Top Five Sliding Door Designs and Where to Use Them

With a wonderful and exciting array of space-saving solutions, from wall partitions to room dividers, and sliding doors, The Sliding Door Company offers unique designs and quality craftsmanship to all we build. Each of our stylish door designs creates interest, value and increased usability to any home. Most are enticed by our wide variety of options but left stumped on which sliding door design to use and where. It all depends on the room, and the intent behind each space you wish to partition. Every room in the house serves its own unique purpose. From kitchens to laundry rooms, living rooms to bathrooms, no one room is the same. So why should it have the same door? Well, it shouldn’t. Here are the top five cutting edge sliding door designs on the market today, and how and where to use them.

Sliding Glass Mirror Doors

Sliding glass mirror doors are an aesthetically pleasing, updated approach to the ordinary closet door. Doubling its function as a door and a full-length mirror, you instantly save space, increase usability and update your room. Mirrors are, needless to say, amazing at reflecting light- meaning if you have a dark room, with perhaps a small window or simply it’s situated in an inherently dark side of the house, this is a fantastic solution. This lack of natural and/or available light can be easily mitigated by installing sliding glass mirrored closet doors. This design undoubtedly will save you money on energy costs and usage by optimizing natural light. Our sliding closet doors never dislodge from their track and are exceptionally easy to close and open with our 3S Smart Shut System. Our wheel-to-track locking mechanism is not only safe, but it also makes opening and closing a total breeze.

Sliding Shoji Doors

These beautiful, oriental-inspired sliding doors are an artistic flourish and design feature you won’t want to miss. Perfect for a traditional Tatami room, craft studio or yoga room. The modern approach we see with stunning traditional Japanese Tatami interior rooms now serve as study areas in temples and as living or sleeping areas in homes. The Tatami room, with its simple furnishings and open atmosphere, successfully introduces the Eastern qualities into any Western home. Not many doors compare to a beautiful shoji design. Typically constructed with paper, our contemporary take on this timeless design are doors made of tempered glass that offers increased durability, style, and a good sound barrier.

Frosted Glass Sliding Doors

Frosted Glass Sliding Doors are a must-have in any home. Out of all the available door options, this one is perhaps the most versatile, often ranging from bathrooms to home offices, and even closets. A great solution for closet doors, as they still allow for some transparency, creating intrigue to any space and offering a beautifully modern look. Home offices make great use of this design as well, with low opacity still allowing for natural light to come through while providing necessary privacy and solitude.

Sliding Glass Barn Doors

This stunning contemporary take on a seemingly rustic western door has everyone excited. Inspired by the homeliness and comfort of the country feel, these Sliding Glass Barn Doors are a wonderful addition to any living room. Mostly used to separate kitchens from living rooms, or one shared space to the next, these barn doors slide along the wall and are one of the best space optimizers offered. Our doors are available either framed or frameless, crafted with 5-10 mm thick tempered glass, and so easy-glide open and close. Moreover, they are available in seven unique glass opacities to choose from. Offering one of the most elegant space-dividing solutions yet, you won’t be dissatisfied with our custom-built barn doors.

 Interior Pocket Doors

Many people today find themselves living in an overly cramped apartment, tiny home or even average-sized home with limited floor space. Especially when downsizing from a larger size home into something a bit smaller- this can be a difficult transition for anyone. Living with limited square footage can make even the most simple features of the home seem overbearing. Creating discomfort and unnecessary stress. Our space-saving interior pocket doors are a great option for smaller spaces that may not have space for a full-swing door. They’re a total must-have for closets, small bedrooms, or connecting two spaces such as between an en-suite and a walk-in closet. With this easy to install and cost-effective solution, you’ll be happy you made the upgrade!

With all of these available artful and creative design options, you can bring your home up to date with simple cost-effective sliding doors. Whether updating a bathroom, living room, shared space, or setting out to craft a special room for tranquility or creative endeavors, The Sliding Door Company has the solution for you. Don’t hesitate to check out our website, which offers a myriad of design examples, photos, accessory options, and customizable choices. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives by scheduling a free consultation and start the transformation today!


Top Interior Design Trends on the West Coast Entering Into 2020

The west coast is long known to be the visionary mecca for innovative trends and artistic styles that ripple to the rest of the world. Being home to such influential hubs as Hollywood, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Wine County, California, has a way of paving the way for far-reaching creative fashions – especially in interior design. Below is a list of some of the top interior design trends carrying us into the roaring ’20s.

Hollywood Regency

This commanding interior style was born out of a culture deeply vested in all things luxury. From velvet couches to jeweled chest of drawers, decadent lighting fixtures to gold plated coffee tables. This look emulates grandeur and lends appreciation for the high quality finer things in life. It gives meaning to the word splendor. This design trend is one that we see throughout the homes of the rich and famous- yet it has successfully made its way into the average home. It’s so full of life that this look has been made accessible to everyone through beautiful, yet affordable statement pieces offered in department stores and furniture showrooms alike. We see the Hollywood Regency theme being explored in hotel lobbies, Airbnb rentals, and restaurants across the globe. Creative touches such as large Sliding Glass Mirror Doors, geometric glass furniture pieces, and sleek hardware throughout the home are a must. Think extravagant speakeasy luxury. With the ’20s just around the corner, an ode to the extravagant millennia benchmark is not only fitting- it’s here.

Mid Century Modern

Here is a design trend that is not only striking in its updated nod to worldly textiles and polished bohemia, but it’s delightfully accessible to all. Once this trend exploded as a major revisit to the ‘60s and ‘70s, just about everyone jumped on board. Mid Century Modern is an exquisite staple in any rental, high-end restaurant, hotel room, or quaint city loft. This trend thoughtfully pairs accent pieces such as Moroccan rugs and pillows, glass sculptures and evocative art with elegant yet comfortable furniture and calming wall color. MCM makes use of leather chairs and cow skin rugs to ground and add a dose of the earth to the home. It’s all about tranquility and sophistication when choosing Mid Century Modern. Simple houseplants keep the space lively and relatable. This style enjoys a bit of cross-over from the Hollywood Regency trend when statement pieces such as cushy velvet sofas and animal print divans make their way into the mod atmosphere. While there is little room for sparkly embellishments, Mid Century Modern is a fashion-forward staple in interior design that will continue to thrive throughout the ’20s.

Natural Luxury

This is one of the most recent, and most exciting interior trends of the moment. It is a fine use of distinct juxtapositions. The delightful pairing of two elements that otherwise would not be seen together. Comparisons of smooth and rough, heavy and weightless, polished and raw, geometric and natural. This use of industrial paired with earthy has become a fascinating style, tickling all with its contradiction and forward-thinking acknowledgment of the environment. Demonstrating a need and a utility in working with the natural, rather than against it. Utilization and employment of large-scale glass walls, for example, is a righteous move towards sustainability. Glass emulates a sense of letting the outside in. Utilizing this medium, such as installing inside glass doors and glass room dividers aids this elemental design. Being able to coexist in nature without braving the elements. Drawing us back to our humanity and catering to our inner outside. In Natural Luxury style trends, we see the use of large size house plants, inside greenhouses and rooftop gardens when living in larger cities. We are seeing a lot of luxury items paired with this green approach. Things like faux fur rugs, faux animal fur living room furniture, thought-provoking sculptures, leather dining room chairs, live-edge redwood dining tables, and amber bulbs in lighting fixtures. Paint color pallet typically stays in the greyscale or perhaps mature blues and natural creams, but refrains from anything too loud. This design trend aims to pull from the elements, from the earth and intends to ground the dweller with its soothing simplicity.

With these main interior trends setting the scene for the new year, there are a few more helpful tips to consider entering into the ‘20s. This year is not about playing it safe or going with the status quo. It’s moving away from generic art and useless material accessories. It’s not designing your home for anyone but you and your family.

It is about integrating pieces that make you truly happy. As Marie Kondo would say, “what is it in your home that sparks joy?”. This year is all about highly crafted materials, attention to fine furnishings paired with thought-provoking architecture. It’s about redesigning interiors to highlight the authenticity of the individual and reflect character and personality. It’s using these top trends and integrating them into your life in a way that makes sense and feels great for you!

To get inspiration and see some space optimizing solutions, visit our photo gallery to upgrade your interior entering into 2020. Contact us at The Sliding Door Company to get in touch with one of our team members for a free consultation.