Interior Sliding Doors

An Instant Upgrade to Any Living Space

Interior sliding doors from The Sliding Door Company offer flexibility without sacrificing elegance, whether you’re looking to partition off a space to create a new room, a new wall slide door to elegantly hide a laundry room, or a stylish barn door for your pantry. Interior sliding doors are always an elegant and creative option that lend sophistication to your living areas or make your rooms and bedrooms feel more spacious.

Sliding room dividers, sliding walls, sliding doors – these are just the beginning of the possibilities available to you with interior sliding doors from The Sliding Door Company.  Allow your imagination, creativity, and decorative style to entertain the endless possibilities for creating the décor you've always dreamed about. Sometimes, it takes just a single change to breathe new life into a room.  Installing interior sliding doors that fit seamlessly into your already beautiful interior design can do just that.

Perfect for any Space

When you have unique or challenging home design needs, our interior sliding doors can help meet them with style and sophistication.  Interior sliding doors not only serve as a traditional entry and exit, but they also become moveable walls that enable you to reconfigure any space at a moment's notice. Interior sliding doors also enable you to save space when square footage is at a premium. Whereas traditional swing doors require a lot of floor space to open, a sliding door needs no other space than the track upon which it sits. This makes interior sliding doors perfect for those who have limited space or who want to be able to utilize all of the available floor space that they have.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interior sliding doors because you can choose total transparency (clear glass), total privacy (opaque glass), and any variation in between. Plus, the frame of a sliding glass door can be custom made to fit any existing décor or to stand out in a bold statement of its own. You can choose from a variety of sleek, modern metal finishes or go with a more traditional wood grain appearance finish.  See all our glass types, frame designs, and frame finishes.


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