How to Persevere in the Face of Neighborhood Gentrification

What happens when your once affordable neighborhood becomes a watering hole for new wave techies and startups that bring in money and change the entire financial and physical atmosphere of your sleepy town? It seems that almost overnight your rent soared, your local mom and pop restaurants were replaced with expensive franchises, noisy new developments inundate the community, and you’re worried about being able to afford your street because you’re competing with the assemblage of new families that just moved in next door. Gentrification can be a difficult transition period for those native to their undiscovered towns. In most cases, people become scared that they won’t be able to integrate into this changing and developing environment and leave their communities prematurely. This can be a big loss of culture to any town or city and an unfortunate burden on existing families. Our advice? Employ a bit of flexibility, make use of your existing resources, and capitalize on this new gentrification.

Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can mitigate these uncomfortable times. Below are a few tips on how to ride the gentrification wave, keep your house and even profit from this new development.

Flexibility Will Keep You Afloat

A lot of renters that deal with the gentrification of their once-affordable neighborhood are stricken with an uncomfortable choice; either pay more or find greener pastures. And by greener we mean cheaper. While many choose to give in and head out, you have the opportunity to prove your flexibility and employ some creative remedies for this burgeoning issue.

A common solution to mitigate the rising cost of housing is to rent out rooms in your house that you aren’t necessarily using. You can add a roommate or turn one of the rooms into a home office that generates income. If you find that all of your available rooms are occupied, fear not, there is still hope. Say you have an expansive living room that takes up too much space or a bedroom that could be divided to create two separate entities. By installing a room divider with doors you can easily craft an entirely new room that will generate passive income for you. These glass room partitions offer you the flexibility to install and deconstruct with no major construction or costly hassle.

As a homeowner, consider Airbnbing out your home during weekend trips away or converting a wing of your home into a rental. Again, glass wall partitions are a painless and super stylish solution to optimizing your interiors quickly and affordably. Choose from different glass opacities for these floor to ceiling glass wall partitions, from completely opaque to see-through translucent and everything in between. You can choose to install a partition that is fully closed or opt for a partition with an interior glass door built in so you can move through the two spaces easily or lock when needed. By choosing to turn a fraction of your home into a rental, you can effectively monetize your home and pick when to rent and for how long. There is less commitment associated with vacation rentals than compared with long term renters. By adding a bit of practical functionality to your home, you can make passive income and afford to stay in your beautiful neighborhood throughout the many waves and stages of gentrification.

Capitalize On Your New Booming Economy

Instead of seeing gentrification as a harmful new development, notice all the ways in which you can benefit from this exciting evolution of your community. Now is a wonderful time to start a new business, team up with your fellow community members and craft an innovative business that will enjoy the influx of finances to the area. Position yourself in an economic stronghold by developing a company or startup doing something you love. Convert a part of your home into a new home office with sliding wall doors or glass sliding room dividers to create a work sanctuary from the comfort of your home. This minimal physical transformation of your interior spaces will allow you to create and imagine, without the cost of renting out a studio or office space. Enjoy the flexibility of hassle-free installation that allows you to expand or contract your interior space easily and without any major construction. This flexibility will allow you to adapt to the inevitable expansion of your new business and create enough room for a few new team members along the way. Though it can be uncomfortable at first, not all gentrification is bad. In being adaptable, and by making good use of the new development throughout your town, you’ll find that this evolution can actually create an entirely new economic opportunity for you and your community.

By being flexible where it counts, you’ll be able to persevere in the face of unavoidable gentrification. We at The Sliding Door Company see value in offering products that allow for flexibility and ease of modification. That’s why we’re here to help you spatially optimize your interiors going into this new decade and enjoy all the best things 2020 has to offer. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your design dream today.