Pandemic Trends You Should Know

For many, this past month has been a rollercoaster of emotions, confounding circumstances, economic turmoil, job instability, and too many unanswered questions to count. And in general, life as we know it, is beginning to shift. The rapid evolution of how we use and understand our contemporary world through the lens of modern technology has been exponentially sped up by the repercussions of this novel Coronavirus. Shelter-in-place mandates and home quarantines have left all of us in consideration of our collective future after COVID 19. Which aspects of this unprecedented moment will remain, and which behaviors and dependencies will be left for the history books?

Many foresee a general mentality shift towards many of our most human experiences. Perhaps environmental sustainability carried out in small actions during day-to-day life, increased reliance on technology, more online ordering, altered social interactions, awareness of our human impact on air quality, a reduction in daily commuting and a general sense of pragmatism towards climate change could all be interesting byproducts of this time. With so many people asked to work from home, as well as a heavier-than-usual reliance on computers, cell phones, and online ordering, this pandemic has caused many to adopt technology faster than they might have under normal circumstances. Predictions are buzzing about an increased desire and acceptance in freelance work, working from home and developing a minimalist schedule. Below are our top three predictions for general life coming out of this global crisis.

Death of the Daily Commute

One of the most undeniable by-products of the Coronavirus outbreak has been the incredible air quality transformation seen surrounding most major cities. With an unprecedented reduction of atmospheric pollution and ground-level smog in the past month, this atmospheric improvement supersedes any time prior to this event. Satellite images depicting clear spots over major cities and places of heavy industry such as China, Vietnam, and parts of the U.S., have left our heads spinning. With the obvious global impacts of millions in the workforce commuting daily, there’s no argument that we have been one of the leading contributors to air quality since the widespread adoption of the daily commute. We see this awareness becoming a catalyst for change, and leading towards more sustainable forms of transportation. Increased use of city metros, municipal buses, rideshares apps, and alternative forms of transportation such as bikes and electric scooters will hopefully become the new norm.

Home Offices

One of the most realistic industry predictions coming out of the coronavirus pandemic is an evolution towards working from home. While the initial mentality surrounding working from home was leaning towards negativity, there has since been a fresh perspective and silver lining collective realization. Many are now adopting a less is more mentality, and understanding the inherent benefits and savings associated with working from home. With that said, there will likely become a movement born out of this pandemic regarding the newfound desire to work out from under the confines of an office. Home offices and an increased start-up market will call for the use of home glass wall partitions, office dividers, stylish office accessories and spatial solutions that will seamlessly fit within a home and be consistent with the home’s given interior design. We might see more people turning guest bedrooms into usable spaces and increasing the value of their homes by turning them into working environments.

Increased Use of Digital Platforms

Novel reliance on technology has been our most effective saving grace during these troubling times. With so many stuck at home and in the confines of an indoor environment, human interaction, business, shopping, even food-ordering have all been reduced to an online existence. While this transition was inevitable in the sense that our global economy has been heading in a digital direction, this expedited reliance on the internet was realized so effortlessly which could indicate lasting impacts. Coming out of this pandemic we see an increase overall of technology reliance and a continuation of online ordering in a way that did not exist before the crisis. This will mean that companies who fall short in understanding the need for digital marketing and media will scramble to get themselves up-to-date and put themselves on the digital map so to speak in order to survive. People will most likely retain the majority of quarantine-influenced app downloads for food ordering, online entertainment, service apps, and dating/social apps. Because people were pushed to quickly understand how to these new apps, this could guarantee their user success. The question is now which businesses will thrive and which may not survive coming out of these uncertain times.

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