Reveal or hide?
Both are possible with Wall Slide Doors.

Are there parts of your office space that you would like to keep forever hidden from clients and potential clients? Do you have areas of unused space in your office area that you want to put to good use? Would you like to escort clients into an elegantly appointed conference room through a sliding glass door that opens and closes with an easy and quiet "swoosh" that bespeaks high-tech excellence? Do all of these opportunities sound great, but you fear they are beyond the bounds of your company''''''''s budget? With wall slide doors from The Sliding Door Company, you have the ability to choose from all of these benefits and more at a price that is surprisingly affordable.
   Wall slide doors enable you to hide away unsightly filing cabinets or storage boxes, create a storage space for the audio-visual equipment that you only use for monthly board meetings, or create a

beautiful or dramatic entryway to a specifically important space within your office. Utilizing both style and sophistication, wall slide doors allow you to reconfigure your office space to be the very best and most functional it can be, whether you want a contemporary and sleek modern look or prefer a more traditional office setting. The most important benefit of the wall slide door solution is that it takes up minimum floor space, leaving the space available for your business.
   The Sliding Door Company can help you to get the most out of your available office space with our wall slide doors, office partitions, room dividers, and more. Plus, you can control the levels of transparency or privacy by choosing from among various frame finishes and multiple glass types, including clear, frosted, smoked, or black glass, or any combination of these.

Take your office to a whole new level of function and style with wall slide doors from The Sliding Door Company. To learn more about our wall slide doors and other office space improvement products, contact The Sliding Door Company. You may also enjoy looking at some of the selections in our online gallery or visiting a local showroom to view our room dividers in person.

wall slide door

Glass Types

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

Frame Finishes

Choose from 7 stylish frame colors to accomodate your traditional or contemporary interiors.

  • Silver

  • Maple

  • Walnut

  • Wenge

  • Black

  • Charcoal

  • White

Frame Designs

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

  • Solo

  • Triple

  • Quattro

  • Pentagon

  • Tokyo

  • Duo T

  • Continental