Wall slide doors are a beautiful way to hide your laundry area, set aside a place to store your movie, music, and game collection, or simply accentuate an otherwise blah doorway. An artfully placed wall slide door can also make the most of unused space in your home by creating pockets of storage or attractive division of space.

When you have unique or challenging home design needs, our wall slide doors can help meet them with style and sophistication. Wall sliding doors are always a creative option that lend an attractive, sophisticated flourish to your living areas or make your rooms and bedrooms feel more spacious. We offer glass sliding wall doors in designs that range from traditional to contemporary to wholly customized by you, so you're certain to find the

look you want at a price that suits you.

Contact the Sliding Door Company to learn about the pizzazz of wall slide doors and other innovative sliding glass door and wall solutions. We offer several frame finishes, glass types—including milky, laminated, frosted, smoked frosted, linen, combo glass, clear, smoked clear, and black—and our frame designs run the gamut of style. Combine the many options of glass, frames, and finishes to create the precise style you desire to enliven your living space.

Contact us to learn more about customizing our sliding doors for your closets to express your style and enhance your decor. Browse our gallery online, or visit a showroom to see our product line in greater detail.

Translucent wall slide doors in a hallway.

Glass Types

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

Frame Finishes

Choose from 7 stylish frame colors to accomodate your traditional or contemporary interiors.

  • Silver

  • Maple

  • Walnut

  • Wenge

  • Black

  • Charcoal

  • White

Frame Designs

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

  • Solo

  • Triple

  • Quattro

  • Pentagon

  • Tokyo

  • Duo T

  • Continental