Escape the Ordinary and Embrace the Exceptional with Glass Room Dividers!

Doors are boring. Walls are dull. Partitions are distracting. Unless, of course, your doors are no ordinary doors. Unless your walls are remarkable and your partitions are exceptional. If you want to transcend the humdrum, you need to think outside the drywall box. You need to embrace the groundbreaking style and elegance of glass room dividers and sliding glass doors. Here’s why!

Divide Space

You come home at the end of a long day at your “collaborative” office. You’re tired of the hustle and the bustle, the noise and the interruptions. You want privacy. You want peace. You want quiet. You want to relax in your own little space. Only trouble is, the house is as crowded as the office. How will you ever get a little downtime?
The answer is simple: a room divider.
Room dividers serve an obvious purpose: they separate one space from another. Want a meditation zone in the corner of the family room? Thinking of adding a private yoga studio in your living room or garage without tearing down walls, building new ones, and rewiring the whole house? Need an extra office for those days and nights when you work from home?
A room divider does the trick, letting you carve up space without taking out a construction loan or uprooting your life. You can throw up an extra bedroom to accommodate the latest addition to your family, or separate the dining room from the kitchen, so one group can cook and one group can chat without stepping on each other’s toes.

Open Space

You want your own private space. You don’t want to live in a tin can. Unfortunately, your average room partition divides space by closing it off. It throws up an impenetrable barrier. Nothing can get through. Not people. Not air. Not light.
So, how do you get the benefits of solitude without suffering from claustrophobia? If you want something that will expand your senses, instead of shutting them in, you need a more creative solution. You need room dividers made of smoked or frosted glass.
If you really want to expand the space, install sliding glass room dividers that free up valuable floor space when you slide them open and give you refuge when you slide them closed. You get everything you could possibly need or want—privacy, light, and space.

Beautify Space

Last, but not least, drywall partitions add nothing to a room. They’re flat. They’re banal. They’re tired. Glass doors and dividers, on the other hand, add style. With plenty of designs, colors, and glass types from which to choose, you can create almost any look—sleek contemporary, classic updated French, mid-century modern, light and airy, dark and edgy, etc., etc.
Transform your bedroom. Upgrade your kitchen. Spruce up your dining room. All with a simple room partition. Need more room divider ideas? Want to know how to create a room divider that fits your lifestyle? At The Sliding Door Company, we can build to your project’s specific needs with safety you can trust! Set up a FREE consultation, and we can discuss your next interior design project today!