Flexible Room Dividers have arrived!

Whether you want to save space, open up the floor plan or divide your space more efficiently with room dividers, The Sliding Door Company can make it happen! Stacking glass panels created a baby’s room within the parents bedroom. Opaque glass & dark brown frames go beautifully with the wood floor! Decorative room dividers complete

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Natural light helps relax

Interior glass doors allow ample natural light to shine in, boosting morale and settling the mind! Loft dividers with sliding glass doors give privacy on demand & still uplift the room with natural light! Space Saving Glass Doors are easy to slide…. Not all of these are our interior glass doors, but there is ONE thing you see in all of these examples!

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Visit our Portland Showroom & Meet the Design Consultants

Portland, Oregon is an epicenter for contemporary design; it’s a place where artists and designers aren’t afraid to push the envelope. Pair that with a real affinity for green architecture and sustainability, and you’ve got a rich community of creatives testing the boundaries.  We’ve channeled this prolific design motivation and applied it to our Portland showroom.


Mid Century architecture relates to glass doors

Did you know that interior glass doors were a big part of mid-century architecture & design? 1950’s Architectural Style, Mid Century Modern basically describes pre- and post- WWII developments in modern design. The architecture and urban development from around 1933 to 1965 reflected organic and less formal than international styles of design at the time.


Glass Room Dividers create spaces that matter!

Sliding room dividers that stack to either side have been gaining in popularity over the past five years! Select from elegant, easy to install sliding glass room dividers to more traditional or stacking glass doors to open up your whole floor plan. Have you ever visualized having one solution that could offer privacy when needed


Does COLOR influence our buying decisions when looking for interior glass doors?

Our brains prefer easily recognizable brands! Color is an important element when creating brand identity for closet doors, room dividers, glass partitions and office fronts Consumers feel that “color appropriateness” is more important than the color itself in most cases. For example, is red an appropriate color for YouTube? Are white frames “appropriate” for these


Interior Glass Doors from our own factory

Is there a difference between “factory direct” and “wholesale”? The simple answer is: YES, there are big differences between a manufacturer and a wholesaler. The Sliding Door Company is proud to own our factory! We fabricate every closet door, room divider, glass partition, barn door, swing door & other interior glass doors with pride every


Glass Closet Doors Save Space and Inspire the whole room!

Glass closet doors use to be an afterthought! Now even the professionals see that closet doors can enrich the entire room & inspire interior design throughout the home or office. Milky glass closest doors with wenge aluminum frames save space and make the whole room look complete and clutter free. Barn doors hug the wall


What every bedroom needs

Calming surroundings are perfect for sleep time but what about uplifting spaces that boost your mood? You can have both in the very same room! Having a comfy area rug will let you step off your bed or sofa onto something warm and soft.


The Influence Of Color

Let color inspire you – interior glass door solutions can help! Selecting the right color for your interiors can be challenging and very personal. According to Diamond Vogel paints, people want to create spaces that are an extension of ourselves and express current trends in design and home furnishings.

Interior Glass Door Solutions

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