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Glass Room Dividers create spaces that matter!

Sliding room dividers that stack to either side have been gaining in popularity over the past five years!

Select from elegant, easy to install sliding glass room dividers to more traditional or stacking glass doors to open up your whole floor plan. Have you ever visualized having one solution that could offer privacy when needed and open up with the touch of a finger to create a seamless transition from one area to another?

Well, we have what it takes to make it happen!

Room Dividers can be obscure or fully transparent!

Open air room divider with frosted glass gives privacy & allows sharing of lighting, heating & air conditioning, saving energy all year round. This suspended glass room divider curtails foot traffic when needed but the barrier disappears when you slide it open. Sliding room dividers can hide inside of a pocket, optimizing the entire floor plan!

Combo glass sliding doors give a little more visual privacy when needed. They stack to either side enlarging the room on demand. For bedrooms that also function as a home office, interior sliding glass room dividers create separation and privacy without disrupting the room’s functionality.

Glass Room Dividers

Glass Room Dividers are an Open and Shut Case!
There are good reasons to go for a sliding room divider:

  1. They are custom made to fit your specifications.
  2. They can be installed easily, quickly and with no waste.
  3. Wall slide barn doors save space! They hug the wall and take up virtually no floor real estate.
  4. They can transform a larger room into smaller sections in seconds.
  5. Room dividers provide visual aesthetics which is a huge advantage.
  6. Sliding glass room dividers can be locked for privacy when needed.
  7. Affordable elegance.

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