Sliding Barn Doors & Other Accessories to Gift Yourself & Your Home This Holiday Season

Here at the Sliding Door Company, the last fifteen years of safety and quality in our interior door solutions have allowed us to help countless families in upgrading their homes for the next chapter. Whether it’s using your existing aesthetics and giving things a minimal upgrade, or completely reshaping the interior flow of your home, The Sliding Door Company has the knowledge, skills, and experts to realize your goals. For the gift that keeps on giving throughout the roaring 2020s, we’re here to help you enhance the value and style of your home with space savers, aesthetic wonders, and…

… with aesthetics

Modern style has been coined as the new “neutral” as so many interior designers are placing emphasis on the personalized touch of items in the home instead of encompassing the whole home design. When people are looking to purchase a new home, one of the core deciding factors is whether or not the home will need heaps of work to bring it into the 21st century. Our Glass Barn Doors work with our own beautiful hardware and are considered the best sliding doors available to the modern consumer. The sophisticated approach taken by this design, inspired by a timeless yet rustic aesthetic, is appealing to buyers from across the demographic spectrum and one of our most aesthetically pleasing designs, click here to learn more about our barn door hardware.

… with action-design

Creating and reshaping flow in your home has never been easier, and no longer requires construction. Sliding doors work as a divider for sections of your home, allowing you to decide exactly how many rooms you have depending on your mood at the moment. As more and more people are turning to Airbnb as an alternative to hotel travel, rearranging your home into separate living spaces has never been easier than with our locks for sliding doors. Stacking, sliding, swing, or bi-fold room dividers allow you to optimize every square inch of space at your leisure.

… with entirely new rooms

Taking full control of your square-footage can help you separate your space for this and future holiday seasons. Our sliding divider comes in all shapes and sizes, and are totally customizable to your space. For example, our sliding glass pocket doors and small sliding doors are great for making additional bedrooms when you’ve got a family visit, or you can add your own en-suite bathroom without having to completely rebuild your home. We provide a multitude of options allowing you to customize your existing spaces. For example, installing a dividing wall into any space can seamlessly craft a new room that can be opened or closed, taking just a few hours to install and requires no major construction. If you’re looking to really avoid your in-laws this holiday, we can even design you a tiny little hiding space that locks from the inside. Our nearly silent glide room dividers mean you’ll be able to sneak off without anyone noticing for those moments when you just need a breather.

… with reductions in costs

Home maintenance is something we all dread, but ensuring that your media-room, home office, kitchen, laundry rooms, garages, and even your smaller living spaces are designed under the same modern neutrality can save you huge sums of money on future renovations, and/or give you a competitive edge over other custom-builds on the market. Updating your home can be an almost annual event. Who of us doesn’t start to get a little crazy when we’re surrounded by the same four walls? Barn door room dividers are some of the best sliding doors to switch up the shape of your space at a moment’s notice, reshaping the flow of your home, and giving you the opportunity to move around your living spaces without having to completely redo all of your wirings.

… with decluttering

The smallest spaces in your home are often the least well-utilized or designed. If your closets are overflowing, the shelves and racks drooping from the weight of your belongings, it’s time to start rethinking your use of space. Perhaps your closets are so poorly optimized that your home is filled with clutter that should be inside them; either way, there are plenty of options for installing mirrored sliding doors or a small sliding door to save space, both from the clutter, and to create the visual notion of more space through reflected light.

Frosted glass sliding closet door

How It’s Done

We at the Sliding Door Company fabricate every single one of our doors in our own factory. Our quality and safety are unparalleled. We designed our company with the explicit purpose of allowing you, our excellent teammates, to fully customize your interior doors to meet your specific project requirements, including everything from locks, latches, glass opacity, and frame finishes.

Whatever you think you deserve this Holiday, The Sliding Door Company is here to facilitate. To learn more about how you can wrap up your living environment in a big bow, get in touch below! We’re so excited to learn more about your brilliant ideas, and what we can do to support you turning them into reality this Holiday Season!

If you’re not entirely sure about what your home can handle in terms of redesign, our extensive team of experts can help you select the perfect solutions for your new plan. There is no amount of square footage we cannot accommodate, nor a property shape we cannot evolve and work with.

With an endless list of potential glass opacities, frame finishes (and frameless) and combinations with the ease of installation there are infinite options for us to achieve your design dreams together.

To find out more, please visit our photo gallery to find the complete line of solutions. If you cannot find specifically what you’re looking for, contact us for a free consultation. You can also visit a showroom near you to get the full in-person experience of The Sliding Door Company before you bring it into your own home.

Treat yourself this Holiday Season; you know you deserve it.