3 Major Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

Working on the interior design of your home can be exciting and fun, but also complicated and even overwhelming at times. Your home is an expression of your personality and with interior design, you have a chance to create your very own sanctuary.

However, in order to design a home that you truly love, you need to know what not to do! Whether it’s simply adding elegant glass folding doors to your living room or completely revamping the entire home, this article will hopefully help you avoid making mistakes that can completely ruin the entire experience.

Mistakes are a part of life. We’ve all made them, some much more than others, and many of those mishaps turned out to be learning experiences and/or helped mold us into the fine person we are today. However, some mistakes are so everlasting that we should do everything we can to avoid them at all costs.

Especially when we can learn from the mistakes of others.

There are few among us today that would buy a house sight-unseen from an internet ad or that would accept cashiers checks for double the amount of an item for sale online. Why? Because plenty of people already made those mistakes and we now know better.

While interior design projects may not be as dramatic as getting ripped off online, there are still some mistakes that can stick with you for a long time.

So, let’s count down the top 3 interior design mistakes you should avoid.

Number 3: Impulse Buying

Just about everyone has fallen victim to a spur of the moment purchasing decisions that they later regretted. Redesigning the interior of your home involves multiple buying decisions and whether it’s due to excitement or a desire to “get it over with,” impulse buying should be done with care.

That antique beaded curtain may seem like the perfect replacement for those old fashioned partition doors, but you should probably keep the receipt just in case. Sliding wall doors and glass folding doors are so beautiful and stylish these days, they can completely transform the aesthetics of the room and eliminate permanent drywall barriers.

This doesn’t mean that you should bypass something that you really fall in love with, it just should go without saying that you should check return policies before purchasing.

Furthermore, have a budget and preliminary plan of action in place before you begin shopping. Measure the room and any doors you plan to replace, envision furniture and accessory placement, and select at least two showrooms and/or installers before making a final, educated, decision.

Buyer’s remorse is not a feeling you want to have to deal with during your interior design project, so always plan first and shop second.

Number 2: Let There Be Light

For most of us, there’s arguably nothing worse than living in the dark. However, when it comes to interior design, lighting is another aspect that is overlooked much more than it should be.

Room illumination has a huge effect on its tone and atmosphere. Adding additional lighting sources is one solution, but you should know that solely using overhead lighting can be a bit harsh. Table and floor lamps can offer a softer light source and you should consider adding a dimmer for the overhead lighting.

However, replacing old doors or non-load-bearing walls with suspended doors, bi-fold doors, or glass slidingroom dividers can completely transform your living space with lighting that showcases your lovely home. This type of interior design revamp gives you the ability to layer lighting like never before while adding a beautiful flair of style to your home. Additional benefits are that natural light is known to boost mood and even help people sleep better at night.

And the #1 Interior Design Mistake to Avoid is…


Proportion is a mistake that all too many people make when it comes to interior design. The proper scale is a mixture of different shapes, sizes, and heights, so there’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

Putting too many small things in the room doesn’t provide the eye a place to land and gives the room an overall cluttered feel. Conversely, putting too many large, bulky items in a single room makes it look stuffed and smaller than it actually is.

If the room is too small overall, consider revisiting the number 2 section of this article. Adding additional light sources can help with scale perception, but, adding in glass room divider doors, space-saving stacking doors or suspended doors can completely open that space up and provide you with an entirely new roomwith no major construction needed.  You don’t even need to leave the house for a minute.

With proper proportion and scale, your room redesign is well on its way to providing you the sanctuary you are shooting for while ensuring that you get the absolute most out of the space.

The Mistake Free Choice

Avoiding impulse buying, ensuring that your space has plenty of proper lighting, and keeping an eye on a scale will ensure that you don’t fall prey to the most common mistakes. When you work with The Sliding Door Company, you can evade all three of them from the word go.

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