of us owning our own factory is that even if a product is no longer in production, which is quite rare, we can still create replacement parts and service the product. This is just one of the many ways we provide the ultimate assurance of quality and a strong commitment to your long-term satisfaction.  

High-quality sliding glass doors open up this space for a bright and connected feel, while also providing privacy when desired.

Safety & Transparency  

Safety is something we take extremely seriously, and it extends beyond the materials we use for our products. We use laminated and tempered glass in our products (instead of outdated, cheap and dangerous panels!). Here’s why this makes such a big difference: 

  • Laminated glass has a protective film sandwiched between two glass panes. In case of impact, the film will hold the broken pieces together, minimizing the risk of shattering and potential injuries.  
  • Tempered glass undergoes a heat treatment process that makes it very strong. If it does break, it will shatter into very small, blunt pieces, which drastically reduces the risk of serious cuts and injuries.  
The power of transformation – with sliding glass doors this home gym disappears when it’s not in use, maximizing space and creating a functional living area.

Factory Floor to Your Door 

We’re proud to not only manage the entire process of manufacturing our products from start to finish, but also provide factory-direct pricing to our clients. What does this mean for you? Our products withstand rigorous quality control and testing so you know you’re getting the best of the best. Offering factory direct service also means we cut out any middlemen, which results in significant cost savings for the doors you select for your project(s).  

Unparalleled Client Support 

We know that client support is the cornerstone of every successful project. This is why we go beyond just selling a product, we want to be your trusted partner from start to finish. Whether you have a detailed CAD drawing you need us to execute, or you have a basic idea of what you want but need us to build on it, we want to work with you to bring your vision to life.  

Some of our fondest experiences are when we get the chance to collaborate with a client at the onset of a project to help further enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any given space. We will work with you to explore styles, finishes and other options, ensuring that your selection seamlessly integrates with your space.  

For our trade professionals, our team is available to support with detailed product specifications, installation manuals and readily available customer service representatives who can answer your questions.  

Ready to Experience The Sliding Door Company Difference? 

We’re more than just a manufacturer – we’re your partner in creating beautiful and functional spaces. Check out our products and follow us on Instagram for a glimpse at our recent featured projects! 


Smart Lock Solutions for Every Sliding Door 

Technology is rapidly evolving, and we all see and experience it firsthand on a daily basis. But have you come across biometric authentication in design? You probably have, but didn’t know the name for it. This includes fingerprint scanners and facial recognition, which are being integrated into everyday objects like door locks and wearables to improve security and convenience.  

Introducing Keyless Smart Locks by The Sliding Door Company 

At The Sliding Door Company we’ve built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation in our industry, and it’s no different when it comes to utilizing technology in our products. We know our clients crave the convenience of smart technology, especially when it comes to security, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce our new keyless smart locks for interior doors, compatible with our modern glass sliding doors and glass swing doors. 

Seamless design meets keyless convenience. Available in brushed silver or matte black, compatible with both sliding doors and swing doors.

As with all our products, the keyless smart locks are meticulously crafted and designed specifically for those with discerning taste. With various distinct entry methods, you can choose whatever fits your convenience at any given moment: touch via fingerprint, pin code on the keypad or remote access through your smart phone. With the ease of unlocking doors remotely, you can grant guest access, a perfect solution for situations like a contractor visiting a building mid-construction, or even a rented co-working office space. For those who value a traditional failsafe, a physical key is also available. 

But our vision extends far beyond functionality. We understand the discerning eye of the design-conscious client. That’s why our keyless smart locks are offered in two exquisite finishes – brushed silver or matte black – ensuring a flawless match for any design style or color palette. The ease of installation allows for a smooth integration into existing projects, be it room dividers, wall slide doors or the classic swing door. With the keyless smart locks, you don’t have to choose between security and style – you can elevate both to a new level, ushering in a future where convenience and design live in perfect harmony.  

Fingerprint access.
Keypad access.

Rethinking Sliding Door Security 

While undeniably beautiful, some may think that sliding glass doors are a less-than-ideal choice for places that need privacy, such as offices or commercial spaces. Traditional security measures often fall short when it comes to securing sliding doors. Deadbolts, while effective on hinged doors, can be easily bypassed on a sliding door if the frame itself isn’t reinforced. Similarly, chains offer minimal deterrence and can be easily cut – not to mention that this just doesn’t look good on an interior sliding glass door. These limitations leave trade professionals and homeowners yearning for a more reliable and robust security solution. 

Elevate & Secure Your Designs with Smart Locks for Sliding Doors 

The integration of smart technology in businesses, commercial spaces and homes is no longer a futuristic vision, it’s a rapidly evolving reality. From automated thermostats to voice-controlled speakers and lighting, convenience and security has been redefined by tech. Yet, amidst this smart revolution, we realized that secure solutions did not exist for high-quality interior sliding glass doors.  

No more worries over lost keys, streamline access for employees, visitors and guests with smart locks for sliding doors.

Our keyless smart locks not only elevate security but also unlock a world of possibilities for designers and architects seeking to stay ahead of the curve. By incorporating our keyless smart locks into your projects, you can offer clients the unparalleled benefits of cutting-edge security alongside the timeless elegance of glass doors, sliding or swing. This translates to a clear value proposition, setting your projects apart from the competition. 

Level up office security with keyless smart locks, a secure solution for the modern workforce.

The applications for keyless smart locks are many. You can grant secure access to master bedrooms, home offices, co-working offices, retail spaces or healthcare facilities with a simple tap on your smartphone. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to tailor security solutions to each client’s unique needs.  

Our keyless smart locks represent a revolution in sliding door security and design. Don’t just take our word for it – usher in a new era of smart tech for your clients. Visit our website to download detailed specs and guides or contact us to discuss how the addition of keyless smart locks can elevate your next project. 


The Sliding Door Company Showroom: New York, NY 

Step into the future of space optimization and design at The Sliding Door Company’s Manhattan showroom! Situated just west of the iconic Flatiron Building, this haven of architecture includes a showcase of the industry’s most innovative interior glass door solutions. From sleek room dividers, space-saving closet doors or versatile wall slide doors, prepare to be impressed by the range of possibilities. Conveniently located near the 18th and 23rd Street train stops, The Sliding Door Company’s Manhattan showroom welcomes you to experience these transformative solutions firsthand – and discover how they can elevate any space. 

Nestled in a design hotspot, our Manhattan showroom thrives between the iconic Flatiron Building and the vibrant Chelsea neighborhood. Just half a mile west of Madison Square Park, this prime location puts you at the center of New York City’s design scene. 

Our Manhattan showroom offers not just design inspiration, but a gateway to experiencing the very best of New York City. Foodies can delight in the culinary haven of Eataly, located just steps away. Fashionistas will revel in the renowned designer shops lining Fifth Avenue, and for a truly unforgettable Manhattan experience, top off your visit with iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building and Times Square, or venture west to stroll the High Line and explore Chelsea Market.