The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design: Your 2018 Guide

Bronze hardware, tiled floors, open shelving, sliding glass doors—over the past few years, homeowners have continued to embrace classic but personalized kitchen spaces. Here are a few beautiful kitchen design ideas to inspire your more creative side.

Glass Pantry Doors

A kitchen pantry cabinet with glass doors never goes out of style. Perhaps that’s because glass is versatile enough to complement almost any look and modern enough to add excitement to any design. As always, you can use contrasting textures and styles to generate even more interest. For example, you’ll find that a modern glass door works just as well in a rustic setting (think natural woods or stonework walls) as it does in a sparser, more modern kitchen.

Sliding Glass Doors

If space is tight, separate the pantry area with sliding doors instead of swing doors. The most important part about using interior glass door sliding doors is saving valuable floor space. As with swing doors, you can select the type of glass (clear, frosted, opaque) that best fits your kitchen. With transparent doors, you can see the contents of your pantry at a glance, while frosted or opaque glass hides everything from view. You can also customize your frames in everything from white to walnut.

Open Shelving

Storage is a perennial problem, particularly in kitchens with limited space. Where do you put all those pots, pans, utensils, and recipe books? One solution is to pair glass-enclosed storage with open shelving. If you’re redesigning from scratch, you can install extra shelves in your islands. If your renovation goals are more modest, you can always add freestanding units to an existing island.

Exposed Wood

From floors to exposed ceiling beams, designers never tire of natural wood. You don’t have to have a farmhouse kitchen to enjoy the beauty. With so many different types of wood and finishes, you can create almost any aesthetic you want. Combine wood with glass barn doors to strike the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary design.

Blue Paint

If you want to cook in style (and raise the value of your home), ditch the neutrals and embrace the blues. Whether you opt for electric cobalt or baby blue, a splash of color can help you transcend the mundane and achieve the spectacular. Interior glass doors set in white aluminum frames offset the excitement and brings balance to the design. The result is a look that’s vibrant yet cool, bold yet classic.

Wine Closets

If you have some extra space and an impressive wine collection, consider transforming a regular pantry or closet into a dedicated wine closet. If you have enough shelves, the wine closet can also double as a pantry or storage area for fine china. Cover the space with sliding interior doors made of frosted glass to protect the wine and beautify the kitchen or hallway.

Getting Started

Whatever look you’re going for—old-world charm, sleek modernism, or bohemian eclecticism— glass sliding doors can help you design the perfect kitchen with a space that marries form and function, beauty and utility.
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