Does COLOR influence our buying decisions when looking for interior glass doors?

Our brains prefer easily recognizable brands!

Color is an important element when creating brand identity for closet doors, room dividers, glass partitions and office fronts

Consumers feel that “color appropriateness” is more important than the color itself in most cases. For example, is red an appropriate color for YouTube? Are white frames “appropriate” for these frosted glass closet doors in a girls light lavender room?

Do you agree that color influences your buying decisions?

Wall slide glass door closes off the laundry area. Neutral wall colors bring in calmness, earth tones & a feeling of easiness. Dark brown divider strips make it a design focal point of the home. Investing in sliding glass doors that work well with the influence of color in your room adds greater ambiance and serenity to your space.

The psychological principle known as the isolation effect states that an item that “stands out like a sore thumb” is far more likely to be remembered than others that blend in. People are able to recall items better and for a longer period of time in text or an image when it deliberately sticks out from the rest.

Contrasting wood core & glass inserts make these closet doors scream out to be noticed. Brownish wood core depicts nature, down to earth, someone connecting with their surroundings.

Sleek frosted glass sliding doors make this storage enclosure clean, clutter-free and super easy to access everything inside. Smooth glide glass doors and silver frames are a great choice and virtually maintenance free. This would appeal to someone wanting a modern, simple, clean & organized look.

Does COLOR influence your “CLICK” decisions when looking for interior glass closet doors or room dividers?

Joshua Porter wrote about the BUTTON COLOR test & showed that RED beats GREEN.

Read article here.

Our minds do react to color, red is bold and influences us to react.
The contrast of white on red is another influencer. The closet door with frosted glass and dark brown aluminum frames shows another appealing contrast of color that works well with the wood floor and neutral color walls and bedding.

When you look for glass room dividers, stacking closet doors, partitions of office enclosures, take a look at the different glass types, frame colors and accessories.

Source: The Psychology of Color: How it Affects Buying Decisions

Do people look at visual appearance?

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