4 Clever Ways to Maximize Space with Glass Room Dividers

glass room dividers for loft

If you live in a small home, studio, or loft apartment, making the most of the space you have can be a challenge. With some planning and imagination, you can create distinct rooms or zones within a larger space and conceal unsightly features. In the end, you’ll have a space that better serves your needs.

Here are 4 ways to use glass room partitions to make the most of smaller spaces:


1: Create two distinct rooms.

Custom glass room dividers have come a long way. New versatile designs allow you to partition space in virtually any configuration without sacrificing natural light or the aesthetics of the space.

Glass room dividers are mounted on a low profile, ADA compliant floor track and can be used to divide two spaces—with beautiful results. In rooms with an open floor plan, use dividers wherever the natural transition is between two spaces to create additional privacy or to divide a larger room into two distinct zones (e.g., living area and dining area).

bedroom with sliding glass doors

2: Separate a bedroom from an office area.

In small homes and apartments, every square foot counts. If you work from home, you need a dedicated workspace. Rather than tucking a desk in the corner of your bedroom and calling it an “office,” use glass wall dividers to section off part of the bedroom into a distinct—and private—office space. Sliding panels allow you to conceal the other room or not—whatever you prefer.

two boys playing infront of closet

3: Conceal kid’s toys.

A floor covered in toys is every parent’s reality at some point. Forget the traditional wicker basket for toy storage. Use sliding glass doors or glass room dividers to tuck toys away and even conceal a flat screen TV when not in use.

Man Doing Laundry in Room with Sliding Doors

4: Hide a laundry area.  

Unlike in larger homes with garages or dedicated laundry rooms, washer and dryer units often end up in the bathroom, a hallway, or even next to the kitchen in small homes and apartments. Sliding glass doors are an ingenious way to conceal a stackable unit or side-by-side washer/dryer in these situations.


Maximize Privacy in Small Homes with Innovative Interior Door Solutions

From custom closet doors to glass room dividers, The Sliding Door Company has functional space-saving interior door solutions for every room.

Our interior sliding glass doors and room partitions are unrivaled for their simple sophistication and refinement. They’re an ideal choice for the modern home.

Visit one of our many showrooms located throughout the United States or schedule a consultation today. Our talented team will help you build a beautiful custom partition or divider for your space. We look forward to helping you with your project!

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