Virtual Learning 101: How to prevent distractions at home

School is back in session, but many families are still unable to bring their children back to the classrooms full-time. Virtual learning may require parents to continue working remote or hire caregivers to stay home and help with their children’s education.

Sliding glass room divider for kids room and virtual learning

The U.S. Census Bureau conducted a Household Pulse Survey to measure the impact of homeschooling from the pandemic. The study shows that homeschooling has doubled since 2019, and like many states, California has been affected heavily. We know first-hand the many struggles that families are facing, and how this pandemic has affected your children’s schooling.

Virtual Learning Needs a Dedicated Space

We know this process can be stressful. As much as we would like to return to our normal lives, your home still needs a designated space to continue your child’s education without interruption.

Sliding glass room divider for virtual learning or study room

Virtual learning and studying from home comes with many distractions – the TV, snacks, pets, or even your child’s toy box sitting in the family space just begging for play time. Too often you can catch them peeking to see what cartoon is on, or the family dog, Max, is trying to eat their homework.

Separating your living room and kitchen from another space in your home can make a tremendous difference in helping your child focus on their virtual learning – distraction free. Room dividers are a great way to maximize space in your common areas in order to make virtual learning less overwhelming for you and your family.

Frosted glass closet doors in kids play room

Solutions to Improve Your Kids’ Study Room

The Sliding Door Company provides interior glass door solutions with safety you can trust including space saving room dividers, swing doors, stacking closet doors, pocket doors and even bi-fold doors. We can provide options for the space you have designated for your child’s education/learning area, such as a glass partition that still lets ample natural light in, or even a sliding room divider that will curtail walk in disruptions.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our team members today to learn how you can transform an overwhelming study area into a distraction-free space with timeless sliding glass doors and room dividers! Be sure to follow us on social media for extra inspiration!