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The Importance of the Family Room and how Glass Room Dividers make it happen!

The family room is one of the most important rooms in any home.

modern glass room dividers

This is where the family gathers and spends a lot of time together. When you consider the digital world we live in everyone is so busy with their own life and families barely have time to see each other through the day, the family room is the perfect place to relax and spend quality time together. Modern glass room dividers allow you to close off a private area or divide up the space according to your lifestyle! Then, you can easily open it back up again at any time!

Big or small, the family room brings people together.

To watch TV, talk, play a game or listen to music, it’s all there!
Smooth sliding glass doors make it a personal sanctuary!

Modern Room Dividers with 3” aluminum frames and frosted glass keep the room clutter-free.
Modern Room Dividers with 3” aluminum frames
and frosted glass keep the room clutter-free.
Decorative glass room dividers with white frames and dividers strips for style. This is so beautiful!
Decorative glass room dividers with
white frames and dividers strips for
style. This is so beautiful!

Family Rooms boost morale with natural light flowing in!

Smooth glide glass doors divide the space and open up with a touch! Flexible, functional, beautiful interior glass doors save space and allow for plenty of natural light. These stacking glass doors on triple track hide away within the dining room to open up the whole floorplan. Family can gather, share their experiences and just BE TOGETHER in an uplifting place.
living room with sliding doors

Have a larger family room?

sliding doors in personal home to porch

Make an extra room in the house with no demolition, mess or down time! This is revolutionary with our interior glass door solutions that go from floor to ceiling for privacy. Now you have an extra room in your home created by decorative glass doors. Bring your family together in a meeting place that is calming, filled with natural light and can quietly close off to become a bedroom at night.

entire wall using sliding door

Modern glass room divider at the beach house makes the perfect family room for socializing and spending time together!

Interior Glass Door solutions keep things clean, clutter free and give easy access to the entire space.

kitchen layout with sliding doors
Suspended glass room divider with laminated glass, white frames & 4 sliding glass doors. No bottom track makes it easy to keep the floor clean too. Close off the family room when you are in the kitchen or open it up to see the kids. It’s all so easy! Feel thrilled to see your family talking and sharing the events in their lives!
office wall as sliding door

Sliding glass door room dividers with frosted glass and wood core inserts are so decorative and easily close off a family room. Modern room dividers separate a family room from a home-office. Our interior glass room dividers are made with pride in our very own factory with safety and quality fabricated into every single door.

close up shot of sliding door mechanism

Recessed Track flush with your flooring is so simple! Our triple track is recessed into the flooring & separates the carpet from the tile.

Loft room dividers with sliding glass doors, aluminum frames & divider strips make it easy to have a separation between the family room and bedroom!

studio enclosure using sliding doors
This 4-panel room divider was installed in less than 75 minutes on concrete floors. The low profile track is only 3/8” high and the doors slide and stack from either side, making easy entry from any direction!
Family rooms are a great place to sit and eat together and talk about your day.

Glass family room divider slides & stacks to the right or left, making it easy to enter into the kitchen.

room separator with sliding door
Laminated glass makes it super easy to clean and the low profile tracks can be recessed into the flooring. Plus, the entire solution is fully recyclable which is great for the environment.
Modern room divider shown here with silver frames allows natural light to flow in and divides up the space as needed.
For more information about how to create the perfect family room divider and save space or to create an extra room in your house with no construction.
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A Laminated glass room divider is perfect between a kitchen and family room. It is easy to clean and you can leave a love note with dry erase marker if you feel like it!