Homeschooling Solutions for the fall

Being just a few weeks away from the start of the new school year, parents, teachers, and students are looking ahead to a new kind of education, from home. While many children already experienced this “new normal” this past Spring, this kind of learning takes some getting used to. Schooling from home can be incredibly difficult for children- impacting their social life, attention span, quality of instruction, and their physical wellbeing. The value of going to school has never been more overstated than now, after seeing the effects of homeschooling for months on end, we can all collectively appreciate what institutions of education have to offer.

Not just impacting students, this schooling-from-home has been a crippling experience for most parents and teachers. Teachers being asked to guide an entire class of students in online instruction every day has been stressful, challenging and has presented many real issues, such as altered lesson plans, virtual dependency, and a total lack of hands-on instruction. Not being able to connect with their students personally, teachers feel stunted and out of touch, especially at lower grade levels when personalization is so important to a child’s educational success.

For many parents, this homeschooling experience has been difficult for a litany of reasons. First, for parents who are still working from home, the disruption and distraction of children in and around their workspace and relative working environment make an already strenuous task even harder. Losing the ability to focus and stay on task, parents are experiencing diminished patience and increased stress and anxiety while working from home. Most parents are now wearing multiple hats, such as a teacher, a parent, a cook, and a nanny, all throughout their workday. With the normal school day and after-school sports aligning well with the hours of the normal workday, parents used to enjoy free childcare during their important working hours and had time to focus on their job. Now that has all changed and everyone has been asked to fill in the gaps.

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Create A Classroom From Home

Think about setting your child up with a classroom-like setting that will lend itself to the child’s imagination and provide a little safe space for your student to sink into schoolwork without the distractions of home. Install Glass Wall Dividers into an open floor plan that will help to enclose the classroom area and create a physical barrier between home life and school time for your child. Making these distinctions will help improve focus, offer a place to stow all of their supplies and desk, and allow them to feel considered in their homeschooling journey.

New Rules For the New Normal       

Working from home doesn’t just apply to children these days! If you find yourself still working from home after all these months, know that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are still working from home and still having difficulty juggling all of the “extras” of home life. Though this is a trying time, luckily, there are a few helpful strategies to help prepare you to continue life from home with some new structure and boundaries.

To start, here is a shortlist of some of the most helpful tips for working from home:

  • Maintain Regular Hours. Set a schedule, and stick to it as best you can
  • Create a Morning Routine That Helps You Relax and Prepare for a Full Day.
  • Set Ground Rules with the People in Your Space (Children, Roommates and Partner).
  • Schedule Regular Breaks to Get Up and Stretch.
  • Walk Outside Every Few Hours to Get Necessary Vitamin D and Fresh Air.
  • Take Breaks in Their Entirety.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Need.
  • Keep a Dedicated Office Space.

Perhaps one of the most important tips on that list was the last one, Keep A Dedicated Office Space.

While most homes are not equipped with a home office or an extra bedroom, there are spatial solutions you can integrate/install into your home to achieve that physical separation you require for a productive workday from home. While juggling children, work, and your own mental and physical health can be super difficult. These solutions will help create the boundaries you need for a successful day during life during COVID.

Office Partitions

Without a separate bedroom or an office in your home, it can be daunting to get work done from your couch or dining table while your family or roommates exist nearby. Consider installing Glass Office Partitions or sliding room dividers within an open area that doesn’t get much foot traffic. Little corners of the living room or the garage could function well for this. Order your very own sleek and modern glass wall partitions from The Sliding Door Company, and customize everything about them, from handles and accessories to their opacity and style. All available to order online, you can personalize your new office walls with the click of a button, from the comfort of home. By constructing a home office, you can create a sanctuary for yourself during the workday that children and family members know not to enter or bother you in.

Pretend Like You Are Still Going Into The Office

For some reason, when we think we’re going into the physical office, we take our work and ourselves more seriously. Consider getting up earlier than usual, taking the dog on a walk before starting work, dressing well even though you’ll be working from home, and making a pot of coffee first thing in the morning. These little routines will help get you in that headspace of productivity and feel like everything is business as usual, however far from reality that may be.

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