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A New Way to Shop: Glass Wall Systems for Pop-up Stores & Retail Kiosks

We are fortunate at The Sliding Door Company to invest heavily on innovation. This means that in the midst of even a worldwide pandemic, we are flexible and can work quickly to come up with solutions to major space problems. One of the biggest changes we’ve seen has been to traditional retail stores and indoor malls – uncertainty when it comes to tenants paying rent, and capping indoor shopper count, just to name a few.

When Michael Kors was looking for a pop-up store enclosure that was lockable, movable, modern and customizable, we knew The Sliding Door Company products were the best solution for them. We designed a glass wall system, consisting of fixed glass panels and locking sliding doors, that was then installed within a luxury indoor-outdoor mall in Mexico City. 

exterior of pop up retail kiosk for Michael Kors

We were able to successfully customize our system to their unique specs and branding, providing Michael Kors customers with an unforgettable, immersive shopping experience. Learn more about some of the special features we offer for custom projects:

Lock and Leave

Perhaps the key feature on this recent pop-up shop project is our one-of-a-kind system that enables you to – you guessed it – lock up shop and leave without taking your entire inventory with you. No other company offers this locking feature, so we are proud to provide retail businesses with the extra peace of mind and security. 

retail kiosk with doors open to shopping interior

Multiple Solutions

This Michael Kors’ pop-up combines our sliding glass doors, dividers and fixed panels, with our sturdy aluminum frame, finished with lockable handles. No matter what your needs are, how big or small your kiosk will be, our individual products are flexible enough to seamlessly work together and provide a stunning customized result. 

interior of retail kiosk shop

Put Consumers First

It’s all about the sales! Shopping experience matters, and a bright, easy-to-access and the right flow in the floorplan is a delight to your customers and thus a fantastic reflection on your brand. Ultimately, we provide your consumers with an alternative way to shop and experience your products or services.

The Sliding Door Company is proud of the way we can bring any client’s vision to life. This is why our sales team is at-the-ready to offer a multitude of installation options that provide solutions to any of your renovation or construction needs. 

No matter what you are selling or what style you prefer, we want the chance to help your dream store become a reality. We can’t wait to hear from you to start your retail pop-up project. Learn more here or contact us here.