5 Reasons Bi-Folding Doors Will Dominate 2022

Bi-folding doors have been around since the dawn of time, or thereabouts. Popular in the 20th century, they fell out of favor as people became dissatisfied with the limits of conventional, one-size-fits-all, finger-pinching designs.

Now, they’re set to make a strong comeback in 2022, as designers and homeowners looking for a fresh take on space-saving doors. Of course, it helps that The Sliding Door Company has finally entered the fray with newer, better, more beautiful doors—folding doors that offer charm, convenience, and safety all in one beautiful package.

Bi-Folding Doors Save Space

When it comes to saving space, sliding doors have a leg up on swing doors, but even they cut into the side of a wall. Bi-folding doors, on the other hand, fold neatly toward the edge of the frame, taking up almost no space, either to the side or to the front of the opening.

That frees up floor space where it’s needed most—in cramped bedrooms, narrow hallways, bite-sized laundry rooms, small pantries, closets, etc. Next to pocket doors, which disappear into a wall, bi-folding doors are the most space-efficient way to seal off an area.

opaque bifold closet door

More Options Means More Beauty

Historically, people who wanted the convenience of bi-folding doors were limited to a few outdated designs, but that’s about to change with the introduction of The Sliding Door Company’s line of interior glass door solutions.

Made of high-quality glass and available in various styles and designs, our bi-folding doors are both modern and versatile. Instead of limitations, you get options. That means you can select the look that fits your aesthetics and lifestyle.

No More Finger Pinching

If you’ve ever dealt with old-school folding doors, you’ve probably encountered the finger-pinching problem. Accidentally stick your digits in between the panels, and you might have sworn off bi-folding doors for the rest of eternity.

Fortunately, we figured out how to create doors that fold without hurting you. Our anti-finger-pinch system prevents fingers from getting trapped between the panels, and that can make the difference between bad childhood memory and a pleasant experience.

phone booth style office booths

 Bi-Folding Doors Aren’t Just for Cramped Spaces

Bi-folding doors work just as well for larger spaces as they do for smaller ones. While they’ve typically graced the front of laundry rooms and closets, they also make for wonderful interior doors and even room dividers.

Open them up, and you get access to the entire width of a room. That creates a more spacious, free-flowing layout while offering plenty of on-demand privacy. If you want openness and intimacy, it’s hard to go wrong with bi-folding doors.

Say Goodbye to Messy Design Elements

At The Sliding Door Company, we’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting the design of our bi-folding doors and eliminating unnecessary elements. Unlike industry-heavy suspended doors, bi-folding doors require no hefty wood headers or bottom tracks.

Instead, a series of pivots supports most of the weight of the panels, while upper wheels allow the doors to open and close smoothly. When the doors are closed, rubber bumpers seal them tight and roller latches hold the doors in place. In other words, these are not your grandmother’s folding doors.

Need More Reasons?
The Sliding Door Company has been making high-quality sliding doors for years, and now we’re proud to introduce our new line of beautiful, safe, and sturdy bi-folding doors. Find out what sets our doors apart from the competition, and then get in touch to schedule a free consultation.


Hotels Transition to Accommodate Changing Times

The hotel business has suffered tremendously during this global pandemic, causing significant job loss in the hospitality industry, as well as deserting towns and emptying lodgings across the globe. Yet, what many don’t realize, is that the hotel business as we know it was already suffering a slow demise long before COVID-19 hit our shores last January. The reality is, people had already begun transitioning towards more intimate, thoughtful boutique hotels and short-term vacation rentals over the past five-plus years. Why?

Many feel that the outdated model (and aesthetic) of the mega-hotel franchise has rounded its course, leaving patrons craving innovation, seeking something different. The modern traveler wants to feel as though their stay is unique, aesthetically considered, and catered to them, specifically. They crave picturesque moments and social media-worthy photo opts, as opposed to large breakfast buffets, oversized pools, and stuffy rooms. Large, outdated hotels have needed to contemporize for quite some time. It’s only recently through this pandemic, that many franchise hotels have been forced to reconsider their businesses.

Some of them did. Others did not. And those that didn’t adapt fast enough took a much harder hit to the pandemic than those that did. Yet, for the franchise hotels of today that are still living in the past decade, hope is on the horizon.

Without much warning or time, larger hotels have been forced to evolve their business tremendously, not only to compete with boutique hotels but also to appeal to the modern traveler during our modern crisis. In order to stay afloat during this global pandemic, hotels have had to reduce capacities, cater more towards the individual, and implement safety precautions. All of these evolutions have indeed modernized the hotel industry.

Tasked with updating these grand buildings to meet the modern moment, interior designers, engineers, hotel managers, and space designers alike have been on the constant search for the right spatial solutions and updates to bring into their business. If you’re tasked with this job, you may be in need of some serious inspiration!

The Return to Simplicity

One of the key differentiating characteristics between boutique hotels and large franchise hotels is the sophisticated simplicity of smaller-sized stays. Similar to serving sizes at a restaurant, less is usually more, in hospitality terms. We live in a world of excess, so when that excess is challenged, more often than not, people appreciate the stark contrast of well-considered minimalism. Boutique hotels are typically very choosy about what they put into their rooms and shared spaces. The furniture, the art, the complimentary extras. All of the details end up becoming a special moment for guests to enjoy and consider.

To accommodate for COVID safety restrictions, larger hotels have actually had to reduce the amount of furnishings in their shared spaces such as dining rooms and lounges, in efforts to socially distance their patrons. In most cases, the less-is-more movement of this year has actually worked in their favor, making their interior spaces more open and artful.

Catering To the Individual

Something that larger franchise hotels tend to miss is the care for the individual. Larger hotels are often focused on getting as many people in and out per night as possible, often forgetting that the details matter and that people like to be catered to. Certain considerations like complimentary gifts, help with luggage up to one’s room, and the latest luxury consideration- social distancing. In order to compete with smaller-scale hotels that appeal to Covid travelers, your hotel needs to consider spatial distancing throughout your interior floor plan. From the minute your guests walk through the door, to their rooms and shared spaces, each environment should be carefully constructed to reflect a concern for safety. There are a number of ways you can tailor safety to the individual, and Sliding Wall Partitions and glass room dividers are a great way to visually maintain safe space apart, all while retaining a lovely visual aesthetic. The Sliding Door Company crafts beautiful, modern glass wall partitions as well as their latest product- Qubi Glass Wall Wrap! In fact, this new innovative design requires no major construction, and can be installed within a day by a team of professionals! These glass partitions also come in hundreds of configurations and glass opacities, making it easier than ever to integrate safety into your hotel interiors.

Now that you have the basics for transforming your hotel into a well-considered “boutique” style stay, let the interior remodeling begin! For more info on Qubi Glass wall partitions and Sliding Room Dividers from The Sliding Door Company, check us out online. Book a free consultation with one of our representatives and start your hotel transition today!


Live Your Best Life with Four Interior (And Life) Solutions

Children, roommates, and spouses are the light of our lives until they become the opposite- a daunting distraction hindering personal growth, tasks, and our much needed “alone time”. We tend to feel bad about needing personal space, quiet, healthy solitude. Let’s rewrite that narrative, and move forward with a more forthright declaration. This year is about setting boundaries and acknowledging it! You are your environment, and your environment is you. It is okay to yearn for ownership of your spaces. To be able to employ separation is a great gift to yourself, and The Sliding Door Company recognizes just that. We provide a multitude of options and specializations to suit your unique needs. Here are four solutions to waltzing into living your best life in style and inner harmony.

1. Identify and Craft the Perfect Environment

The New Year is about growth, about evolution, and about outlining your needs and owning them. One of those needs is taking ownership of your environment. Dwellings, interior spaces, shared rooms. The how and why you exist in them. This year, take it upon yourself to observe the spaces in your home you subconsciously exist in most- whether it be the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, or the study. Now, after identifying which interior space feels the best to you, try to decipher why it is you find yourself gravitating towards that particular space. Is it safe, is it cozy, peaceful, productive, or is it full of life, exciting, loud and energetic? Is the lighting superior to all other rooms? Whatever it may be, you instinctively know where you are being drawn to. Now, wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel that way about every single room in your home? Well, it could. There is a smart solution to incorporating the qualities of the spaces you enjoy the most throughout the entire house without sacrificing the feeling of communal living, or the opposite- your personal space.

2. Set Boundaries

Our solution? Set boundaries and invest in your environment by physically partitioning your environment with sliding doors and entire sliding walls. One particular space optimizer we offer stylish, customizable sliding glass barn doors to create interest and option to virtually any space in your home. This modern take on a rustic staple will act as a barrier between two rooms that don’t want the commitment of separation, yet could use a healthy dose of spacial distinction from time to time. If it’s the living room you love, yet you find yourself discouraged to enjoy the comforts of that space due to the constant foot traffic, sounds, and smells of the nearby kitchen, the remedy for that is to create duality and harmony between the two. The sliding doors optimize the usability and comfort of your interior spaces while allowing for internal peace- when not everyone in your life is on the same page. Buttery smooth to slide open and close, and allowing for beautiful light to pass through, these doors are a no-brainer that will increase the functionality in your life ten-fold. This solution offers adaptability, so you don’t have to. No more arguments about your shared environment, turning the fan on or off, or battles over lighting or temperature. Breathe, relax and enjoy. This year could be as blissful as that post-yoga zen.

3. Accomplish Your Goals

Now that you have the option to enjoy your favorite space without fear of interruption or discomfort, you can undoubtedly accomplish your goals in any room of the house. Whether it’s your morning stretch routine, coffee and catching up on social media, planning your next trip, chipping away on demanding computer work, or just finishing that novel you’ve been staring at for weeks… the choice is yours. Free from interruption, and into the present moment. No need to feel guilty, that’s not what 2020 is all about. What it is about, is moving forward in your life, unobstructed from unnecessary distractions. The separation of space is so much more valuable than we tend to recognize. With sliding glass doors segregating your interiors, you can cast your disturbances to the side and delve into your current project, routine, or ritual. The Sliding Door Company offers this space improvement solution in many different variations. If the barn door aesthetic isn’t one you can see working in your home, there are a myriad of other options for obtaining the same objective. We provide entire sliding room dividers that act as a wall, yet are easily maneuverable to open up entire rooms and provide the merging or closure of two spaces. Choose from different glass opacities, frame finishes, and accessories to craft the perfect environment for a productive year.

4. Invest In Yourself

Investing in ourselves can be a difficult thing to do. When the demands of life become too cumbersome for us to handle, what is the first thing to go? Our physical health, mental wellness and consequently, our inner buddha. Our personal spaces become cluttered and unkempt. When we feel stressed, we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror. We stop addressing and acknowledging the person we have become. As figuratively as that may sound, it applies to the literal, too. Looking at ourselves in a real, unobstructed mirror can at times be a challenge- especially when we’re not ready for it. Additionally, when we have smaller bedrooms or bathrooms we can’t justify installing large full body mirrors- just to get a better glimpse of ourselves before leaving the house. This year, let’s challenge that.

Our advice? Replace the drab closet doors with Closet Mirror Sliding Doors. Made specially in our factory with quality and purpose fabricated into every panel, our doors are the ultimate fresh look you need for not only your room but for yourself. Utilizing green materials and the awareness of safety with utmost importance, our glass closet doors will provide you with a clear mind and a simple space-saving solution sure to cater to inner peace. Don’t leave for work or for that date without seeing the entire picture. What is on the inside will translate better when your outward look is considered, respected and authentically you. A full-length mirror aids well the polished look to a grounded you. Our mirrored sliding doors come in your choice of lightweight but sturdy 5mm thick mirrored safety glass, and they come in the client’s choice of frame size, frame finish and even in a smoked mirror option for a warmer appearance. The Sliding Door Company’s sliding closet doors have the 3S Smart Shut System and our patented wheel to the track locking system. The doors themselves come in all sorts of sizes and variations- from hanging to grounding on a track. Offering six different framing finishes to choose from, we imply choice as a prominent aspect of our business – it is ultimately your life, and your choice.

Considering the above solutions, the framework for a new year has already been laid out. Slide into a new phase as you’ll enter into your new space – happier, healthier and free to live your best life.

To get started on your environment make-over, check out our products gallery for inspiration and product images. Schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals to get a quote and other information on our many available solutions. Simply find a showroom near you and get that much closer to your idyllic dream home!


Four Key Ways to Optimize Your Interiors for Airbnb

When setting out to upgrade your home with the intention to effectively “Airbnb”, there are a few key factors to be considered for a successful hosting experience. For many people, the very idea of tackling a home improvement project can be a stifling deterrent when attempting to monetize a home. Of course, in theory, it’s not the easiest undertaking- especially when doing these home improvements on your own, and on a budget. Yet with a little guidance and help from the experts on interior space optimization, it won’t be anything to dread. In fact, you may find yourself thoroughly enjoying the process. There are four main aspects to consider when getting your home Airbnb ready.

1. Utilize The Available Space for Optimal
Comfort and Functionality

One of the most important considerations while upgrading your home to a vacation rental is the ability to utilize your available space effectively. Whether you are dividing up your home to share with guests, or simply renting out your entire space, there are a few determining questions to ask yourself before you begin.

First, are you interested in sharing your floor space with your guests? If so, how much privacy are you willing to give up or maintain? If you are leaning towards maintaining more separation and space for yourself and for your guests, the solution is simple.

Install a sliding divider into your living room to craft a safe amount of space between you and your guests. This way, you won’t compromise your lifestyle by tip-toeing around your guests or unexpectedly running into them when you don’t feel like being social. The great thing about sliding dividers is that they provide enough distinction between you and your visitors, yet they don’t compromise the integrity of your home while you’re not hosting. Offering you the ability to choose when to close and open your spaces, this solution is a win-win. With accompanying accessories such as handles that lock, you get to choose just how much separation you want at any given moment. When you aren’t hosting, simply slide open your wall divider to re-open the space and enjoy on your own.

Second, are you interested in renting out to guests exclusively while you’re away?

If you choose to provide the entirety of your home to renters, wall dividers come in great use as well. Especially if you desire to host multiple parties. By installing a sliding wall door, you are maximizing your profits while utilizing the same space. The Sliding Door Company offers a variety of unique customizations when choosing which siding wall partitions are right for your home. Necessary options are available such as glass opacities, allowing for the unique design you need for your project. If it’s total separation you’re after, go with the frosted glass option rather than something more transparent. Interior frosted glass sliding doors provide a beautiful point of interest to your rooms while ensuring needed privacy.

2. Employ Smart and Unique Interior Decor and Design Throughout

When a potential guest sets out to rent with Airbnb, one of the main focuses during their search is style and design. Your guests are seeking a comfortable yet stylish environment to optimize their overall experience to better enjoy their vacation or work trip. After all, there are hundreds of choices to pick from, so providing a stay that stands out amongst the rest is paramount.

One of the ways to do that is to boast smart and elegant features throughout your home that create interest and modernization to any space. For example, replacing the everyday closet, bathroom or bedroom doors with innovative and smooth bedroom sliding doors is a simple way to up functionality while offering cutting edge interior design. The Sliding Door Company offers such modern possibilities, such as frameless glass doors to add sophistication to your interiors. Bathroom sliding doors create a different experience for your guests to enjoy and utilize.

Another innovative feature to potentially employ is sliding closet doors. Our design is patented and the weight of the solution is at the bottom for safety. No more fighting with the doors to stay on their tracks! Going further, you can opt for mirrored sliding closet doors. This is a fantastic way to optimize a potentially small space by conjoining two very necessary things. This way, you don’t have to waste precious wall space by filling it with a floor-length mirror. A smart solution to any room Our Milky glass even serves as a dry erase board for fun!

3. Stylize Your Existing Features

One important task to tackle is using and improving what already exists. You can do this by upselling your already furnished home with simple accent pieces or colorful touches to turn your home into a contemporary sanctuary. Potential guests are actively looking for stays that offer well-considered decor and furnishings. If you already have a great living room set, but feel it’s not doing a lot to boost the interest of the space, consider adding accent pillows and a worldly throw blanket to liven up the overall atmosphere. The same goes for curating the art throughout your Airbnb. Displaying intriguing art is a sure way to up the value and interest to any room in your house. In addition, it’s important to maintain a consistent theme throughout your Airbnb to remain high-quality. It should strive to be homogenous regarding the overall interior design.

4. Attention to Fine Details And Thoughtful Touches

A great way to attract and maintain happy visitors is by offering thoughtful touches throughout your home. We can all agree that a memorable stay was one that provided us with extras, and invested in the fine details. Offering complimentary products for your guests will gain you instant bonus points and positive online reviews where it counts. Supply your visitors with coffee and tea, choose eco-friendly products, offer quality toiletries. The attention to the fine details will go a very long way with your potential guests. Another consideration in offering quality and comfortability is offering options for your visitors to individualize the interior spaces during their stay. A good way to employ more personal choosing power is to install glass wall dividers in shared rooms and spaces. This allows the guest the ability to customize their environment during their stay. By installing sliding dividers in shared spaces, your guests can quickly close off rooms to optimize their comfort if sharing the Airbnb with multiple families or friends.

The Sliding Door Company is proud to offer a variety of modern options to optimize and improve your interior spaces. With mentions from HGTV, The Oprah Show and Hilton Hotels, our company proudly ensures quality, craftsmanship, and innovation at the highest standard. Find inspiration from our products gallery, displaying hundreds of customizable options to best suit your individual needs. Our team is more than happy to assist with your project and ensure your home improvement a success and above all else, a stress-free endeavor. Schedule a free consultation from one of our knowledgeable representatives and start the transformation today!