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Why Sliding Doors are Popular for Future Homes and Luxury Living

When looking towards the future, The Sliding Door Company is keeping an eye on luxury homes and how they will be styled. Glass doors are on the rise in homes and other residential properties because we are all looking to open our space to utilize every inch! We have seen a rise in our sliding doors because these doors meet today’s market needs and the demands we will see in future living trends.  

Durability, Smooth Operation, and Clean Design

Homeowners today are looking for a more unique door that will fit in their home and stand out from the traditional offerings. Durable, smoothly operating glass doors, which will continue to transcend any trend in the future, are high on the list of must-haves in top-tier designer homes. Architects and buyers crave non-standard options and bespoke solutions to outfit their creative home layouts. 

New Build Homes are Greener Homes

Every year the future looks bright for sustainability in the home. We are already seeing a trend in those who are looking for eco-friendly products, and The Sliding Door Company is proud to be a leader in sustainability for sliding doors. Our sliding doors provide a sleek design with recyclable materials that are easy to clean, including glass and aluminum. Our glass and aluminum products are built for sustainability. They can be demounted and transported with you whenever you move, creating less waste, reducing your footprint, and saving you money in the long run. 

Luxury Homes Love Mixing Vintage and New

Interior designers and redecorators are mixing in bright colors, warm neutrals, and breaking the rules of traditional style. Lately we’re seeing a move towards mixing modern updates with existing home furnishings and interior elements. Our team loves finding ways to assist your vision for the remodel of your traditional or classic home. 

Loft space exposed wood and sliding doors

Each of our doors is customizable for your specific needs. While we are proud of our various award-winning sliding doors, we offer many different options for your home, including swing doors and fixed panels. Depending on where you live, you might be able to take a drive out to our showrooms so you can view all of our doors in person. View our barn doors, room dividers, customization options and more at our showrooms or on our website. Talk to a representative for more information.