The Booming Business of Boutique Hotels

With an increase in demand for smaller, more intimate hotel experiences, we are starting to see boutique inns pop up all over major cities and small towns. This evolution has shifted the mentality of the traveler and thus has created an entirely novel market for boutique hotel architects and interior designers to capitalize on. This universally upgraded view of what comfort and luxury means have birthed a booming business across the globe. Now companies are popping up and staking claim of this new niche market. Thriving companies such as Sonder have built a solid empire based on this demand for more intimate stay experiences. Other major corporations in the hospitality field, such as Hilton and Mariott are jumping on board and developing a franchise of new independent upscale hotels to compete in this ever-evolving industry.

(referring to Hilton’s independent hotel development) “Curio Collection comprises nearly 50 one-of-a-kind, upper upscale hotels around the world and will be opening more in exciting destinations such as Portland, Ore., Costa Rica and Iceland. Tapestry Collection, which launched last year, will more than double its existing portfolio of independent, upscale hotels and open in landmark cities such as Washington, D.C.”

“Finishing an impressive first year, Tapestry Collection by Hilton will continue to offer travelers upscale independent hotel experiences unique to their destination by more than doubling the collection in its second year,” said Jenna Hackett, global head, Tapestry Collection by Hilton.

It used to be that big corporate hotels dominated the market by selling solely one kind of stay- super hotels. This was an impersonal hotel experience where practically every room was the same, and there were little to no distinguishing features from city to city. There weren’t a lot of available options when it came to independent lodging and boutique luxury stays separate from major hotel chains. Now, with the ease of internet booking, all of these independent stays boasting character and individuality have surfaced. And as far as everyone is concerned, there’s no going back.

Any vanguard wishing to compete in this growing industry should be aware of some of the defining characteristics of these unique hotels. Below are a few design tips and tactics to keep in mind when crafting a cutting edge design.

Personal Interior Design

A driving force drawing clients in and making these independent hotels a destination is their understanding of smart interior design. People love to enter into space and feel it was personally selected for them, that it’s comfortable, it’s chic, contemporary, and best of all- photo-worthy. In today’s social media-driven world, most hotel goers and vacationers are looking to snap memorable photos while on their getaway. Crafting a picturesque environment is going to draw people in and improve their overall experience. Artistic flourishes and consistent design themes set boutique stays apart from the rest. Consider integrating interior glass doors as the bathroom or closet doors. Sliding doors such as modern sliding barn doors are a simple design flourish that is both modern and easy to use. An innovative feature that saves space and upgrades the suite to add a bit of luxury and thoughtfulness to each room. Things like this are practically subliminal to the guest, yet they make a big overall impact.

Character/ interesting features

What sets smaller, more design-centered hotels apart from large chainstays, are their interesting features, beautiful lobbies, lounges, and artful restaurants and bars. Upgraded furnishings that address both comfort and style, interesting light fixtures that display mood lighting, modern sliding glass mirror doors and a juxtaposition of earth elements/materials will all offer character and intrigue to the hotel’s communal interior spaces. Many boutique stays are also now offering communal kitchens, and game rooms with favorite activities such as pool tables, ping pong, four square and board games available to encourage interaction and opportunities to connect amongst guests.

Memorable Amenities

People want to feel taken care of, and considered during their stay. Thoughtful amenities such as quality hair products and bath soap, drinks in the fridge, super soft towels and bathrobes are all little extras that upgrade a guest’s stay from good to great. Leaving chocolates on the pillow, and a bottle of wine in certain suites are sure to excite guests and keep them coming back for years to come. Providing menus to local nearby restaurants with coupons helps the guests feel integrated into their new landscape and encourages them to get out on the town.

Insta-worthy photo ops

Every traveler and vacationer these days are looking to capture their noteworthy trip for their online audience. While designing the layout for a boutique hotel, make sure you keep this very important facet in mind. You’ll want to take it a step further than simply crafting artful interiors- we recommend you design stunning photo-op features and facets to the building and surrounding outside property that will draw people in and increase your visual marketing ten-fold. You’ll enjoy the perks of social media sharing (aka free advertising), and effectively build your brand awareness and identity when people feel inclined to post about your artful architecture and breathtaking interiors. A win-win for you and your guests! Things like alluring flower gardens, chic lounge interiors, vibey restaurant nooks, and interesting murals will inspire hundreds of mini personal photoshoots.

All of these aspects of the business will undoubtedly heighten your guest’s experience and set your independent hotel apart from the rest. Artful interiors, striking design features, thoughtful amenities, and plenty of picturesque backdrops will draw clients in from near and far. Consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, visit The Sliding Door Company to browse our online viewing catalog and Get A Free Quote from one of our team members to start your rental upgrade today!