Start the New Year With a Long-Awaited Bathroom Remodel

Whether it’s for you, or for your significant other, making the long-overdue decision to remodel your home bathroom(s) is the best way to welcome in a new year. Why? Because bathrooms, like kitchens, are an integral facet of any home and should serve as a point of peace and sanctuary for us. Particularly during these unprecedented times, staying home more than usual has reminded us just how many updates and improvements we could stand to make on our homes. From kitchen remodeling to backyard landscaping, fresh paint, to furniture overhauls, this has been the year for home improvements for just about everybody. Updating your bathrooms, among other areas of the home, has a significant impact on your health, happiness, and your home’s future ROI.

Health and Harmony

Bathrooms are perhaps the most essential room in the house, aside from the kitchen. They are where we start and end our day, where we transform ourselves into a healthy, presentable version of ourselves for the world, and where we go to relax (hopefully!). For those of you who value alone-time and treating yourself to the finer things in life such as baths, pampering, and aromatherapy, the bathroom is the getaway sanctuary of choice, especially for those rearing children. Oftentimes, bathrooms are the only true escape away from a bustling home, needy family members and animals, and the general buzz of daily life. And what a perfect escape it is! Well, that is if your bathroom indeed sparks joy. Meaning that it’s updated, modern, comfortable, and clean. Unfortunately, most are unable to check all of these boxes! So, if you find that your bathroom is having a hard time meeting expectations, not to worry. We’ve got you covered with some bathroom remodeling hacks to improve and perfect your salle de bains.

Update the Framework

Sometimes all it takes to transform entire areas of the home is to simply update the framework, or the skeleton, so to speak. By replacing old, outdated doors, mirrors, and even the wall trim of your bathroom, you give the room an instant facelift, without the major cost and headache of involved construction. Select the perfect Sliding Pocket Doors and other sliding glass bathroom doors from The Sliding Door Company to modernize your bathroom with elegance and ease. Choose from countless configurations, handles, accessories, and even glass opacities and fine-tune the aesthetics to match your home and your desired look. Remove that old, thin wall-trim from your bathroom interiors and replace it with slightly thicker, fresh trim. To achieve that extra wow factor, make sure to paint them bright white so as to create a beautiful juxtaposition between the wall paint color and the starkness of the trim. Just doing these few upgrades will instantly update your favorite room in the house!

Freshen It Up

What’s the easiest (and quickest) way to update your interior environs while sticking to a budget? Fresh paint, of course! Start by picking a calming color for your bathroom, as you’ll want to feel as relaxed and at-ease as possible in your private getaway. Lavender, sage green, and light blue are all great colors for bathrooms. And if simplicity is more your style, go for a casual cream or a warm taupe. Then add in some meaningful framed art to the walls to add context and contrast. Next, sprinkle in a few outdoor elements to create artful intrigue to the space, such as a dried palm frond, or some Pampas grass in a pretty vase. Pick out some brand new bath mats and hand towels, et voila! You have a freshened up bathroom without spending weeks or months on this very necessary home improvement project. Light some candles, draw a bath, and let out that long-awaited “Ahhhh” you’ve been bottling up.

This New Year presents the perfect opportunity to update your interiors and scratch those “wants” off your to-do list. Give yourself (or your loved one) the gift of peace and tranquility in 2021 with a bathroom make-over. After the dust settles from your bathroom remodel, you’ll be ready to drink in the luxuriousness of a modernized oasis to relax and revel in. For more ideas, inspiration, and related blogs, head over to The Sliding Door Company, for all the best in residential space-saving solutions! From Bi-Fold doors to swing doors, wall dividers to suspended systems, The Sliding Door Company has it all! Schedule a free consultation with one of our showroom professionals and order your very own custom Glass Bathroom Doors today!


Business Closures Change Holiday Plans

Across the country, newly mandated shutdowns have sparked fear and concern for many.

Particularly in California, after Governor Newsom announced a second mandated restaurant closure, millions across the state were left shaken with the news. With the winter holidays just weeks away, this shut-down has come at perhaps the worst possible time of year. Yet after the COVID case numbers have rapidly risen over the past few months, a shut-down appeared to be the only solution available for halting the spread of Coronavirus. Other major cities across the country have enacted similar stay-at-home mandates in order to curtail the spread during the most dangerous months of the year. Many of us can expect at least three weeks of no in-person dining as well as a significant reduction in retail shopping capacity.

This news has certainly caused a widespread shift for the year’s most anticipated gift-giving holidays, and we can expect to see these parameters reflected in consumer purchasing behavior this December. What are some expected shopping trends this holiday season?

Online Ordering

For one, the vast majority of holiday shopping will be done online from the comfort and safety of our homes. And while this is quite saddening for many who rejoice in the holiday shopping outings, it truly will help keep us safe this holiday season. Plus without the ability to dine at restaurants, a holiday shopping experience just isn’t the same.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Second, we can expect a lot more homemade gifts and DIY presents this year filling our stockings and waiting under the tree. Luckily, homemade presents are actually a great excuse to flex your creative muscles and share some activities with friends and family. The image of sitting around a table making thoughtful gifts is actually, in many ways, much more aligned with the holiday gifting spirit than going on a consumer-driven shopping spree for easy gifts. So if you’re feeling creative, here’s a list of some fun ideas for homemade presents:

  • Homemade treats (holiday cookies, lemon bars, or fudge)
  • Framed pictures of some of your favorite memories. You can even decorate wooden frames for a personalized touch!
  • Wooden cutting boards. While this requires a little bit more skill, it’s a great entry-level woodworking project that would be a fun thing to do as a family. You can even personalize the cutting boards by carving names into them as final touch.
  • Paintings or drawings. Try your hand at painting a special photo that means something to the receiver. They’ll love seeing the memory encapsulated in paint!
  • A recorded song or album. This one is particularly creative and highly personal. Your gift recipient will feel honored to be thought of and included in your creative process.

Home for the Holidays

The other big category that we can expect to be a hit this holiday season are helpful home goods and appliances. With so much time spent at home during this past year, people have their interior spaces close in mind. Consider helpful gadgets, kitchen appliances, and even space-saving solutions for your friends and loved ones. So whether this gift will be written on your personal wish list, or for a family member, consider the wonderful gift of extra space. We know that might sound odd- but think about it. One of the biggest necessities of 2020 was having enough personal space to get through the day while stuck indoors with roommates or family members. And with months of indoor time on the horizon, perhaps some solid spatial solutions would be the perfect present this year. Luckily, the Sliding Door Company has it all.

From sliding glass barn doors to floor to ceiling wall partitions, these spatial solutions integrate flawlessly into larger shared spaces or rooms within your home all while maintaining a beautiful modern aesthetic. So if you’re like the millions of Americans who crave to bring peace, privacy, and productivity into the home as soon as possible, sliding wall dividers and other space optimizing solutions are practically begging to be brought home. Whether these space optimizers will be used to construct your new home gym, your much-needed Work-From-Home office space, or as a play-place for the kids, you’ll be wishing you’d invested in them sooner. With The Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, glass room dividers, or sliding pocket doors for the bathroom, the options are truly endless!

You’ll have no trouble finding a special present this year for your loved ones. Stay home, shop online, and check us out online today to learn more about your sliding solutions! Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members and view our online catalog to discover what glass solution suits your needs specifically!