Optimize Your Office Space with Interior Glass Doors and Partitions

We know there are many options to increase the quality and productivity of your office workspace. Here we explore a few options and their benefits.

According to Jory MacKay, “few things affect our productivity as much as what we surround ourselves with. Yet most of us rarely take the time to step back and really analyze our working environment.”

We couldn’t agree more, and that is why we designed our interior glass door solutions to optimize your work area and uplift any occupants of the space. The options are endless, from single fixed panels and partitions, to rows of glass cubicles for coworking needs.

This private office space below includes our floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, paired with a swing door, with designer handles and recessed bottom tracks. When the doors are open, it’s a free-flowing collaborative workspace. But when quiet and privacy are needed, the doors can be shut and locked accordingly.

Floor to celing glass panels with swing door

Clutter-free, Organized Workspaces Boost Productivity

The results of this study tell us that physical clutter in your surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

Similar to what multitasking does to your brain, physical clutter overloads your senses, making you feel stressed, and impairs your ability to think creatively. Set time aside each month to assess your workspace and ensure it is not too cluttered. This will lead to increased productivity and morale. Our modern cubicles are a great way to give employees room to work and also set boundaries.

Optimize Your Space & Allow Natural Light To Come In

Glass room dividers with combo glass (bottom half frosted, top half clear) provide a unique workspace allowing in a ton of natural light. Plus, our space-saving glass wall and aluminum frames are all recyclable and perfect for green construction projects.

Smaller “phone booth” workspace options give plenty of room for a team of 2 or 3 to create, collaborate and solve! The open-air design allows for the sharing of lighting, heating, and air conditioning, saving energy costs year over year.

Frosted glass workspace divider

Optimize Functionality

The many benefits of our interior workspace solutions:

  • Strategically optimizing of every square foot of your floor plan.
  • Lighting, air conditioning and heating can be shared, eliminating the need to move or re-do the HVAC system…saving tons of money.
  • Each work area can be re-purposed on the fly if needed as the business evolves. Talk about flexibility!
  • Offices with glass sliders or swing doors can be locked and even master-keyed to the storefront or building door.

We make our interior glass doors in our own factory where safety and quality are carefully fabricated into every single glass door.

The selection of glass types, frame color finishes and ADA-compliant accessories provide our clients with sustainable, functional and stylish options to suit their specific project needs.

Optimizing every fraction of your floor plan by creating spaces that can be re-purposed as technology changes and as the business grows is essential. Functional glass office dividers, storage enclosures, glass partitions and conference room dividers are our specialty.

Want help choosing the right office option for your space? Contact the friendly interior glass door experts at The Sliding Door Company, to learn more about our workspace solutions.


Why the Glass Office Is Here to Stay

Every year, offices get smaller—by at least 30 percent—and, every day, they get more transparent. Sliding glass doors have replaced solid hunks of wood and metal. See-through partitions and glass walls now rise up where tiny cubicles once stood. Welcome to the glass office of the 21st century: small and sustainable, bright and beautiful.

Glass meeting room partition

The Space Challenge

Businesses today face a tough challenge: maximize space in an increasingly cramped world. As square footage gets scarcer and scarcer, finding extra legroom becomes more and more difficult. How do you downsize without giving your employees a bad case of claustrophobia?

For one, you can install sliding room dividers and doors. Not only do they make an office look and feel bigger; they also cut down on wasted space. Gone are those large “dead” zones in front of swing doors. Sliding glass doors open with an easy horizontal movement.

Replacing conventional office doors with glass allows designers and their clients to skirt common design challenges. It means they can place private workspaces and conference rooms in previously taboo places like hallways or other confined spaces that can’t accommodate the clearance zones needed for swinging doors. In an era when every square foot matters, that can make all the difference.

The Light Challenge

If space is scarce, then light is a precious commodity. Particularly in North America, where offices often cover a large plot of ground, it’s hard to get natural light into the deep nooks and crannies of a building. The only alternative is to install expensive lighting fixtures—and lots of them.

That’s a deal-breaker for many executives and entrepreneurs. Electric light (of any variety) is no substitute for natural light, which has been proven to elevate mood, promote health, and raise productivity.

Then there are energy costs to consider. It takes a lot of money to illuminate an otherwise dim office—unless you can find a way to bring sunlight into the deep, dark recesses of your office. The easiest way to do that is to replace solid, light-blocking walls with glass. With a simple change of materials, you get more light and less sticker shock.

The Privacy Challenge

As time goes on, more employers realize the benefits of glass. That has led to an explosion in the popularity of glass office walls and doors. Still, some have concerns. What about privacy? How about echoes?

Enter the privacy wall—a partition made of frosted or smoked glass. The best part is that each wall can be customized to meet particular needs. Some businesses choose fully frosted office partition walls. Others opt for a half-and-half arrangement.

Another popular strategy is to put a frosted strip across the center of glass room partitions. That way, employees get plenty of light and visibility, without the complete openness that comes with full transparency.

Half frosted glass partition wall divides meeting room space

Embracing the Glass Office

There are as many reasons to embrace a glass office as there are offices in the world. Every business has its own unique set of concerns—health, privacy, productivity, energy costs, sustainability, openness, collaboration.

The popularity of glass fixtures owes largely to the fact that they satisfy such a broad spectrum of needs. Only with glass can you balance privacy and openness, collaboration and individuality, aesthetics and economics. Only with glass can you economize on space while getting an expansive design—all of which is why the glass office is here to stay.

Home office space divided by two clear glass panels with glass swing door

Want to know how you can take your office space from humdrum to spectacular? Contact the friendly interior glass door experts at The Sliding Door Company, to learn more about our workspace solutions for the 21st century.


The Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors – Privacy and so much more

A privacy wall or glass partition is a great substitution for standard drywall or typical fabric panels that can offer an upgraded modern look to any professional or residential space without compromising the privacy of occupants or workers. Privacy walls are available in a variety of designs and customizable—with an assortment of glass opacities to choose from to create privacy.

Types of Glass Opacities

While curtains, drapes, and blinds are the usual solutions for glass doors and windows, our glass opacities give you the privacy you want while maintaining a refined and contemporary aesthetic. We offer a diverse selection of glass opacities, which include:

  • Milky
  • Opaque Laminated
  • Frosted
  • Linen
  • Combo Glass
  • Clear
  • Smoked Clear
  • Smoked Frosted
  • Black
  • White Laminated
  • Deluxe White
  • Smoked Milky

What are glass privacy walls?

A privacy wall can be anything from a glass partition to glass sliding room dividers. Depending on your individual needs, you may need one or a combination of products to receive optimal results.

Glass Partition

Glass partitions, for example, are the perfect solution for common office buildings. Fabric cubicle panels typically leave workers isolated from their surroundings and limit the amount of natural light they get, which can result in lower productivity levels and despondency among workers.

Glass partitions with a specialized opaque finish allow workers to feel connected to their environment while still maintaining separation and privacy. In addition, regular exposure to natural light has been reported among scientists to increase individual productivity and comfort, as well as provide mental and visual stimulation necessary to regulate our sleep/wake cycle.

Fixed privacy wall for partitioning office employee workstations

Sliding Glass Doors and Room Dividers

Sliding glass doors and sliding room dividers with a combo glass or opaque finish are the ultimate solution for those who want the flexibility to create and adjust a customizable space.

For example, you can change the entire atmosphere of a conference room with sliding glass doors simply by opening or closing said doors. Completely closed doors allow the space to become a perfect spot for confidential meetings or can be left partially open to create a welcoming space for an office party or casual gathering.

Office row utilizing sliding room dividers with custom film

Benefits of Glass Privacy Walls

A glass privacy wall has a number of benefits, including:

  • Instantly gives spaces an upgraded and modern look with glass opacities.
  • Creates the illusion of an open floor plan, without compromising individual privacy or separation.
  • Offers flexibility to create and design a space for various circumstances.
  • Allows more natural light to move through the space, which can increase productivity and happiness among workers.
  • They are a cost-efficient solution that can lead to energy savings and decreased maintenance costs.

Customizable Glass Solutions

No matter what type of privacy wall you want The Sliding Door Company has the solution for every space — whether it is a residential building, classroom, office, or another professional facility. Call 888-988-5033 to request your free consultation or fill out our online form to get started today.


Changing Workplaces for the Better: The Effects of COVID-19

If you’re a business owner you’re likely feeling both trepidation and urgency when it comes to re-opening your business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it would be alarming to resume operations after a global pandemic, there is the looming cloud of further COVID-19 outbreaks on the horizon for you to contend with as well. 

So, now that office life has changed due to COVID-19, how do you keep your workforce not only safe but productive? Thankfully safety and productivity can go hand in hand. A staff that feels secure is going to be able to focus and perform better than if they were worried about contracting a potentially deadly virus at work. 

While these new workforce trends and the changes they entail may seem daunting, they will likely improve the overall quality of your workforce’s performance.

Traditional Workplaces Compared to During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Experts agree the traditional way of working before COVID-19 is over. Before COVID-19 working from home was generally either frowned upon or a unique privilege when allowed. But now, the future of the workplace includes more options to work remotely. Before COVID-19 workers would commute from home to the office building, where they would then share space with their co-workers. Many offices are comprised of open-air cubicles where airspace and germs were freely shared. Not only was the workspace shared, but bathrooms, kitchens, and break rooms were as well. While this model allows for better communication and collaboration, with the risks of the pandemic, some of these qualities need to change to keep people safe.

How to Elevate Alternative Workspaces

To prepare your employee workstations for a return to work after the first wave of the pandemic, there are three key ways to keep your employees safe.

  1. The first way is very simple—provide hand sanitizer at each workstation. This will allow your employees to sanitize their hands regularly and is a main piece of any COVID-19 workplace guidelines.
  2. The second way to support employee safety as people return to work is to create physical distance between employee workstations whenever possible. This may take some creativity and will tie into the third piece of many COVID-19 workplace guidelines, physical barriers.
  3. The third way to protect your employees, especially when physical space isn’t an option, is to use physical dividers. This is a great example of how these new workforce trends can create improvements in the workforce. Having physical dividers between employee workstations can increase a sense of privacy and cut out distractions in the form of noise from other workers. The sense of separation may allow workers to focus better on their job, while also offering physical protection from not only the COVID-19 virus but other germs and bugs as well, such as the flu or common cold. Making these physical divisions as flexible and attractive as possible sets up both the business and the individual employee for success. Using products like the ones offered by The Sliding Door Company would allow an office to customize its design for both function and aesthetics.
Glass sliding doors enclosing cubicles

Designate Physical Separation with Partitions or Sliding Dividers 

Whether you want sliding pocket doors for your cubicles or glass barn doors to enclose a previously open conference room, The Sliding Door Company offers a variety of ethically sourced and quality-made spatial solutions for every business. From the thickness of glass to beautiful custom finishes including wood and metal framing, The Sliding Door Company can design a custom build to fit any office.

Here are a few examples of how The Sliding Door Company can work with specific businesses:

  1. Dental offices and other healthcare businesses are at the front line of the pandemic, making their need for physical dividers between their employees and patients paramount. The Sliding Door Company’s glass door solutions allow privacy when needed for patient consultations, but also can open easily to maximize space and light.
  2. Schools are also hotspots for COVID-19 but must also be able to provide space for learning and collaboration. The Sliding Door Company’s classroom solutions provide privacy and curb the spread of germs, while letting in light and their quality materials offer safety to the students and teachers.
  3. Commercial retail spaces have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, second only to healthcare spaces. The Sliding Door Company’s glass wall systems help businesses save on energy costs and create the physical separation necessary to keep retail employees healthy and safe.

Cost Matters for New Divided Floor Plan

If the cost of creating a new divided floor plan has you worried, The Sliding Door Company is here to help. With their professional team of specialists, you can be confident that they’ll work with you to create a spatial division plan that works for your budget and your space. The Sliding Door Company prides itself on client communication so that they can make the project of your dreams become reality. 

Part of how The Sliding Door Company can so confidently work within your budget while also offering materials of the highest quality is that they manufacture all their products in their own factory. This allows them to manage the quality of their products from production to installation, giving you peace of mind about the quality of this latest budget expenditure. Because they make their products with no middlemen involved, this allows them to pass savings onto their customers, while still providing products of the highest quality. 

You can also rest assured knowing that The Sliding Door Company focuses on using recycled and environmentally friendly materials, which will likely mean a lot to your staff as well. Whatever your office space needs are in this era of COVID-19, The Sliding Door Company is here to help. 


Interior Space Mastery How Colors Inform Emotions Within Our Home

We’ve all experienced that moment walking into a home and becoming instantly transfixed, transported to another time and place and feeling. The colors on the walls, the textiles, the shapes of furniture inform our emotions, and cause us to feel a specific kind of way. That savory experience might have motivated some of us to seek out a similar experience in our own homes. Those experiences leave us wondering what exactly about that space had such a profound effect on our emotional state. Perhaps the mixture of all of the intimately considered design details when melded together, successfully elevated the space and brought us into a new state of being. So how does color inform emotion and what color palette can you choose to feel a specific way in your home?

Color Theory

Interior designers and artists across the globe have long asserted that color informs and influences human mood and emotion. The careful consideration of color within a space can have a profound effect on the psychological happenings of the inhabitant. From anxiety to depression, calmness to concentration, the color pallet can have a substantial impact on real human emotion. That’s why picking wall paint, furniture, and art while often overlooked, can literally change your life. People often admit to being turned off by a room if it doesn’t feel inviting. Not quite able to put their finger on the problem, many end up neglecting certain rooms in the house simply due to a bad color choice. That’s why we’re here to help inform your color decisions moving forward and hopefully ensure every room in the home is being used and loved by everyone.
“Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence physiological reactions. Certain colors have been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and eyestrain.” -Kendra Cherry,

The Basics: Warm vs. Cool 

Warm tones include colors under the red category, such a red, orange, yellow, and some creams, and whites. These colors can cause us to feel an array of different emotions. Take the color red for example, which is considered the most extreme color of them all. Red can cause us to feel many different emotions, all of which are intense and moving. Anger, love, excitement, passion, power, and control are all possible emotional byproducts of red, depending on the shade, the context, and our own unique associative processing. Yet other colors under the warm category such as orange, yellow, and creams can influence us to feel comfort, love, secur