Gift-Giving Guide for this Holiday Season

With Christmas less than three weeks away and the holidays on the mind, now is a great time to start planning presents and drafting up your special list. It would be fair to say that this year, our needs and wants look a little different than in years past. Our 2020 Christmas (or Hanukkah) list reflects the current times. And besides many of us craving a much-needed vacation, another 2020 necessity has been some solid personal space. This need feels particularly evident these days, as we head into the colder winter months and opportunities for solo outdoors time becomes sparse. Especially for those living in snowy states, the option to get away for a nice outside stroll alone to absorb some much needed Vitamin D doesn’t exactly present itself. But we really do need solitary time away from our family or roommates in order to find inner peace and clarity between the chaos of the holidays. Moving forward into the new year, we may have to take these matters into our own hands.

With the top gift-giving holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to ask for (or gift)  those home goods and interior upgrades you’ve been patiently waiting for all year. After all, home has become our own little universe this year. Why not invest in our relative surroundings?

And in our opinion, the best gift of this season is to create space where it doesn’t exist. As we stay home and stay safe we must come up with creative ways to find sanctuary and solitary within an otherwise shared indoor environment. So how can you make it happen this holiday season? Below is our 2020 gift-giving and wishing guide to help inspire you this December. After all, time is ticking!

Outdoor Heating

Heating is an obvious essential, even more so these days when our interiors are inundated with the entire household. Inside only allows so much space so having the option to get outside for some solo (or shared) time will make a huge difference this winter. Consider springing for an outdoor fire pit or a propane heater for the backyard. This gift will allow you and your family to get some fresh air and spend time outdoors during the cold winter months, or give you the opportunity to escape from the noise and chaos inside! Enjoy these heating options during socially distanced get-togethers with friends and family and stay warm while staying safe.

Bring the Fun To You

With restaurants and vacation rentals closing their doors yet again, there are few options for taking that exciting winter vacation this year. The solution? Bring the fun to you! Pick up a handful of board games (both new and old classics) and enjoy a little healthy competition with friends or family around the fire! Also worth considering? Larger interactive activities like a pool table or an air hockey machine. Not only are these super fun pastimes, but they are great at distracting the kids during your grueling work-from-home schedule. A win-win!

Make Some Space

Our last (but not least) gift idea is a breezy solution for creating space out of thin air. What could possibly do that? You may be wondering. Well, sliding glass wall partitions from The Sliding Door Company do that. These glass dividers and sliding glass doors are not only extremely easy to order and install, but they are uniquely customizable and offer the flexibility you can’t find elsewhere. The Sliding Door Company offers its glass room dividers in hundreds of varying configurations, sizes, glass opacities, and accessories all intended to suit your interior needs perfectly. From sliding glass barn doors to bathroom pocket doors, these spatial solutions integrate flawlessly into larger shared spaces or rooms within your home all while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.

So if you’re like the millions of Americans who crave to bring peace, privacy, and productivity into the home, these solutions are for you. Whether these dividers will be used to construct your new home gym, your much-needed Work-From-Home office space, or as a play-place for the kids, you’ll be wishing you’d invested in them sooner. With the Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, the options are truly endless! Check us out online today and schedule a free consultation with one of our team members. View our online catalog and see what glass solution suits your needs specifically! Order today and have them in time for the holidays!


Save Money Where You Can During Economic Instability

What do you do when everything in your life is falling into uncertainty due to the lockdowns brought on by COVID 19? Of course, many of us would like to hole up in a corner somewhere, close our eyes, and pretend like this was all a bad dream. While appealing, this may not remedy our stresses as much as we’d like. In order to regain footing during this crisis, we need to put one foot in front of the other and devise a plan of action moving forward. What strategies can you use to ensure financial stability, career optimism, and healthy home life?

Save Where You Can

By cutting back on large expenses, vacations, and unnecessary material goods you can begin to shave down your finances to the point where you only spend on the bare necessities. Rent, car insurance, phone, food, and other bills should take precedence over other frivolities during this time. The idea is to recognize what is an unnecessary purchase from what is truly needed to survive. Start there and then assess where you’re at in a few months. You should also be making a monthly budget derived from a realistic list of all of your expenses and then compare that with your current income as well as any government financial help and understand what your true budget is per month. Additionally, you may need to consider adding a roommate in order to afford rent or a mortgage. If you’re running a start-up or working freelance, consider constructing a home office in an open space within your home to cut down on the cost of renting an office space. Worried about being in the middle of your living room? Simple solution: Set up floor-to-ceiling glass wall partitions (glass room dividers) that you can customize and tailor to suit your unique needs. These walls are super easy to install and order online from the comfort of your home! The best part? You’ll have devised a separate sanctuary in which you can focus on work, free from distraction and surrounding foot traffic. Living with family or roommates has its obvious perks, but trying to work amongst them can be exceptionally trying. Think about even installing Sliding Room Dividers between the living room and kitchen so as to create two distinct spaces. Sliding glass barn doors are a fantastic solution for an open floor plan spatial configuration.

Create Balance in Your Home

With an unprecedented amount of time spent indoors and many of us working from home as well as children being forced to homeschool, we are experiencing a completely different home life reality. Something hard for many people to adapt to is nurturing the need for space, alone time, and above all else- balance. Without the ability to head off to the gym, enjoy a movie out at the theater, or get together with friends, we have found ourselves craving space and routine to keep us grounded and sane. Looking at the silver lining, we have all significantly decreased our spending on material goods, outings, vacations, and memberships over the past few months. This has allowed us to save and regain a bit of financial security in the process.

 It is so important to have balance within your home and to take ownership of your indoor spaces in order to feel whole and maintain a healthy mental state. Even if you aren’t working from home, there is still need and value in creating more physical distinction from other family members and roommates in your living environment. That’s where Sliding Glass Wall Partitions come in handy. Without having to endure the cost and disruption of real construction, you can craft private, serene spaces in your home to escape. Consider making a yoga space, a home theater, or a small home gym with these wall partitions, a place to get away and enjoy some alone time.

For more inspiration and spatial solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best space-optimizing sliding glass doors, Sliding Closet Doors, and sliding room dividers offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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