Why Working For Yourself Has Become the New Norm

Over the past few months, since the Coronavirus outbreak swept the globe, many of us have been gifted with the intangible, fleeting, priceless, gift of time. With this, we have been able to reevaluate our lives to an extent most of us didn’t think was possible. Considering our relative happiness, our careers, our relationships, and our impact on the environment were all themes that came up.

Soon after we stopped scratching our heads and were able to move past the fear and uncertainty, this time provided us with novel clarity and focus. We were able to peel back the layers that are normally tightly bound by our restrictive schedules and ask ourselves if the system in place, the standard 9-5 office workday was what we really needed. If it was what we wanted, even. For many, after the initial shock and daunting task of creating our own daily schedules passed, we came to the conclusion that crafting our individualized work/life balance actually worked in our favor.

With so many aspects of our working life laid out on the table to be rearranged and reimagined, we were able to finally envisage our new norm. To outline the clear benefits and perks of becoming our own boss. Yet, to effectively transition from a formal salary job into a more flexible freelance career or startup position is not exactly a cakewalk. It takes countless hours of hard work, overtime, and other undiscovered sacrifices along the way. However, over time we’ll come to experience how the risks are well with the rewards. Here are some of the main reasons why working for yourself has become the new norm.

Make Your Day Work For You

When you work freelance (or simply removed from the 9-5 parameters) your day suddenly opens up to potentialities, changes to your working environment, and makes room for added meetings, activities, and exercise that will keep your mind, body, and spirit in balanced harmony. Crafting your own schedule allows you to feel your way into the workday and discover how to integrate work around your natural sleep schedule, your family dynamic, children’s extracurriculars, or your physical necessities. Subscribing to a one-size-fits-all routine can detract from your happiness, health, and emotional relationships. What’s more, if you make your own working hours, you can choose to grind during odd hours of the day rather than sacrificing peak daylight hours that every human needs to thrive. Working for yourself, either from home or at a communal workspace such as a WeWork, you can still maintain solid focus and productivity. The only difference is that you stop adhering to someone else’s version of what’s right for you and your internal functions.

Frosted glass sliding door divides living room space

Open Opportunity to Develop Personal Projects

By setting your own parameters and schedule, it is much easier to reserve time for creative endeavors, personal projects, or physical goals. The nine to five schedule makes it difficult for people to delve into actualizing personal goals or careers because the day simply doesn’t afford the time needed to develop these projects. It’s easy to become discouraged from developing a startup, or crafting a home-grown business when the forty-hour workweek takes the majority of the day. Even holding a secondary job such as a yoga instructor, a tutor, or even a painter, can feel impossible when commuting to work every day of the workweek. By integrating work into your home, you can effectively work freelance, maintain the same perks of a well-paying job, but not sacrifice your life schedule.

Ditch the Commute!

The main fear most people encounter when deciding to work freelance or not is the concern of not having an available home office. While this understandably poses a problem, there are few helpful spatial solutions to integrate to give yourself that needed office environment, without compromising your interior aesthetic. Consider integrating glass room dividers into a corner of your home that happens to have extra unused space. Glass wall partitions, in particular, are a super breezy and stylish way to create separation between two distinct spaces. Without sacrificing your artistic interiors, you can install sliding glass barn doors to effectively achieve that rustic look with a modern twist, all while integrating real walls for your new home office! Making sure you have a productive working environment will make all the difference when adopting a freelance, startup lifestyle.

With all of the added benefits of being your own boss, creating your own work schedule, and making your workday work for you, hopefully, you’ll have enhanced inspiration moving forward out of the COVID 19 crisis. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best sliding closet doors, tri-fold dividers, sliding room dividers, and spatial solutions offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!