Mid Century architecture relates to glass doors

Did you know that interior glass doors were a big part of mid-century architecture & design?

1950’s Architectural Style, Mid Century Modern basically describes pre- and post- WWII developments in modern design.

The architecture and urban development from around 1933 to 1965 reflected organic and less formal than international styles of design at the time.
The basic components of home architecture during this period were simplicity, the use of natural shapes and letting the light from outside …inside!
Studio Schicketanz posted this on Houzz showing how much glass is included in
this mid-century design. The dining room is flooded with natural light.

The Sliding Door Company’s stacking glass room divider also lets in an abundance of natural light while it opens up the whole floor plan. Three sliding glass panels quietly glide open & shut easily.
In the 1950s and 60s, the structures had ample windows and open floor plans with the idea of opening up the interior spaces to allow the sunlight in which boosted mood and gave the home a warm feeling. In addition, many mid-century homes utilized the then revolutionary Post and Beam architecture rather than the bulky support walls in favor of walls made of glass. Function was also just as important with emphasis placed on targeting the needs of the average American family.

Aluminum horizontal beam above the sliding glass doors leaves the top open to share lighting, air conditioning and heating, saving energy and money all year round.

From mid-century to today’s modern, open spaces are clutter-free with abundant natural light.

Glass Swing Doors with frosted glass are environmentally friendly!

Mid-Century home built in 1959 by Buff & Hensman shows a lot of glass walls, sliding glass doors and an open floor plan.

Today’s family room with a fixed glass wall, sliding room divider and aluminum posts is stunning, functional & uplifting!

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Glass Room Dividers create spaces that matter!

Sliding room dividers that stack to either side have been gaining in popularity over the past five years!

Select from elegant, easy to install sliding glass room dividers to more traditional or stacking glass doors to open up your whole floor plan. Have you ever visualized having one solution that could offer privacy when needed and open up with the touch of a finger to create a seamless transition from one area to another?

Well, we have what it takes to make it happen!

Room Dividers can be obscure or fully transparent!

Open air room divider with frosted glass gives privacy & allows sharing of lighting, heating & air conditioning, saving energy all year round. This suspended glass room divider curtails foot traffic when needed but the barrier disappears when you slide it open. Sliding room dividers can hide inside of a pocket, optimizing the entire floor plan!

Combo glass sliding doors give a little more visual privacy when needed. They stack to either side enlarging the room on demand. For bedrooms that also function as a home office, interior sliding glass room dividers create separation and privacy without disrupting the room’s functionality.

Glass Room Dividers

Glass Room Dividers are an Open and Shut Case!
There are good reasons to go for a sliding room divider:

  1. They are custom made to fit your specifications.
  2. They can be installed easily, quickly and with no waste.
  3. Wall slide barn doors save space! They hug the wall and take up virtually no floor real estate.
  4. They can transform a larger room into smaller sections in seconds.
  5. Room dividers provide visual aesthetics which is a huge advantage.
  6. Sliding glass room dividers can be locked for privacy when needed.
  7. Affordable elegance.

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Does COLOR influence our buying decisions when looking for interior glass doors?

Our brains prefer easily recognizable brands!

Color is an important element when creating brand identity for closet doors, room dividers, glass partitions and office fronts

Consumers feel that “color appropriateness” is more important than the color itself in most cases. For example, is red an appropriate color for YouTube? Are white frames “appropriate” for these frosted glass closet doors in a girls light lavender room?

Do you agree that color influences your buying decisions?

Wall slide glass door closes off the laundry area. Neutral wall colors bring in calmness, earth tones & a feeling of easiness. Dark brown divider strips make it a design focal point of the home. Investing in sliding glass doors that work well with the influence of color in your room adds greater ambiance and serenity to your space.

The psychological principle known as the isolation effect states that an item that “stands out like a sore thumb” is far more likely to be remembered than others that blend in. People are able to recall items better and for a longer period of time in text or an image when it deliberately sticks out from the rest.

Contrasting wood core & glass inserts make these closet doors scream out to be noticed. Brownish wood core depicts nature, down to earth, someone connecting with their surroundings.

Sleek frosted glass sliding doors make this storage enclosure clean, clutter-free and super easy to access everything inside. Smooth glide glass doors and silver frames are a great choice and virtually maintenance free. This would appeal to someone wanting a modern, simple, clean & organized look.

Does COLOR influence your “CLICK” decisions when looking for interior glass closet doors or room dividers?

Joshua Porter wrote about the BUTTON COLOR test & showed that RED beats GREEN.

Read article here.

Our minds do react to color, red is bold and influences us to react.
The contrast of white on red is another influencer. The closet door with frosted glass and dark brown aluminum frames shows another appealing contrast of color that works well with the wood floor and neutral color walls and bedding.

When you look for glass room dividers, stacking closet doors, partitions of office enclosures, take a look at the different glass types, frame colors and accessories.

Source: The Psychology of Color: How it Affects Buying Decisions

Do people look at visual appearance?

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