Custom Closet Doors: Accent, Not Afterthought.

From a visual standpoint, a closet is often an afterthought to the totality of a room. Closet sliding doors or simple pocket doors are valued most when they are closed and serve the function of concealing shoes and clothes so that the rest of the bedroom can receive all the attention. However, installing custom closet and wardrobe doors can bring closets to a new level of style, accenting the room rather than disappearing into it.

a contemporary bedroom corner with milky glass Sliding Door, ottoman, and abstract art on the wall

Closet space is essential for bedrooms, guest rooms, and spare rooms, yet closet doors are often overlooked when it comes to the potential for creating a stylish look for a room. Oftentimes, a simple door, whose main purpose seems to be unobtrusiveness, is placed in front of the closet with hopes that it will go basically unnoticed. Fortunately, a sliding closet door does not have to be a necessity to be tolerated; a carefully chosen closet door can actually provide a pleasant aesthetic to enhance the entire room.

Showcase Closet Colors.

In addition to their other features, translucent, sliding closet and wardrobe doors highlight the colors of the clothes, shoes and linens hidden behind them. If an entire room is decorated with blue accents, positioning blue items directly behind the glass of closet sliding doors completes the room’s theme in a modest, understated fashion. These are just a few of the ways your closet and its doors can bring out the best in your bedrooms, guest rooms, or any other room in the house.

The Sliding Door Company offers many styles of closet doors. Frame finishes include silver, maple, walnut, wenge, black, charcoal and white. Glass types include milky, laminated, frosted, smoked frosted, linen, combo glass, clear, smoked clear, and black. Our frame designs range from traditional to contemporary, or you can create your own custom design.

Together, your choices of glass, frames, and finishes add style and luxury above and beyond the everyday. Contact us to learn more about customizing our sliding doors for your closets to express your style and enhance your decor. Browse our gallery online, or visit a showroom to see our product line in greater detail.

a variety of materials for the closet frame

Open up the Room.

A custom closet door that uses a clear, frosted, or milky style of glass will open up any room even when the closet door is closed. Glass in closet doors provides a bright and sophisticated appearance, separating the closet space while incorporating the doors’ features into the overall look and feel of the room. Closet sliding doors can make rooms feel larger by saving the space that a conventional hinge door would need to open.

If the room is small, sliding mirror closet doors will give the illusion of spaciousness. At the same time, mirrored closet doors eliminate the need for bureau mirrors and full-length mirrors that are often mounted behind traditional swing doors.

Frontal view of a Sliding door with metal frame and semi-opaque glass. A classic room interior surrounds it.

Glass Types

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

Frame Finishes

Choose from 7 stylish frame colors to accomodate your traditional or contemporary interiors.

  • Silver

  • Maple

  • Walnut

  • Wenge

  • Black

  • Charcoal

  • White

Frame Designs

Choose from many stylish door designs or create your own custom design.

  • Solo

  • Triple

  • Quattro

  • Pentagon

  • Tokyo

  • Duo T

  • Continental