Pandemic Safety and Your Business

After about three months of uncertainty, job loss, strain, and discomfort, we are now finally starting to see a shift in the current pandemic outcome. With a national decline in cases and deaths,  there has been a large push to restimulate the economy as best we can, come out of hiding so to speak, and make attempts at putting the pieces back together, with the tools we have left. However, despite the inherent necessity for jobs and work, many remain skeptical if these advances are premature, and more importantly, if they are putting everyone at risk. Without adequate testing and controlled isolation of those carrying the virus, it is exceedingly dangerous to assume that this will simply just disappear with time. On a global scale, the way we live, interact, do business, and provide services, will never be the same. International trade will evolve and require strict standards and safety precautions, the food and beverage industry will see unprecedented requirements and regulations in order to operate, and most businesses can expect to see fewer customers, and will be asked to take enhanced measures in order to safeguard visitors.

So, as a business owner, you now become rightfully bestowed with the responsibility to protect and provide a safe environment for your customers, patrons, and clients. Now, if you’re like most Americans, you may be wondering what these accommodations look like. What the financial strain these new “conditions” may have on your business, and how to implement social distancing tactics without compromising your vision. How does one go about increasing security while creating distance in socially close spaces? How can a business work within the new normal and still stay afloat? Below we have a few recommendations on how to not only keep your business running throughout these difficult times but also how to ensure the public that your establishment is a non-threat to their health and safety.

Create Distance With Smart Spatial Solutions

We are starting to see businesses of all kinds and sizes integrate wall partitions, room dividers, and alone tri-fold dividers into their waiting areas, and throughout vast open floor plans in order to create safer environments for workers and customers alike. Not just commercial businesses, but educational institutions, libraries, and restaurants are now also starting to utilize wall partitions and room dividers. These easy-to-install glass partitions can effectively create additional spatial separation and enhanced safety within indoor environments. Being the owner of any establishment or facility, you should consider making use of the available spatial solutions, and start to integrate glass room partitions, sliding room dividers, and other easy-to-clean glass space dividers throughout your business to create enhanced separation and safety. Decreasing the amount of foot traffic and potential contact between visitors and employees is a crucial step in a safer business. One of the most noteworthy benefits of glass walls is their antimicrobial surface. Staff can easily clean and disinfect within seconds, being that glass walls are resistant to damage and water, and are not porous like acrylic surfaces. Our glass walls are conveniently offered in a wide range of glass opacities, from completely opaque, to see-through transparent. They require no construction and take less than hours to be installed by our team of professional installers, making this one solution that won’t break the bank or cost your business weeks of cumbersome construction.

Limit Capacity and Encourage Face Coverings

By limiting your business’s overall intake capacity, you can safeguard everyone involved. By choosing to half your normal capacity, you effectively create increased distance and reduce the chance of person-to-person contact. This keeps the indoor air quality much fresher and allows visitors the peace of mind they’re looking for. Additionally, by requiring face coverings within businesses that allow for it, you can create a healthier environment and protect against airborne viral spreading.

Mandate Employees and Workers to Comply With Enhanced Safety Standard

While this may take a bit of initial work to develop new standards and regulations for employees and staff to follow, the benefits are well worth the work. Stay up to date on all the latest health recommendations from the CDC to understand what the most effective methods for controlling the spread of viral disease and sickness are, as well as learn more about sanitation standards and cleaning necessities. Once you have everyone on board and in the know, it will be much easier to control and regulate these new practices moving forward. Owning a business will also require you to think of ways that can allow customers to enter and exit your establishment with the least amount of contact. Limit the need for your patrons and employees to physically touch door handles, menus, and other such communal things that could hold germs and harmful bacteria. Ask your staff to continuously sanitize, deep clean, and disinfect all surfaces and communal items to ensure the cleanest working environment possible.

Enclosed glass corner office with modern sliding doors

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