How to Upgrade your Interiors without Breaking the Bank

The change of season always offers a wonderful opportunity to reassess your life on a grand scale, from relationships to the new school year, your current job to your wardrobe. And perhaps the most important of areas to consider these days, are your interiors. It’s healthy and informative to have this reassessment experience a few times each year in order to grow, evolve, and adapt to the changing times and changing seasons. Life is all about flexibility and personal growth, and with the changing of each season, crucial life transitions and adaptations take form whether we realize it or not. This fall how can you ask yourself those questions about your life, and what actions can you take to meet your ever-changing needs and desires?

Physical and Mental Well Being

Without question, one of the most important personal areas to address is your current mental and physical health. For without these two entities in alignment and in good health, everything else in our lives can easily crumble.
Ask yourself, are you getting enough outside time? Is exercise a part of your weekly and daily routine? Are you journaling or otherwise talking to important people in your life about how you feel? Is yoga, martial arts, or dance a practice that you utilize to achieve inner peace? There are so many tools and methods available in our modern-day to get ourselves back on track and closer to finding inner solitude. Especially so during these trying times during a worldwide pandemic, it is so important to make sure that you are receiving the nourishment and help that you need to keep going.
One way to introduce more healthy physical exercise/movement into your daily routine could be to create a home gym. During COVID when most gyms are closed or otherwise have limited capacity, you can take it upon yourself to bring fitness to you! No gym commute, no sweaty ride home, no shared showers. A home gym allows for increased focus, comfort, and cleanliness. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, do not worry. You can easily construct a small home gym using easy-to-install sliding glass wall partitions or glass room dividers to create that physical space and sanctuary you want for your workout room. This could also double as a yoga studio or a meditation room within your home in which you can escape to without the disruption of home life. By installing floor-to-ceiling glass wall partitions, you’ll have the flexibility to open and close off entire rooms within seconds! These special solutions are a breeze to install and take down, offering you the flexibility necessary during these uncertain times. You can swiftly save the potential cost and disruption of real construction while achieving the same thing with sliding room dividers.

Question Your Surroundings

The next area of your life worth considering is your surrounding indoor environment. Is your home a place that you love coming back to at the end of a long day? Do you find sanctuary and solace when entering your home? Or does your home life make you feel sad or tired? Is your space fresh, modern, and contemporary, or is it sorely outdated? Is there enough light throughout your home? Depending on how you answered these questions, you may be in need of some interior decorating/remodeling this fall. These preliminary questions are all great indicators of direction and which areas to tackle first when considering your interiors. After all, we all want to exist in beautiful, comfortable spaces that fill us up rather than detracts from our well-being.
If you start an interior remodeling project this season, however large or small, here are some classic problem areas:

  • Not enough natural light
  • Crowded spaces
  • General clutter
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of interior design cohesion
  • Not enough natural elements/greenery
  • Impersonal art curation

Now ask yourself how you could remedy these larger issues. Perhaps installing translucent glass wall partitions, or sliding glass barn doors within your communal rooms would help to bring in more natural light, as well as help to open the space up for entertaining or for family nights in. As we evolve to maintain increased fluidity in our lifestyles and schedules, our interiors should mimic this flexibility. Wall partitions that move can help with this.
Additionally, consider integrating more florals and house plants indoors to freshen up the air, and create a beautiful sanctuary that pays homage to the outdoors (even in the most urban environment). Plants have a profound effect on our mental and physical wellbeing and are proven to increase mental focus and serotonin in the body. A simple, affordable solution is available at any home and garden store!
Give yourself the gift of calm this fall with awesome space optimizing solutions offered at the sliding door Company. Hop online and check out our viewing catalog of sliding glass room dividers, beautiful sliding glass barn doors, and more! Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts to get started on your exciting project today! With home delivery and online ordering, it’s never been easier to create a space out of nothing. Don’t wait to enjoy your interiors this fall, call today!

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Timeless Inspiration to Elevate Your Fall Interiors

Ahhh Fall. Leaves dropping, cooler days, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spiced lattes. We love Fall. There’s something about the start of September that gives us that warm feeling in our stomach and makes us giddy for the change of season. If you’re like most of us, you’ll be updating your interiors to reflect your internal mood. Cozying up your space to reflect the outdoors is a natural human inclination that we all feed into. Adding little decorations, changing our relative scenery, even swapping candles out to match the season feels like second nature. And while these little details itch that seasonal scratch, sometimes they don’t produce the full-bodied emotion we’re chasing. So, if you’re seeking out some awe-inspiring design inspiration this season, we’ve got you covered!
Mix It Up!
We all know and love those natural fall colors; browns, reds, creams, burn orange. We’re used to implementing these rich accent colors throughout the home during the autumn months, but what if we switched it up this year? Design experts are predicting an elevated fall color pallet consisting of royal blues, deep indigos, and a Moroccan take on fall classics like desert sand and cayenne red. By mixing it up, we can freshen up the classics we all love so much. Adding an earthy rawness like textured walls and uneven paint marks will contemporize your space while fulfilling your fall needs. Still bring in those warm fall tones, but consider pairing them with rich, evocative color pops that will excite and renew your interiors like never before.

Bring The Outside In
Pay homage to the natural surrounding motifs of fall. With so many beautiful organic colors and elements coming out of the autumnal months, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Play around with dried leaves and flowers, pull inspiration from fascinating sticks and stones. Fallen branches and twigs can be put into ceramic or glass vases to make a naturally bold statement piece. Have fun gathering an assortment of leaves, fallen pinecones, and acorns to dress up your table with the essence of autumn (if location allows). Hang dried flowers and leaves from the windowsill to create interesting shadow play when natural light shines through during the day.
An Ode to Light
One of the best parts of fall is the beautiful warm light that streams in and creates a cozy interior environment. Spread more natural light by integrating glass doors and glass wall partitions throughout otherwise dark areas of the house. Replace light-blocking bathroom doors with opaque sliding glass bathroom doors that offer privacy with enhanced light. After all, we’re not ready for the darkness of winter just yet!
We all know that the winter months are anything short of minimalistic. With the excess of Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays, the winter months can be a time of great abundance and indulgence. Whether through food, material goods, new toys, or gifts, the winter months seem to elicit a natural “stockpile” mentality in all of us. To prepare for the excess, this fall set aside a few days to engage in a full-blown overhaul of things you can clear and discard from your life, and your interiors. Channel your inner minimalist and tackle a big closet cleanout, a kitchen pantry throw-away, and a bedroom deep-clean. Make piles for donation-centers and bring your unloved books and toys to your local grade schools for the kids to enjoy. Downsizing will bring a welcomed sense of clarity and calm into your home and prepare you for the onslaught on new items and holiday chaos you’ll be exposed to this winter.

Personalize Your Curation
One of the hottest design trends right now is the return to highly personal curation. Being so accustomed to the impersonal design approach of the modern-day, people are often intimidated to bring out the items and keepsakes that hold deep emotional value. Repurpose and display family heirlooms, vintage items passed down through the generations, reupholster old furniture, and reintroduce little knick-knacks you long stowed away that hold significant value and memories to you. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces have added a lost quality to modern interior design which is normally so rooted in boring perfection. This new style values the imperfect, the unique, and allows for fun personalization to occur!
Using these design tips and trends for fall, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration heading into these cooler months. For even more inspiration and ideas on spatial solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best wall partitions, sliding glass barn doors, sliding closet doors, and sliding room dividers offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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How to Accessorize Like A Pro

When it comes to updating your interiors, there is a long list of available online how-tos, DIY’s, design dos and don’ts, and thousands of Pinterest pages to scroll through for helpful inspiration. However, if you find that you’ve exhausted all of those options, you’ve listlessly scrolled through pages and pages of google results and poured over interior design mags and you still got nothin? Don’t stress, crafting bespoke interior spaces is not always a simple undertaking! It takes professional interior designers years to acquire the skill set needed for tackling design projects. Redesigning the inside of your home can be super tricky, especially without any prior design knowledge or experience. So, we’ve crafted a list to help you out. It pretty much covers everything you need to know about accessorizing your home, no matter the size or budget you’re working with.

What’s The Point?

A lot of folks don’t quite understand the value of accessories- until they do. Accessories are meant to add artistic embellishments, character, color pops and personality to a home. They are the “stealth bomb” of interior decor. They aren’t intended to clutter, distract, or take up too much space. Accessorizing done right will be so carefully considered and chosen that these flourishes will leave an almost subliminal imprint on the beholder. The observer will begin to feel a certain way when walking into the room, yet they don’t know how or why, and they certainly don’t realize that every piece in the room has been thoughtfully curated to evoke that particular emotion. Accessories are intended to elicit a response and to do so silently.

How Do We Get There?

Now, actively employing these concepts is entirely different than understanding them. There is a lot to consider when making these design choices. First, you must ask yourself what kind of theme you aim to achieve. One aspect of accessorizing to remember is to stick with your chosen theme like glue. Don’t deviate from it! Employing too many themes and color schemes will unquestionably muddy your curation and will confuse your interiors. A lot of designers will curate their accessories in layers. They start with a first pass- adding the crucial and larger textiles and features (area rugs, accent furniture, and wall tapestries), then they’ll make a second pass, with smaller to medium-sized objects (adding art to the walls, colored pillows and throw blankets). Lastly, after giving the space some time to simmer, they will add in the last bits of embellishments and color pops to accentuate the existing elements (fruit bowls, books, vases, wall scones, etc). This layering effect will create depth and interest to the space and ensure that the room is not cluttered or thrown together without allowing for the necessary time to discern what should stay, and what should go.

The Heavy-hitters

While all of these artistic touches are super important and an integral part of any space curation, we haven’t yet gotten down to the framework of what makes a space fantastic. Perhaps the most important details about a home, are the ones that often go unnoticed. Doors, frames, lighting fixtures, mirrors, door handles, light switches are all super subliminal yet crucial aspects of a well-considered interior. Here is a list of some design features to integrate (or install) into your well-accessorized home:

  • Mirror closet doors (enjoy a two-in-one with this contemporary sliding door mirror design)
  • Intelligent lighting fixtures (choose to support local glass blowers, or lighting technicians and purchase inspired lighting fixtures from your local artisans)
  • Sliding closet doors, and bi-folding doors complete with minimalist handles and interesting accessories to update underappreciated features
  • Warm up the ambiance with interesting floor lamps that use softer amber lighting
  • Carefully consider door frames and wall trim to remain design (and color) consistent

Utilizing all of these tips and ideas for accessorizing, you’ll be well equipped to craft the beautiful interior space of your dreams in no time, and with little doubt! The Sliding Door Company has everything you’ll need to get started on your accessory-driven makeover. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


Slide into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Denver!

Searching for high-quality sliding glass doors in the Denver, CO area? The team at our Denver showroom, located at 601 S. Broadway, Suite Y, is composed of inside and outside account executives, including Kristen Celmer and Morgan Holmquist, standing ready to assist with your interior space projects.
The capital of Colorado, Denver is a major U.S. metropolis that was founded in 1858, during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. The striking 19th century buildings found in Larimer 

Square—the oldest block in the city—are just some of the eye-catching attractions that Denver has to offer. Other notable sights include the Museum of Nature & Science, the mansion once owned by Titanic survivor “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, and a variety of art museums. Denver is also close to the Rocky Mountains, a top destination for ski lovers everywhere.
Known as the Mile High City, Denver, CO sits at the junction of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. This city is the heart of a vitally important cultural, industrial, and economic center visited by business executives from across the globe. Its pleasant climate is marked by generous amounts of sunshine and low levels of rain.
Our Denver showroom is one of 27 operated by The Sliding Door Company nationwide. Each showroom has its own personality! The bright and trendy Denver showroom displays a helping of colorful designs as well as samples of our first-in-class pocket doors, glass swing doors, stacking room dividers, and suspended door systems with no bottom track.
Denver residents love natural light and prefer to use products that enable them to save on energy costs. Our open air room dividers provide the perfect balance of privacy on demand and the ability to share lighting, heating, and air conditioning—allowing you to save money every year!
Come by our showroom, chat with our friendly and savvy team, then grab a bite to eat nearby at any of the nice restaurants in the area, including Italian, Mexican, and American-style eateries. It will be a fun, educational experience that you will not soon forget.
The Sliding Door Company has established itself as an industry trendsetter in the field of interior glass door design. We create safe, elegantly constructed sliding glass doors, barn doors, flexible room dividers, and similar products. We have enjoyed stable growth over the years, a trend that we attribute to our consistently high standards and dedication to fabricating exceptionally durable sliding doors, which are manufactured at our own factory. Our products feature sturdy but featherweight aluminum frames, laminated or tempered glass, and outstanding craftsmanship that ensures these doors never, ever leave the track.
We have new products to show you! Homeowners, developers, property managers, and facility personnel look for ADA-compliant locks and handles all the time. Check out our website to see a full complement of locks, latches, and levers that all meet ADA requirements. These products are also flush, allowing the sliding panels to fully bypass one another. Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen! We look forward to seeing you! Call now for your FREE consultation.

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Meet Kristen Celmer
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  • Favorite Inspiration: I find inspiration in nature, the Rocky Mountains in Denver’s back yard fuels my creative soul. On my spare time I am a glass mosaic, and jewelry artist.
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: I love all facets of interior design and architecture. The mixture of rustic and industrial finishes are my current favorites.
  • Favorite Bites: Favorite eateries include “mom and pop” and locally owned restaurants, from Mexican dishes to a fine cut of steak keeps me coming back.
  • Dream Vacation Locale: Longing to travel the world my dream vacation list is long. I would say a trip to New Zealand, and Spain are my top choices.

Meet Laura Schroeder

  • I have been working at The Sliding Door Company since January 8th 2018.
  • Favorite Inspiration: Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love their show/magazine and how they work together on a simple or older space and completely transform it into a beautiful home!
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: AvroKo Design and Concept Firm. They design quite a few places around town but my favorite is how they designed Denver Union Station. It is very detailed and has a modern classic look that makes it a popular “go-to” place in Denver!
  • Favorite Bites: Postino . They have a bruschetta board that has a variety of different bruschetta’s you can choose from! Also the Wild Hog BBQ pulled pork or ribs are out of this world! (Big barbeque fan)

We have new things to show you!
Home owners, developers, property managers and facility personnel look for ADA compliant locks and handles all the time.

Now see the full complement of locks, latches and levers that all meet ADA requirements AND are flush, allowing the sliding panels to fully bypass one another, on our web site.  Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen!

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Meet The Sliding Door Company’s Culver City Team

The Sliding Door Company is a national industry leader in the manufacture and installation of high-quality sliding closet doors and room dividers. We credit our steady growth and continued popularity among the public to our dedication to creating durable, beautiful products. Our elegant solutions benefit from safe tempered glass, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frames, and precise engineering that ensures the doors never fall off their tracks. Our motto is Safety First, Quality Always!
Our chic showroom in Culver City, CA features our elegant designs and various samples of our flagship interior glass doors. Swing by, chat with our friendly and savvy design consultants, then grab a bite nearby in the Helms Design district at any of the local eateries. Come see our barn doors, swing doors, suspended systems with no bottom track, and all of our interior glass sliding and stacking doors. Learn about the advantages of keyless entry too! Our sales specialists stand ready to assist you with your specific project needs.
Elena Palacci, an Account Executive at The Sliding Door Company, explains her customer service philosophy: “I enjoy meeting with people and exploring new locations. To design and to create beautiful settings was always my passion. I am happy to add elegance, good looks, and convenience to people’s homes with our products at The Sliding Door Company. I try to understand what clients want beyond their words and work hard to give them satisfaction.”
Our Culver City showroom is situated directly across the street from the Helms Bakery Design Center! Today a mecca of modern furniture and design, Helms Bakery District boasts a rich and flavorful past. First opening its doors in 1931, the family-owned and operated Helms Bakery supplied local residents with its fresh-baked bread delivered “Daily at Your Door” for over four decades. While no longer in the business of baked goods, the Helms Bakery building remains a cherished landmark, recognized for its architectural significance.
This community is also home to a variety of additional attractions and cultural fixtures. The Kiwanis Club of Culver City is involved with a number of youth-oriented charitable functions during the calendar year. The Culver City Summer Sunset Music Festival is a free event, held on Thursdays, that attracts concert lovers from around the region. Many of these music fans also attend the annual Fiesta La Ballona, which takes place in August at Veterans Park, and features live music, carnival rides, and similar fun events. For the local cineastes, the Culver City Film Festival in December offers a prime opportunity to enjoy the latest independent movie productions.
Culver City, CA is an epicenter for contemporary design; it’s a place where artists and designers aren’t afraid to push the envelope. Pair that with a real affinity for green architecture and sustainability, and you’ve got a rich community of creatives testing the limits!

About Us

Meet David Brophy

  • Working with The Sliding Door Company since:  June 2017
  •  Favorite Inspiration:    Mixed mediums such as Peter Greenaway’s  film : The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (Costume design by Jean Paul Gautier, music by Michael Nyman and food props by Giorgio Locatelli).

The complexities of Art Tatum’s music as well as the minimalist music of Michael Nyman.
MONACLE Magazine.

  • Biggest Industry Influencers: Jeff Andrews -Jeff Andrews Designs / Mario Romano Architect/Designer / Architect Rudolf Schindler – see Schindler house West Hollywood
  • Favorite Bites:  Casey Lane’s  Viale dei Romani / Bestia / Faith and Flower
  • Dream Vacation Locale: Corsica
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Glass Closet Doors Save Space and Inspire the whole room!

Glass closet doors use to be an afterthought!

Now even the professionals see that closet doors can enrich the entire room & inspire interior design throughout the home or office.

Milky glass closet doors with wenge aluminum frames save space and make the whole room look complete and clutter free. Barn doors hug the wall to save space and inspire with the shoji type divider strips for style. The main idea here is to maintain a peaceful, harmonious feeling in a personal space like a bedroom or guest room.

sliding interior door

Sliding Closet Doors with contrasting paneling really adds style to the space:

All 3 sliding closet door panels stack behind one for easy access to everything inside. The frosted glass and wood core sections make the room a design focal point! This is the perfect solution for closets that cannot do with a swing door!

Whether it’s a